Family:Thomas Meadors and Keziah Moberly (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bet 1757-1760 Virginia or South Carolina
Alt Marriage? 1760 South Carolina, United States
Alt Marriage[1]
Bef 1819
Abt 1775
Abt 1779 United States
Feb 1826
Abt 1839
24 Sep 1789

Of the various children listed for Thomas and Keziah, the only one who seems to have direct documentation of his relationship is Pleasant, based on his mother's statement in court. Isaiah has indirect evidence linking him to his parents, based also on court records, specifically his appearance in court on indictment for perjury and the willingness of John Meadows, Thomas Meadows & Thomas M. Meadows to stand surety for his appearance in court at the next term.

At least one commonly accepted child, John, may be the son of Thomas's brother Jason and a cousin of Thomas and Keziah's children. At least one other cousin may have migrated with Thomas and Keziah, Isham Meadows/Meadors son of Thomas's brother Lewis, as suggested by the Pension Application of his widow Frances Alsop Meadows Wallace.

Another presumed son, Isham or Isom is sometimes omitted from the lists of Thomas and Keziah's children, or confused with his son, William Isom Meadows. Both father and son married Sarahs, and both eventually moved to Indiana, although the son Isom stayed in Whitley County much longer, marrying his first cousin Sarah Meadows, daughter of Thomas and Keziah's son Thomas. Like many of Thomas and Keziah's children, Isham's parentage seems to be based on indirect evidence of proximity and similarity of names of children.

Thomas and Keziah appear to have had at least one daughter, and may have had two. Both Dorcas and Sarah are usually listed as their daughters. Of the two, Dorcas is the most likely, based on names of her children and proximity of her married family to other members of the Meadows family. Sarah is more problematic.

Among the most problematic of the presumed children of Thomas and Keziah are Middleton and Benjamin. The only Middleton for whom documentation seems to exist is Middleton the son of Edward and Abigail Thomas Meadows/Meadors. There does not appear to be any documentation for Benjamin. As well, assuming that Keziah was born in 1843, she would have been 46 and 47 years of age at the supposed times of Middleton's and Benjamin's births, probably past her child-bearing years, particularly for giving birth in two consecutive years.

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    Keziah Moberley, daughter of Edward Moberley, Sr. and Susannah DeRuel, married Thomas Meador.