Person:Henry Stout (7)

Capt. Henry B. Stout
m. 30 May 1799
  1. Capt. Henry B. Stout1798 - 1890
  2. William B. Stoutabt 1807 - abt 1867
m. 1818?
  1. James Selen Stout1818 - 1897
  2. Elizabeth Stout1826 - 1897
  3. Benjamin Franklin Stout1829 - 1875
m. abt 1853
  1. Thomas J. Rusk Stout1854 -
  2. Martha S. Stout1858 -
  3. Amanda M. Stout1870 -
  • HCapt. Henry B. Stout1798 - 1890
  • WSusan J.1802 -
  1. Henry H. Stout1845 - 1881
  2. Sam Houston Stout1846 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Capt. Henry B. Stout
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][4][10][11] Jun 1798 Washington, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 1818? Hempstead County, Arkansasto Sarah Mary Talbot
Census[10] 1850 Van Zandt, Texas, United States
Divorce bef 1852 Wood County?, Texasfrom Sarah Mary Talbot
Marriage abt 1853 Wood County?, Texas(his 2nd wife?)
to Martha Unknown
Census[7] 1860 Wood, Texas, United States
Military[2] 25 May 1862 Elected 2d Lieut of Co. B, 10th Texas Cavalry. Discharged for age & disability.
Census[8] 1870 Wood, Texas, United States
Divorce 1872-1879 Wood County, Texasfrom Martha Unknown
Census[9] 1880 Wood, Texas, United States
Death[2] 2 Dec 1890 Wood, Texas, United States (according to his obituary)
Alt Death[4] 1892 (according to his grave marker)
Burial[2][4][12] Stout Cemetery, Wood, Texas, United States

He migrated to Illinois c.1816 (reportedly to get away from his father, who was something of a tyrant), where he remained only briefly before moving on to Arkansas. In 1819, he moved with his family from Hempstead County, Arkansas, to Pecan Point on the north side of the Red River. Shortly thereafter, he crossed the river and settled at the site of Jonesboro.[2]

He apparently traveled by himself to Nacogdoches, where he got caught up in the collapse of the Long Expedition and was briefly detained by Spanish authorities. After his release, he returned to his family on the Red River.[2]

In March 1838, he testified before the commissioners of the land office as to his date of arrival in Texas, and that he was therefore entitled to a league and a labor of land, which he received. He conveyed his land certificate (for the site of Clarksville, almost 3,700 acres) to Mrs. Isabella H. Clark. She then began donating town lots to settlers, merchants, and churches to promote development. She soon became a leading political, financial, and social leader in the community.[5]

From 1836 to 1843, he served as a captain in the Texas Rangers (as did his brother, William) and took part in several expeditions against the Indians.[2]

He appears to have moved from Red River County to Wood County early in 1850. (He is mentioned as a judge in January 1850 but has not been found in the 1850 census there. And he is recorded as having served a term as Sheriff of Wood County, 1850-52.) In 1855, he was elected to the 6th Texas legislature from Dist. 18 (Wood & Van Zandt Counties). He enlisted at the outbreak of the Civil War and was elected 2d Lieut. for Co. B, 10th Texas Cavalry, but quickly received a medical discharge on grounds of age and disability.[2]

Van Zandt County, Texas, 1850 census:[10]

Stout, Henry 50 yrs Farmer b. Tenn Washington Co.
      S.J. 48 yrs b. KY Pulasky Co. [Pulaski]
      Henry H. 5 yrs b. Texas Upshier Co. [Upshur]
      Wm Smith 13 yrs b. LA Natc P [Natchitoches Parish]
      S.C. Smith Female 9 yrs b. Texas Harrison Co.
      John Bayed 22 yrs Dayly laborer b. Texas

Precinct 4, Wood County, Texas, 1860 census:[7] Post Office: Holley Springs

Stout, Henry 61 yrs [no occupation] b. Virginia
      Martha 27 yrs b. Alabama
      Sam H. 14 yrs b. Texas
      Thos. J. R. 6 yrs b. Texas
      Martha S. 2 yrs b. Texas
Massy, Jackson 8 yrs b. Texas

Precinct 4, Wood County, Texas, 1870 census:[8] Post Office: Quitman

Stout, Henry 71 yrs Farmer (real estate = $1,600; personal estate = $900) b. Virginia
      Martha 38 yrs Keeping House b. Alabama
      Thomas R. 15 yrs At school b. Texas
      Martha S. 11 yrs At school b. Texas

Wood County, Texas, 1880 census:[9]

Stout, Henry 81 yrs (Div.) Farmer b. Virginia (parents, b. Virginia)
      Martha S. 21 yrs Dau Works on farm b. Texas (parents, b. Virginia/Alabama)
      Amanda M. 10 yrs Dau At school b. Texas (parents, b. Virginia/Alabama)

Dallas Morning News, 31 Dec 1890:[3]

Landmarks Gone.
Capt. Henry Stout.
Quitman, Wood Co., Tex., Dec. 31---Capt. Henry Stout, the oldest of the Texas veterans and a prominent figure in their reunions, died at home in this county on Saturday, Dec. 2 of heart failure, at the age of 92 years and 6 months. Capt. Stout came to Texas seventy-three years ago at the age of 19 and at once took an active part in the defense of the settlers against the Indians, and later in all the struggles with Mexico, which finally resulted in the independence of Texas and its annexation to the United States. He was brave and adventurous, and his life was replete with thrilling adventures, desperate encounters, and narrow escapes. Capt. Stout was the first sheriff of Wood county and remained an honored and respected citizen of the county until his death.
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