Person:Christopher Drake (2)

Christopher Foot Drake
m. 29 Oct 1814
  1. Edward Drake1815 -
  2. Celia Drake1817 - 1860
  3. Mary Drake1819 - 1880
  4. Elizabeth Drake1821 - 1893
  5. Jane Drake1824 - 1894
  6. John Drake1826 -
  7. Christopher Foot Drake1829 - 1885
  • HChristopher Foot Drake1829 - 1885
  • WEllen Oliver1837 - 1928
m. 8 Dec 1860
  1. Christopher Drake1861 -
  2. William Drake1863 -
  3. Emma Louisa Drake1878 -
Facts and Events
Name Christopher Foot Drake
Gender Male
Christening[1] 11 Jan 1829 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England
Census[2] 6 Jun 1841 Bere Ferrers, Devon, EnglandChurch Cottage
Census[3] 30 Mar 1851 Bere Ferrers, Devon, EnglandMonkeys Castle
Marriage 8 Dec 1860 Bere Ferrers, Devon, Englandto Ellen Oliver
Census[4] 7 Apr 1861 Bere Ferrers, Devon, EnglandCottage, Bere Alston
Census[5] 2 Apr 1871 Bere Ferrers, Devon, EnglandGold Street
Census[6] 3 Apr 1881 Bere Ferrers, Devon, EnglandFrog Street, Bere Alston
Death[7] 1885 Devon, England

Christopher Foot Drake was baptised on 11th January 1829 at Bere Ferrers in Devon, son of Mary Drake, formerly Harris, and her husband John Drake, a husbandman. He was named after his paternal grandmother's father, Christopher Foot. Young Christopher was the youngest of seven children. His mother Mary died in 1832, when Christopher was only three years old.

Christopher appears in the 1841 and 1851 censuses living with his father in Bere Ferrers. The family appears to have lived at Monkeys Castle or Monks Castle, which seems to have been in between Bere Ferrers and Bere Alston in the vicinity of Well Farm; Christopher's baptism gives the family's abode as Monks Castle, whilst the 1851 census gives their address as Monkeys Castle. In 1851 Christopher was working as a labourer in a lead mine.

By 1860 he had moved into the small town of Bere Alston (which is in the parish of Bere Ferrers). He married Ellen Oliver at Bere Ferrers on 8th December 1860, aged 31. They appear to have had three children who appeared with them in the censuses, although there was a large gap between the second and third child, possibly indicating others had died young. Each census from 1861 to 1881 finds Christopher and Ellen living in the parish of Bere Ferrers, with Christopher working as an agricultural labourer. Both his sons in 1881 were working as copper miners.

Christopher died in 1885, aged 55.

  1. Baptisms register, in Church of England. Parish Registers of Bere Ferrers. (Exeter: Devon Heritage Services), Primary quality.
    BAPTISMS solemnized in the Parish of Beer Ferris n[ea]r Tavistock in the County of Devon in the Year 1829
    No.When BaptizedChild's Christian NameParent's NameAbodeQuality, Trade, or ProfessionBy whom the Ceremony was performed
    928January 11thChristopher Foote Son ofJohn and MaryDrakeMonk's CastleHusbandmanW. Servante
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    Address: Church Cot, Beerferris, Devon [listed between Well and Woolacombe]
    John Drake, male, 50 [1786-91], Ag lab, b. in county
    Mary Drake, female, 20 [1816-21], b. in county
    Christopher Drake, male, 13 [1827/8], b. in county
    Mary Drake, female, 18m [1839/40], b. in county
    William Drake, male, 14m [1840], b. in county

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    Address: Monkeys Castle, Beerferris, Devon
    [households listed in order: ...Wallers, Hole Farm, Monkeys Castle, Well...]
    John Drake, head, widower, male, 65 [1785/6], Ag lab, b. Beerferris, Devon
    Jane Harry, daughter, married, female, 27 [1823/4], b. Beerferris, Devon
    Christopher Drake, son, unmarried, male, 22 [1828/9], Labourer in Lead Mine, b. Beerferris, Devon
    Mary Ann Harry, granddaughter, female, 1m [1851], b. Beerferris, Devon
    ~ [2nd household at Monkeys Castle]
    Jacob Hooper, head, married, male, 28 [1822/3], Ag lab, b. Stoke Damerel, Devon
    Mary Hooper, wife, married, female, 31 [1819/20], b. Beerferris, Devon
    Mary A. Hooper, daugher, female, 2 [1848/9], b. Beerferris, Devon
    John Hooper, son, male, 7m [1850], b. Beerferris, Devon
    Mary Jane Drake, daughter in law, female, 11 [1839/40], b. Beerferris, Devon

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    Address: Cottage, Bere Alston, Bere Ferrers, Devon
    Christopher Drake, head, married, male, 33 [1827/8], Ag lab, b. Beerferris, Devon
    Ellen Drake, wife, married, female, 24 [1836/7], b. Lifton, Devon

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    Address: Goldstreet, Bere Ferrers, Devon
    Chistopher [sic] Drake, head, married, male, 43 [1827/8], Ag la, b. Beerferris, Devon
    Ellin [sic] Drake, wife, married, female, 31 [1839/40], Ag las wife, b. Lifton, Devon
    Chistopher [sic] Drake, son, unmarried, male, 9 [1861/2], Scholar, b. Beerferris, Devon
    William Henry Drake, son, unmarried, male, 8 [1862/3], Scholar, b. Beerferris, Devon

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    Address: Frog S[ree]t, Bere Alstone, Bere Ferrers, Devon
    Christ[ophe]r Drake, head, married, male, 51 [1829/30], Farm labor[e]r, b. Bere Ferrers, Devon
    Ellen Drake, wife, married, female, 41 [1839/40], b. Lifton, Devon
    Christ[ophe]r Drake, son, unmarried, male, 18 [1862/3], Copper Miner, b. Bere Ferrers, Devon
    William Drake, son, unmarried, male, 16 [1864/5], Copper Miner, b. Bere Ferrers, Devon
    Emma L. Drake, daughter, female, 2 [1878/9], b. Bere Ferrers, Devon

  7. Deaths index, in General Register Office. England and Wales Civil Registration. (London: General Register Office), Primary quality.

    d. Christopher DRAKE, March Quarter 1885, Tavistock Registration District, Vol. 5b, page 275, aged 55 [1829/30]