Person:George Hill (13)

George Edward Hill
b.OCT 1861 New Jersey
d.AFT 1910
m. 2 JAN 1849
  1. Ida HillBET 1850 AND 1852 - BEF 1900
  2. Algernon Hill1852 - BET 1900 AND 1910
  3. George Edward Hill1861 - AFT 1910
m. 28 DEC 1891
  1. Eleanor Hill1895 -
  2. George Murray HillAFT 1910 -
  3. Noel Edward HillAFT 1910 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] George Edward Hill
Gender Male
Military? BET 1860 AND 1865 Captain, Navy
Birth[2] OCT 1861 New Jersey
Marriage 28 DEC 1891 Paterson, NJ?to Mary Ann Kavanaugh
Reference Number 6125
Mary Ann Kavanaugh
Census? 1910 Snow Hill, Worcester Co., Maryland
Death? AFT 1910
Burial? UNKNOWN Connecticut
Reference Number? 843
Vital Records

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After his marriage, he moved to Box Iron, MD; in 1912 they moved to Connecticut.

In Worcester Co., MD in 1900 and 1910 censuses.

  1. Hill Jr., George P.. (Email correspondence).
  2. 1900 U.S. Census - MD, Worcester Co., MD, ED #99, 12 Jun 1900, Sheet 8A, p. 49A.