Person:Henry Chicheley (2)

Sir Henry Chicheley, Colonial Deputy Governor
b.1614/15 England
m. 1610
  1. Sir Henry Chicheley, Colonial Deputy Governor1614/15 - 1681/2
  • HSir Henry Chicheley, Colonial Deputy Governor1614/15 - 1681/2
  • WAgatha Eltonheadabt 1622/23 -
m. bef. 20 November 1652
Facts and Events
Name Sir Henry Chicheley, Colonial Deputy Governor
Alt Name Henry Chichele
Gender Male
Birth? 1614/15 England
Marriage bef. 20 November 1652 to Agatha Eltonhead
Death[1] 5 February 1681/2 "Rosegill", Middlesex County, Virginia
Burial[1] 9 February 1681/2 Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia


From "Encyclopedia Virginia":

Sir Henry Chicheley represented Lancaster County in the House of Burgesses (1656), was a member of the governor's Council (1670–1683), and served as lieutenant governor of Virginia (1678–1680; 1680–1682) during the mostly absentee administration of Sir Thomas Culpeper. Born in England and educated at Oxford, Chicheley was a Royalist during the English Civil Wars and was imprisoned for his role in a plot against Parliament. The terms of his parole allowed him to sail for Virginia, where he promptly married into a powerful family and befriended the governor, Sir William Berkeley. After acquiring land, Chicheley experimented with various agriculture techniques and supported restrictions on tobacco cultivation, but he failed in his attempt to convince London to enact such restrictions. Chicheley commanded a militia set to attack hostile Indians but Governor Berkeley held him back, a move that in part sparked Bacon's Rebellion (1676). During the failed uprising, Chicheley remained loyal to the governor and was taken hostage for a time. As acting governor in the rebellion's aftermath, Chicheley struggled with falling tobacco prices and colonists who destroyed crops in order to create a price-boosting shortage. His measured response prevented the problem from growing worse. Chicheley died in 1683.


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