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checked pages with Person:Trijntje Bakker (20)
Person:Sijbren Bakker
Birth:30 DEC 1813, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Thomas Bakker and Hiskje Bouma
Modified:10 Nov 2010
Person:Trijntje Thomas de Groot
Spouse:Hillebrand Schuurmans
Modified:1 Feb 2010
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:24 APR 1840, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Fokke Bakker and Trijntje Hoekstra
Modified:6 Jan 2010
Person:Trijntje Adriana Bakker
Birth:13 FEB 1854, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Gauke Bakker and Antje Van Der Werf
Modified:30 Jan 2010
Person:Siebrigje Nieskje Bakker
Birth:24 jul 1911, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:20 okt 2003, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Hendrik Bakker and Janna Wijngaarden
Spouse:Pieter Tijsma
Watching:JBS66, Kdrost
Modified:28 May 2014
Person:Kornelis Poppes Bakker
Birth:30 NOV 1838, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:21 JAN 1919, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Poppe Bakker and Jantje De Boer
Spouse:Yttje Mellema
Watching:JBS66, Freerk
Modified:17 Jan 2012
Person:Meintje Bakker
Birth:10 DEC 1836, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Poppe Bakker and Jantje De Boer
Modified:10 Nov 2010
Person:Mettje Johannes Bakker
Birth:15 DEC 1847, Finkum, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Johannes Bakker and Grietje Bouma
Spouse:Jetze De Haan
Watching:JBS66, Pkeegstra
Modified:11 Feb 2012
Person:Christina Bakker
Birth:15 Apr 1876, Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:25 Sep 1948, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Cornelis Bakker and Grietje Bouma
Spouse:Nicolaas Keegstra and Christine Bakker
Modified:16 Oct 2013
Person:Gaele Bakker
Birth:8 MAY 1881, Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Cornelis Bakker and Grietje Bouma
Spouse:Derkje Kruizinga
Modified:2 Apr 2012
Person:Trijntje Thomas de Groot
Birth:16 FEB 1852, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Thomas De Groot and Eeke Groeneveld
Spouse:Tjeerd Wiersma
Modified:24 Sep 2011
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:7 Jan 1863, Westhem, Wymbritseradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Rintje Bakker and Geertjen Spek
Spouse:Bauke van der Sluis
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, Pkeegstra, Nancapam
Modified:17 Nov 2014
Person:Trijntje Hiddes Bakker
Birth:29 JUN 1846
Death:12 OCT 1928
Parents:Hidde Bakker and Antje Hoving
Spouse:Oenze Pietersma
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen, Tp, Adriaanvanderwaal
Modified:3 Jan 2012
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:24 Mar 1893, Tjerkwerd, Wonseradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:15 Aug 1977, Tjerkwerd, Wonseradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Binke Bakker and Atje Bartsma
Spouse:Rintje Visser
Watching:Herman34, Pkeegstra
Modified:5 Jun 2012
Person:Trijntje Dirks Bakker
Birth:9 Jun 1832, Deinum, Menaldumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Burial:Canonsburg, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:Dirk Bakker and Tietje Palma
Spouse:Wytse Brouwer
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:15 Oct 2014
Person:Trijntje Kornelis Bakker
Birth:11 JUL 1824, Zuidhorn, Groningen, Nederland
Death:4 JUL 1890, Zevenhuizen, Leek, Groningen, Nederland
Parents:Kornelis Bakker and Aaltje Hofman
Spouse:Hendrik Kuiper
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:23 Feb 2011
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:1830, Giethoorn, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Hendrik Bakker and Jacobjen Wildeboer
Spouse:Volken Mol
Watching:Ekjansen, Wijtske
Modified:24 May 2011
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:30 Jan 1852, Hindeloopen, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Roelof Bakker and Geertjen Smid
Spouse:Gerrit Ebbeling
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:16 Jul 2013
Person:Trijntje Bakker
Birth:24 Sep 1877, Sandfirden, Wymbritseradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Sjoerd Bakker and Gelske Oppewal
Spouse:Willem Visser
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:18 Jul 2013
checked pages with Person:Trijntje Bakker (20)
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