Person:George Hatfield (9)

George Washington Hatfield
m. 7 Apr 1836
  1. Emanuel Hatfield1805 - 1892
  2. Ale C. Hatfield1808 - bef 1900
  3. Armstead Apperson Hatfield1809 - 1899
  4. Rachel Arena Hatfield1811 - 1853
  5. George Washington Hatfield1812 - 1884
  6. Mordecai Ale Hatfield1817 - 1869
  7. Joseph Hatfield1824 - 1854
  8. Keziah Hatfield1826 - 1899
m. abt 1832
  1. Rachel Hatfield1833 - 1892
  2. Nancy Hatfield1838 - 1917
  3. Joel Hatfield1841 - 1912
  4. Jeremiah Hatfield1843 - 1929
  5. William Jasper Hatfield1845 - 1865
  6. John Wesley Hatfield1848 - 1920
  7. Armstead Hatfieldabt 1851 -
  8. Martha A. Hatfield1852 - 1946
  9. James Hatfield1856 - aft 1930
  10. Martin Hatfield1860 - 1931
Facts and Events
Name George Washington Hatfield
Alt Name Wash Hatfield
Gender Male
Birth[1] 16 Jan 1812 Anderson County, Tennessee
Marriage abt 1832 Greene County, Indianato Elizabeth Snyder
Occupation? aft 1832 Greene County, IndianaAt various times a farrier & gunsmith, in addition to farming
Death[1] 31 May 1884 Greene County, Indiana

Greene County, Indiana, 1840 census:[2]

Hatfield, G. W. (agriculture = 2)
20-30 = 1
30-40 = 1
under 5 = 1
5-10 = 1
20-30 = 1

Greene County, Indiana, 1850 census:[3]

Hatfield, Washington 37 yrs Farmer (real estate = $400) b. Tennessee
      Elisabeth 30 yrs b. Tennessee
      Rachel 16 yrs b. Indiana
      Nancy 12 yrs b. Indiana
      Joel 9 yrs b. Indiana
      Jeremiah 7 yrs b. Indiana
      William J. 5 yrs b. Indiana
      John W. 2 yrs b. Indiana
Hatfield, Elisabeth 62 yrs Widow b. Virginia
[his mother, Ale's widow]
Cox, Floyd 40 yrs Farmer b. Virginia

Greene County, Indiana, 1860 census:[4]

Hatfield, Washington 45 yrs Farmer (real estate = $1,000; personal estate = $600) b. Tennessee
      Elizabeth 44 yrs b. Tennessee
      Joel 19 yrs Farm Laborer b. Indiana
      Jeremiah 17 yrs Farm Laborer b. Indiana
      Jasper 14 yrs b. Indiana
      John 12 yrs b. Indiana
      Armstead 9 yrs b. Indiana
      Martha 7 yrs b. Indiana
      James 3 yrs b. Indiana
      Martin 2/12 yrs b. Indiana

Greene County, Indiana, 1870 census:[5]

Hatfield, Geo. W. 58 yrs Gun Smith (real estate = $1,200; personal estate = $300) b. Tennessee
      Elizabeth 57 yrs b. Tennessee
      Martha 16 yrs b. Indiana
      James 14 yrs b. Indiana
      Martin 11 yrs b. Indiana

Greene County, Indiana, 1880 census:[6]

Hatfield, Washington Head 67 yrs Gun Smith b. TN (parents, b. VA) (cannot read/write)
      Elisabeth Wife 68 yrs Keeps House b. TN (parents, "not known") (cannot read/write)
      James Son 24 yrs Farm Hand b. IN
      Martin Son 20 yrs Farm Hand b. IN
Fultz, Rebecca Jane Domestic 23 yrs Housekeeper b. IN (parents, b. OH)



The community of Owensburg mourns the loss of Uncle Wash Hatfield, who fell dead on Saturday evening, May 31. He had been in bad health for a long time, but able, a great portion of the time to go about and to do some work in the shop. He was always cheerful even under circumstances that would have broke the spirits of others. His wife has been afflicted, being entirely helpless for many years. This gave Uncle Wash many anxious cares, which, no doubt, wore upon his constitution. He ate his supper as usual and went to help about the cows and while engaged fell dead. The deceased was born in East Tennessee, about the year 1812, and came to this state when young. He entered the land and made the farm on which he has lived for about fifty years. About fourteen years ago he selected his burial place about two hundred yards east of his dwelling where he was consigned to the tomb, to await the resurrection of the just, a large concourse of people anxious to pay him a tribute of respect, being present. His funeral was preached at the grave, by Elder Charles Graham from the scripture, "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord," yes henceforth saith the spirit they shall rest from their labors and their works do follow them. The works of this good man will follow him. It was his good fortune to be surrounded by kind children, who were always ready to supply every want. All the children were present except, probably, four that were in the west part of the county.

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    "G. W. Hatfield / Jan. 16, 1812 / May 31, 1884." Grave located on his farm in Section 23, Jackson Twp, in NE corner of the section, south off County Road 500S, 1.5 mi east of Sexson Spring. It's a very isolated single grave with a good-quality headstone.

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