Person:Ada House (2)

Ada Ethel May House
m. 16 Feb 1868
  1. Theresa Maud Mary House1868 -
  2. Robert House1870 - 1870
  3. Mary Ann House1871 -
  4. Henry House1873 -
  5. Kate House1875 -
  6. Ada Ethel May House1876 -
  7. John House1880 -
  8. Beatrice House1882 -
  9. Percy House1884 -
  10. Florrie House1886 - 1971
  11. Francis Donn House1888 -
  12. James House1891 - 1918
  13. Elsie May House1895 -
Facts and Events
Name Ada Ethel May House
Gender Female
Birth? 13 Dec 1876 Maiden Newton, Dorset, England
Christening? 25 Jan 1877 Maiden Newton, Dorset, England
Vital Records

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April 3, 1881 - United Kingdom Census

George Yard, Maiden Newton, Dorset, England

Name Relation Condition Male Female Occupation Place of Birth
Tom House Head Married 33 Railway Labourer Godmanstone, Dorset
Sarah Ann House Wife Married 30 Maiden Newton, Dorset
Theresa House Daughter 12 Domestic Servant Maiden Newton, Dorset
Mary Ann House Daughter 9 Scholar Maiden Newton, Dorset
Henry House Son 7 Scholar Maiden Newton, Dorset
Kate House Daughter 5 Scholar Maiden Newton, Dorset
Ada House Daughter 4 Maiden Newton, Dorset
John House Son 11m Maiden Newton, Dorset
Sarah Samways Mother-in-law Widow 56 Pauper Widow of Ag. Lab. Loders, Dorset

Class: RG11; Piece: 2113; Folio: 113; Page: 16