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checked pages with Person:Unknown Cyneburh (1)
Person:Peada of Mercia
Birth:ABT 608, Mercia, England
Parents:Penda Pybbing and Cynewise (1); Penda de Mercia and Cyne...
Spouse:Unknown Peada and Unknown Alchflaed (1); Peda Unknown and Alfleda Unknown
Watching:Aabh, Bystillwaters, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Klingonpixie, Arsautbine, New.incarnation...
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:Wulfhere of Mercia
Birth:ABT 620, Mercia, England
Parents:Penda Pybbing and Cynewise
Spouse:King Wulfhere and Unknown St Ermenhilda
Watching:Claudiakerr, Colby Farrington, SuSiempre
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:Æthelred of Mercia
Birth:abt 0645, Mercia, England
Death:abt 0709
Parents:Penda Pybbing and Cynewise
Spouse:King Æthelred and Unknown Ostrith
Watching:Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, SuSiempre
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:Eadburh of Bicester
Birth:abt 594, Mercia, England
Death:18 Jul 650, Aylesbury, Buckingham, England
Parents:Penda Pybbing and Cynewise
Watching:Claudiakerr, SuSiempre
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:Princess of Mercia St Edith
Birth:ABT 606
Parents:Penda Pybbing and Cynewise
Watching:Claudiakerr, SuSiempre
Modified:15 Nov 2014
Person:Hayden 'Hade' Brazie Camper
Birth:23 Jun 1905, Tennessee, United States
Death:5 Sep 1990, Jackson, Madison Co., Tennessee, United States
Parents:Jack Camper and Ethel Long
Spouse:Zada Deere
Modified:7 Sep 2013
Person:Catryntje Couwenhoven
Birth:01 Apr 1722
Death:bef 1757
Spouse:Albert Schenck
Watching:Scot, Sorghumgrass, HenkCS, Rebekah Carlisle
Modified:27 Apr 2015
Person:Cenora M Confer
Birth:MAY 1861, Pennsylvania
Death:03 JAN 1946, Pennsylvania
Spouse:Alfred Heller
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Homer Hollinmgsworth, Tommysr1983
Modified:21 Feb 2008
Person:Susannah Chamberlain
Birth:7 Oct 1878, Orderville, Kane, Utah
Death:20 Jun 1936, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Parents:Thomas Chamberlain and Unknown
Spouse:Albert Addelman
Modified:11 Nov 2009
Person:Guiomar Moniz
Parents:Joao Lourenco-de-Miranda and Ines Moniz
Spouse:Alvaro Anes-da-Rua
Modified:31 Dec 2007
Person:Minnie Foster
Birth:13 Jan 1891
Death:25 Apr 1972
Parents:Wiiliam Foster and Jane Jago
Spouse:Albert Dury
Modified:18 Feb 2012
Person:Maryann Chambers
Birth:ABT 1890, Stradbroke, Suffolk
Parents:William Chambers and Charlotte Aldous
Spouse:Alfred Harvey
Modified:21 Jun 2008
Person:Emma Jane Chambers
Birth:1 NOV 1913, Vancouver, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Death:5 APR 1977, Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada
Parents:Harry Chambers and Edna Dobson
Spouse:Alfred Taylor
Watching:Don Chapman
Modified:10 Sep 2010
Person:Dorothy Mary Chamberlain
Birth:ABT 1896, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, England
Parents:James Chamberlain and Alice Kettle
Spouse:Alfred Wing
Modified:16 Feb 2011
Person:Houkjen Tjeerds Hommema
Spouse:Albert De Roo
Modified:16 Jun 2011
Person:Johanna Hutten
Birth:1853, Gramsbergen, Overijssel, Nederland
Death:28 JUL 1911, Ambt Hardenberg, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Egbert Hutten and Geertje Wolbink
Spouse:Albert op de Haar
Modified:4 Oct 2011
Person:Doris Lucy Chamberlain
Birth:23 Mar 1931, Hampshire, England
Death:1987, Hampshire, England
Parents:Kenneth Chamberlain and Grace Cockett
Spouse:Albert Limburn
Modified:28 Dec 2011
Person:Jannetje Tijmens
Birth:Ens, Schokland, Overijssel, Netherlands
Spouse:Albert Jansen
Modified:10 Feb 2013
Person:Margaret Lucile Coonfare
Birth:2 Nov 1910, California, United States
Death:20 Apr 1982, Los Angeles, California, United States
Parents:John Coonfare and Liza Blanchard
Spouse:Albert Bechyne and Margaret Lucile Coonfare
Modified:15 Nov 2013
checked pages with Person:Unknown Cyneburh (1)
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