Person:Charles Campbell (39)

Facts and Events
Name Charles Campbell
Gender Male
Birth? 1703 Coleraine, Derry, Ireland
Marriage 1735 Irelandto Mary Trotter
Death? Augusta County, Virginia
Vital Records

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Charles Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherComments Data Needs
Person:Charles Campbell (31)1722 1767 Margaret BuchananPatrick Elizabeth Taylor
Person:Charles Campbell (34)1753 HughEsther McGill
Person:Charles Campbell (35) c1740 Gilbert Prudence Osran
Person:Charles Campbell (36)1741 1826 1764 Mary DowneyCharles Mary Trotter
Person:Charles Campbell (39)1703 Mary TrotterRobertMargaret
Person:Charles Campbell (43)1759 1812 1785Mary Alexanderunk unk Sometimes confused with Person:Charles Campbell (36)
Records for Charles Campbell in Old AugustaDied AugustaDied PennsylvaniaDied Ireland/Scotlandwent to Kentuckyto Carolina


Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 90.--20th August, 1765. Robert Campbell and Margret ( ) to Charles Campbell, £30, 220 acres; corner Charles Campbell; corner John Erwin. Teste: James ( ) Trotter, John ( ) Craney, Jno. Trimble.


Chalkley's Chronicles 3:152:
Page 49.--19th June, 1775. Charles (mark) Campbell's will--To wife, Mary; to son, William; to son, Robert, three children--Hugh, Robert, and Sarah; to other children, division to be made by son John, and Charles, executors. Teste: John Wilson, William Campbell. Proved, 17th November, by the witnesses, and Charles Campbell qualifies.