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checked pages with Person:William Wentworth (34)
Person:William Wentworth
Death:7 Nov 1582
Parents:Thomas Wentworth and Anne Wentworth
Spouse:Elizabeth Cecil
Modified:18 Aug 2013
Person:Sir William Wentworth
Birth:est 1289
Parents:William Wentworth and Dionysia Rotherfield
Spouse:Isabel Pollington
Watching:Kristyspillane, Holyhabanero, Jbernard, Borgsteede, DataAnalyst, Dixie1989
Modified:23 Feb 2014
Person:Sir William Wentworth
Birth:est 1310, Wentworth, West Riding of Yorkshire, England
Parents:William Wentworth and Isabel Pollington
Spouse:Isabel Hooten
Watching:Jbernard, Borgsteede, DataAnalyst, Dixie1989
Modified:23 Feb 2014
Person:William Wentworth
Parents:William Wentworth and Lucy Unknown
Spouse:Isabella Durrant
Watching:Jbernard, Rtengel, Dixie1989
Modified:17 Sep 2007
Person:Ezekiel Wentworth
Birth:est 1651, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States (probably)
Parents:William Wentworth and Elizabeth Kenny
Watching:Jrm03063, Jaques1724
Modified:21 Feb 2013
Person:Ephraim Wentworth
Birth:est 1668
Death:bef 29 Jun 1748
Parents:William Wentworth and Elizabeth Knight
Spouse:Mary Miller
Modified:22 Feb 2013
Person:William Wentworth 2nd Earl of Strafford
Birth:17 Mar 1722
Death:10 Mar 1791
Parents:Thomas Wentworth and Anne Johnson
Spouse:Anne Campbell
Modified:14 May 2013
Person:William Spence
Birth:AUG 23 1845, County Fermanagh, Ireland
Death:JAN 03 1910, Howick, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Parents:William Spence and Susanna Gallagher
Spouse:Elizabeth Latham
Watching:Jon.jaques, Shill
Modified:23 Aug 2012
Person:Robert Wentworth
Birth:3 Sep 1786, Buxton, York, Maine, United States
Death:30 Sep 1866, Buxton, York, Maine, United States
Parents:Ebenezer Wentworth and Jane Merrill
Spouse:Sally Harding
Modified:13 Feb 2011
Person:William Goodwin
Birth:Abt 1658
Death:Bef 6 Nov 1733, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Parents:William Goodwin and Susanna Unknown
Spouse:Elizabeth Shepard
Modified:1 Jul 2011
Person:Lt. William Furber
Birth:1614, England
Death:bet 23 Jun 1687 and 2 Sep 1689, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire...
Parents:William Furber and Mary Newbye
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jrm03063
Modified:9 Feb 2014
Person:William Wentworth
Birth:est 1440
Parents:Thomas Wentworth and Joan Redman
Spouse:Isabel Fitzwilliam
Watching:Hnewquist, DataAnalyst
Modified:23 Feb 2014
Person:William Wentworth
Birth:28 Jan 1776, Buxton, York, Maine, United States
Death:31 Oct 1865, Brownfield, Oxford, Maine, United States
Parents:Ebenezer Wentworth and Jane Merrill
Spouse:Betsey Merrill
Modified:12 Feb 2011
Person:William Drew
Birth:1627, Devon, England
Death:Apr 1669, Oyster River, Strafford, New Hampshire, United <b...
Parents:William Drew and Alice Lloyd
Spouse:Elizabeth Matthews
Watching:Frozenflea, Jrm03063, Suecorrea
Modified:5 Jun 2009
Person:William Furber
Birth:1646, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Death:14 Sep 1707, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United...
Parents:William Furber and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Esther Starbuck
Watching:Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski
Modified:1 Jan 2012
Person:Thomas Wentworth
Parents:William Wentworth and Lucy Tinslow
Spouse:Isabel Flemming
Watching:Jbernard, Dixie1989
Modified:17 Sep 2007
Person:Sir Henry Wentworth
Birth:abt 1444, England
Death:btw. 17 Aug 1499 and 27 Feb 1501
Parents:Philip Wentworth and Mary Clifford
Spouse:Anne Say
Watching:CTfrog, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Feenerty, AndrewRT, Werebear
Modified:14 Jul 2013
Person:William Renfro
Birth:1702, James City County, Virginia
Death:1789, Botetourt County, Virginia
Parents:William Renfro and Jane Unknown
Spouse:Elizabeth Cheney
Modified:27 Jan 2011
Person:William Cummings
Birth:1827, England
Parents:William Cummings and Susannah Unknown
Spouse:Elizabeth Richardson
Modified:21 Apr 2011
checked pages with Person:William Wentworth (34)
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