Person:Charlotte Unknown (134)

Charlotte Unknown
d.AFT 1880
  • HHenry Becker1828 - AFT 1897
  • WCharlotte Unknown1835 - AFT 1880
  1. Charlotte Becker1857 - 1950
  2. Christian Becker1865 - AFT 1926
  3. Henry Becker1869 - AFT 1926
  4. John Henry Becker1873 - 1926
Facts and Events
Name[1] Charlotte Unknown
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1835 Hesse, Germany
Census? 1880
Census 1880 Wayne, Du Page, Illinoiswith Henry Becker
Death[1] AFT 1880
Vital Records

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CHARLOTTE [BECKER] was born in 1835 at Hesse, Germany. She married HENRY BECKER at Germany. According to the 1920 census record of daughter Charlotte the family emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1866S2. She and HENRY BECKER appeared on the census of 1880 at Wayne, Du Page County, Illinois.

Her son-in-law Arnold Luetgert, husband of daughter Charlotte committed suicide in grisly public fashion by shooting himself. Arnold was distraught both by his financial ruin in the panic of 1896 and by the public humiliation of his family due to sensationalistic conviction of his brother who became known as The Sausage King Murderer.S4

The 1880 census is the last know record of Charlotte. It is not known if she lived to see her daughter's pain. All that can be currently said is that she died after 1880.


Charlotte Becker Census
Year Source Image
1880 1880 US Federal Census: Wayne, Du Page County, Illinois
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