Person:James Hays (11)

James Campbell Hays
b.WFT Est 1778-1788
m. 1777
  1. Mary HaysABT 1777 -
  2. James Campbell Hays1778-1788 -
  3. Dr. John Brown Hays1778-1787 -
  4. Michael Hays1778-1788 -
  5. Andrew HaysABT 1780 - 1843
  • HJames Campbell Hays1778-1788 -
Facts and Events
Name James Campbell Hays
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1778-1788
Vital Records

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Research Notes

  • Note of Caution:James Campbell Hays was NOT the father of Col. Jack Hays, the Texas Ranger. This theory appears to have originated with Waddell (1902)1. It was prevalent for many years and can still be found in many published genealogies today. Please see page for Jack Hays for details.
  1.   James Campbell Hays, in Waddell, Joseph A. (Joseph Addison). Annals of Augusta County, Virginia: with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states : a diary of the war, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction by Joseph Addison Waddell. (Staunton, Virginia: C.R. Caldwell, 1902), p 158.

    ... James Campbell Hays, of Tennessee and Texas, who was the father of Jack Hays, the Texas Ranger. ...
    [Note of Caution: this is incorrect - see page for Jack Hays for details.]