Person:James Ashley (18)

James Ashley
  • HJames AshleyAbt 1796 - Btw 1845
  • WNancy SheltonAbt 1796 - Btw 1870-1875
m. 2 Aug 1817
  1. Angelina Ashley1818 - 1865
  2. Jeremiah Shelton Ashley1820 - 1901
  3. Mary Moreland Ashley1822 - 1909
  4. William M. Ashley1826 - 1912
  5. Sarah Paulina Ashley1828 - 1866
  6. Thomas J. Ashley1828 - Aft 1900
  7. Franklin J. AshleyAbt 1832 -
  8. Elizabeth S. Ashley1834 -
  9. Nancy Ashley1837 - 1926
  10. Alexander Campbell Ashley1840 - 1903
Facts and Events
Name James Ashley
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1796 North Carolina, United States
Marriage 2 Aug 1817 Butler, Kentucky, United Statesto Nancy Shelton
Census[3] 1820 Morgantown, Butler, Kentucky, United States
Residence[4] Btw 1824-1842 McCracken, Kentucky, United States
Census[5] 1830 McCracken, Kentucky, United States
Occupation[7] 11 May 1833 McCracken, Kentucky, United States
Census[6] 1840 McCracken, Kentucky, United States
Residence[8] Bef 1845 Lamar County, Republic of Texas
Death[2] Btw Oct-Dec 1845 Lamar County, Republic of Texas
Vital Records

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  1. J. S. Ashley, in Delta, Texas, United States. 1880 U.S. Census Population Schedule, 492B, 1880, Secondary quality.

    Father of Jeremiah Shelton Ashley was born in North Carolina. James' own census records narrow his birth year to about 1796.

  2. Lamar County (1840-1880), in Texas. Comptroller's Office. Texas county tax rolls, 1846-1910. (Austin, Texas: Texas State Archives, 1974), Abt 1846, Primary quality.

    James recorded 426 acres in Lamar Co 6 Oct 1845. In December, James is listed on tax rolls, but so is Nancy, indicating she was a widow - personal property was taxable, and James' estate was liable for the tax on real property.

  3. Morgantown, Butler, KY; reel M33_16, in United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule, 318, Primary quality.

    Males: 1 age 0-9 [Jeremiah]; 1 age 16-25 [James]; Females: 1 age 0-9 [Angelina]; 1 age 16-25 [Nancy]. Nancy's parents and all her siblings lived nearby.

  4. McCracken County (Kentucky). Tax Assessor. Tax books, 1824-1875. (Frankfort, Kentucky: Kentucky State Historical Society, 1952-1953), Primary quality.

    [new county created from Hickman; James is listed on tax rolls in both] 3 horses, total property value $100. NOTE: also resident in the county is William Ashley - relationship unknown. He owned slaves, horses, cattle, and 260 acres located between Sugar and Mayfield Creeks(southwest corner of McCracken County).

  5. McCracken Co, Kentucky; reel 39, in United States. 1830 U.S. Census Population Schedule, 262, Primary quality.

    Males: 0-5 (2 - William and Thomas), 10-14 (1 - Jeremiah), 30-39 (1 - James); Females: 0-5 (Sarah), 5-9 (Mary), 10-14 (Angelina), 30-39 (Nancy). Elias Lovelace is next-door neighbor.

  6. United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    Males: 0-5 (Alexander), 5-9 (Franklin), 10-14 (William, Thomas), 15-19 (Jeremiah), 40-49 (James); Females: 0-5 (Nancy), 5-9 (Elizabeth), 10-14 (Sarah), 15-19 (Mary), 20-29 (Angelina), 40-49 (Nancy); 8 slaves; Andrew Lovelace Jr & Sr live nearby.

  7. Simmons, Don. Jackson Purchase journal : history & genealogy in the Purchase of Kentucky. (Melber, Kentucky: Simmons Historical Pub., c1990-), Vol 3; p 38-47, 1991, Secondary quality.

    Elias Lovelace (age 78) gave his sworn statement in order to obtain the benefit of a pension as a Revolutionary War veteran; was made before Justice of the Peace James Ashley; citing McCracken County Court Order Bk A (1818-1899).

  8. James Ashley family was probably in Republic of Texas in 1844. Daughter Mary Moreland married John Woodson Denton 1 Jan 1845 in Lamar County. In McCracken Co, KY, his last appearance on tax rolls was 1842, when he sold 260 acres to William Reeves (Nona Coston Nunnelly, Annie Candace Ashley Coston (1872-1962) (Muncie, Indiana: Nona Coston Nunnelly, 7 Feb 2001), James Ashley & Nancy Shelton - p 6, citing Deed Bk D, p. 95)