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checked pages with Person:Thomas Mitchell (3)
Person:Elizabeth Mitchell
Birth:abt 1629, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death:bef 5 Dec 1684, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke
Spouse:John Washburn
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, Mayflowermadam, Scot, Walkingguy, Kennebec1, Jaques1724...
Modified:1 Dec 2011
Person:Mary Mitchell
Birth:1634, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke
Watching:Npowell, Scot, Borgsteede, Kennebec1, Mebeforbes
Modified:28 May 2013
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:bef. 19 Mar 1702
Parents:John Mitchell and Ann Cary
Watching:Jlanoux, Robinca
Modified:29 Aug 2009
Person:Thomas Arthur Mitchell
Birth:1909, Balmain South, NSW, Australia
Death:15 APR 1912
Parents:Samuel Mitchell and Ann Spalding
Modified:14 Oct 2009
Person:Albert Thomas Mitchell
Birth:21 OCT 1920, Penobscot, Hancock, ME
Death:19 APR 1976, Augusta, Kennebec, ME
Parents:Harold Mitchell and Jeanette Wardwell
Modified:2 Apr 2007
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:1631, Hastings, Sussex, , England
Parents:Andrew Mitchell and Frizwith Frankwell
Spouse:Margery Mitchell
Modified:27 Oct 2009
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:abt. 1668, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death:1 Sep 1727, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Jacob Mitchell and Susanna Pope
Spouse:Elizabeth Kingman
Watching:Mayflowermadam, Jrich, Mebeforbes
Modified:11 Jun 2010
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:9 Jul 1734, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Phillip Mitchell and Abigail Johnson
Watching:Jrich, Brear47
Modified:30 Apr 2011
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:16 JUN 1768, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:Prob. Kentucky
Parents:John Mitchell and Margaret Porter
Spouse:Rachel Crawford
Watching:Delijim, Mitchell
Modified:6 Feb 2014
Person:Thomas F. Mitchell
Birth:abt 1856, Indiana, United States
Death:date unknown
Parents:John Mitchell and Martha Jackson
Watching:Janiejac, DataAnalyst
Modified:7 Sep 2013
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:19 Aug 1550, Rawkerayne, Devon, England
Death:22 May 1591, , Devon, England
Parents:John Mitchell and Agnes Vye
Spouse:Or Robyns
Watching:Fsieber, Colby Farrington
Modified:29 Aug 2009
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:19 SEP 1767, of Hawkins County, Tennessee
Parents:Joab Mitchell and Mary Henderson
Watching:YJ Norton
Modified:22 Feb 2007
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:1745, Prince George Parish, , South Carolina, USA
Death:Vol, Khabarovsk, Russia
Parents:Thomas Mitchell and Esther Marion
Modified:25 May 2008
Person:Jane Mitchell
Birth:28 Jan 1821
Death:24 May 1836
Parents:William Mitchell and Jane Kirkpatrick
Modified:24 Nov 2008
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:SEP 1872, Wisconsin, USA
Parents:John Mitchell and Isabelle Hazelwood
Spouse:Laura Fitzsimmons
Modified:12 Apr 2011
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:15 APR 1767, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:15 AUG 1839, Booneville, Cooper, Missouri
Parents:James Mitchell and Elizabeth Beard
Spouse:Margaret Callison
Modified:5 Jun 2009
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:WFT Est 1752-1770
Parents:Thomas Mitchell and Elizabeth McClanahan
Modified:15 May 2009
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:23 SEP 1732
Death:30 DEC 1806, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:John Mitchell and Elizabeth Wilson
Spouse:Elizabeth McClanahan
Modified:14 Oct 2009
Person:Thomas Mitchell
Birth:Abt. 1781
Death:Abt. 1846
Parents:James Mitchell and Susanna Brownlee
Modified:12 Apr 2010
checked pages with Person:Thomas Mitchell (3)
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