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Original Source:Family bible of John Walker of Blount County, TN, provenance unknown
Intermediate Source:GenForum


This bible record is believed to be for the family of Person:John Walker (192), son of Indian Killer John Walker of the Wigton Walker line. Evidence for that connection needs to be developed.


I, John Walker was born May 9th, 1771
Caty, my wife was born Feb. 8th, 1772
We were married May 20, 1794
Betsy my 1 child was born Dec 8th, 1795
Mary my 2 child " " July 25th, 1797
Rebekah my 3 child " " Aug 11th, 1799
John my 4 child " " June 23, 1801
William my 5 child " " Aug 10th 1803
Sarah my 6 child " " Dec 1, 1805
James my 7 child " " April 6, 1808
Caty my 8 child " " May 21, 1810
Ann my 9 child " " Aug 18, 1812
Jean my 10 child " " Nov 30, 1814
Robert my 11 child " " Sep 10, 1816

Mary Abbott was born April 16, 1829

John died Aug. 24 18(?)2 [too faded to read]

Caty died Dec 31 1877 [Questioned by transcriber who "doubts this is correct as she would have been over 100"]

Mary died March 3, 1822 [Apparently written by a different person]

Rebekah died March 29, 1829 [Apparently written by a different hande person]

On several pages is written "John Walker, his book."

Note 1

From Dan Welch, Wigton Walker Family Association, mailing list, 11 June 2010

At the time of the orginial discussion about ten years ago it was very difficult to place the Bible into any context. Since that time the line of descent in possession has been traced via the line of the William Davidson family of early Blount County, TN. This John Walker's daughter, Ann Walker, married John Roper Wooten. The Bible is in the hands of Ann's descendants. It is reported to be a very small Bible. What is so nice is that it contains the names and birth dates of John, his wife Caty Davidson, and all his children. This greatly helps to place the ages of Indian Killer's family into time context.