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checked pages with Person:Thomas Scott (9)
Person:Ursula Scott
Chr/Bap:14 Feb 1596/97, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
Death:bef 23 Oct 1661
Parents:Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock
Spouse:Richard Kimball
Watching:Npowell, Dlongmore, Sezurf, Jillaine, Drewwalkerski, Bvoge, Cherylhoxie, Bhopper044...
Modified:1 May 2013
Person:Roger Scott
Chr/Bap:15 Nov 1604, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
Death:aft 1638
Parents:Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock
Spouse:Sarah Grimwood
Watching:Drewwalkerski, DonEThom, Jaques1724, Chrisb, Katharine958
Modified:26 Jul 2011
Person:Thomas Scott
Birth:15 Jun 1628, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
Death:6 Sep 1657, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States...
Parents:Thomas Scott and Elizabeth Strutt
Spouse:Margaret Hubbard
Watching:Mchunt, DonEThom, Jaques1724, Chrisb, Katharine958
Modified:26 Jul 2011
Person:Thomas Scott
Birth:22 August 1786
Parents:Samuel Scott and Martha McCorkle
Modified:23 Oct 2009
Person:Thomas E. SCOTT
Birth:1855-56, Illinois
Death:BEF 1900
Parents:Ephraim Scott and Martha Anderson
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:Thomas Robert Scott
Birth:20 Sep 1913, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Parents:Thomas Scott and Barbara Gowdie
Spouse:Elizabeth Anderson
Modified:20 Jan 2013
Person:Thomas Jefferson Scott
Birth:6 Oct 1839, Illinois
Parents:Robert Scott and Martha Proffitt
Modified:28 Jul 2007
Person:Thomas Scott
Birth:1802, Markfield, Leicestershire, England
Parents:John Scott and Martha Ison
Modified:17 Aug 2007
Person:Thomas J. Scott
Birth:Jul 1876, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Death:20 Jan 1940, St. Petersburg, Fl.
Parents:Thomas Scott and Catherine Ganley
Spouse:Elizabeth Smith
Modified:28 Aug 2010
Person:James Thomas Scott
Birth:7 Oct 1833, Delaware, United States
Death:4 Oct 1916, Liberty, Clay, Missouri, United States
Parents:William Scott and Mary Short
Spouse:Isabel Long
Modified:25 Apr 2011
Person:John Scott
Birth:July 1784
Parents:Samuel Scott and Martha McCorkle
Spouse:Elizabeth Stevenson
Modified:23 Oct 2009
Person:Thomas Scott
Birth:1818, Markfield, Leicestershire, England
Death:30 OCT 1895, Markfield, Leicestershire, England
Parents:Samuel Scott and Mary Paramore
Spouse:Eliza Slingsby
Modified:17 Aug 2007
Person:Andrew Jackson Scott
Birth:8 Dec 1818, North Carolina
Parents:Robert Scott and Martha Proffitt
Spouse:Ann Templeton
Modified:28 Jul 2007
Person:Walter W. Scott
Birth:Dec 1886, Kansas
Death:Aft 1930
Parents:Henry Scott and Mary Durnil
Modified:5 Jun 2008
Person:James Cospatrick Hepburne-Scott
Birth:24 May 1882
Death:20 Jul 1942
Parents:Henry Hepburne-Scott and Ada Home
Spouse:Isobel Kerr
Modified:19 Jul 2013
Person:Nicholas Scott
Chr/Bap:13 Jun 1576, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England
Parents:Edmund Scott and Joan Unknown
Spouse:Ann Bateman
Watching:Drewwalkerski, DonEThom, Chrisb, DMaxwell, Katharine958
Modified:1 Jun 2013
Person:Walter William Scott
Parents:John Scott and Mattie Mamkins
Spouse:Betty Boaz
Modified:13 Sep 2007
Person:Thomas Gerrish
Birth:12 Sep 1786, Boscowan, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
Death:19 Feb 1875, Webster, Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States
Parents:Henri Gerrish and Martha Clough
Spouse:Betsey Gerrish
Watching:Jelyra.radtke, Colby Farrington, Brookca46
Modified:10 Jun 2009
Person:Thomas Peter Scott
Birth:21 Dec 1889, Battle Creek, Ida, Iowa
Death:21 Sept 1950, Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States
Parents:John Scott and Minnie Griggs
Spouse:Clara Rooney
Watching:Pdxamy, Tomscot2
Modified:1 Jul 2008
checked pages with Person:Thomas Scott (9)
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