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checked pages with Person:Veltin Fleischmann (1)
Person:Weltin Veltin Fleischmann
Birth:1645, Klings, Amt Fischbach, Saxony Eisenach Henneberg
Death:1665, Fischb, Saxony Eisenach
Parents:Unknown Fleischmann and Unknown
Spouse:Veltin Fleischmann
Modified:5 Jun 2007
Person:Anna Barbara Schone
Birth:29 SEP 1664
Death:ABT 1717
Parents:Quirin Schone and Maria Barbara
Spouse:Ziriakus Fleischmann
Modified:9 Sep 2007
Person:Veltin Fleischmann
Modified:9 Sep 2007
Person:Tina Paulsen
Birth:Apr 1871, Germany
Death:11 May 1933, Blue Island, Cook, Illinois, United States
Spouse:Charles Fleischhauer
Modified:1 Feb 2012
Person:Tristan Paul Célestin M. G. de Creeft
Birth:30 JAN 1929, Bruxelles (BEL)
Death:23 SEP 1978, Uccle (BEL)
Parents:Ferdinand De Creeft and Philomène De
Spouse:Living Felsenhart
Modified:15 Jul 2008
Person:Pieter Flikkema
Birth:1 Dec 1877, Godlinze, Bierum, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:7 May 1915, Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Parents:Meindert Flikkema and Feike Oudman
Spouse:Julia Crayan
Modified:12 Jul 2013
Person:Cyriacus Fleischman
Birth:c. 1660, Klings, Wartburgkreis, Thüringen, Germany
Death:1 Jul 1748, Spotslanvia, Virginia, United States
Parents:Weltin Fleischmann and Veltin Fleischmann
Spouse:Cyriacus Fleishman and Anna Schön
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim, New.incarnation, Rogrin, Keith Mayes, Tag2`
Modified:5 Jul 2014
Person:Belton M. Lewis
Birth:30 Jan 1894, Claiborne, Louisiana, United States
Death:17 Dec 1924, Shelby, Texas, United States
Parents:George Lewis and Susan Buckner
Spouse:Annie Scales
Modified:19 Mar 2012
Person:Ettie M. York
Birth:7 MAY 1863, Lowville, Lewis, NY
Death:2 JUN 1944
Parents:Elisha York and Delia Klock
Spouse:Welton Edick
Modified:17 Sep 2007
Person:Virgie M Sump
Death:17 JUL 1992
Parents:Daniel Sump and Edith Stokes
Spouse:Weldon Hull
Modified:30 Nov 2007
Person:Virginia M Barber
Birth:4 February 1904
Death:27 October 1991, Lawton, Van Buren, Michigan
Spouse:Carl Bergenham
Modified:1 Jul 2015
Person:Hans Peter Fleischmann
Birth:1710, Neuenburg, Karlsruhe, Baden
Death:1773, Orange, VA
Parents:Cyriacus Fleishman and Anna Schön
Spouse:Johan Fleischman and Mary Broyles
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:9 Jul 2009
Person:Mabel E Montz
Birth:14 jan 1887, Maryland, United States
Death:10 apr 1965, Ohio, United States
Parents:John Montz and Florence Shuff
Spouse:John Flechsenhar
Modified:14 Sep 2008
Person:Eliza May Rost
Birth:23 Feb 1896, Michigan, United States
Death:Mar 1974, Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan, United States
Parents:George Rost and Emma Schnorbach
Spouse:Peter Flikkema
Watching:HenkCS, Paulsnip
Modified:20 Jul 2013
Person:Maria Catharina Fleischmann
Birth:8 MAR 1702, Neuenburg, Kraictal, Baden
Death:1704, Neuenburg, Baden
Parents:Cyriacus Fleishman and Anna Schön
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:5 Jul 2009
Person:Cleta May Diveley
Birth:12 FEB 1897, Fayette County, Illinois
Death:18 OCT 1921, Holdridge, Phelps County, Nebraska
Parents:George Diveley and Jennie Radliff
Spouse:George Fleishman
Modified:22 Sep 2007
Person:Hans Jacob Broyles
Chr/Bap:26 Mar 1705, Ötisheim, Württemberg, Germany
Death:18 May 1763, Virginia, United States
Parents:John Broyles and Ursula Ruop
Spouse:Jacob Broyles and Maria Fleischmann
Watching:Klewis47, Beth, Mgrucz, Dgstuart, Delijim, Asallen, Rogrin, Tag2`
Modified:10 Dec 2014
Person:Unknown Fleischmann
Modified:5 Jun 2007
Person:Ziriakus Fleischmann
Birth:ABT 1690
Death:ABT 1717
Parents:Veltin Fleischmann and Unknown
Spouse:Anna Schone
Modified:9 Sep 2007
checked pages with Person:Veltin Fleischmann (1)
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