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checked pages with Person:Thomas Bakker (1)
Person:Dooye Thomas Bakker
Spouse:Lolkje de Boer
Modified:20 Apr 2014
Person:Johannes Cornelis Bakker
Birth:22 APR 1820, Finkum, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Kornelis Bakker and Mettje Klinkhamer
Spouse:Grietje Bouma
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:6 Apr 2011
Person:Ype Bakker
Birth:28 Mar 1885, Hallum, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:21 May 1944, Whatcom, Washington, United States
Parents:Tjeerd Bakker and Aaltje De Jong
Spouse:Fannie Bouma
Watching:Susan Irish, JBS66
Modified:31 Mar 2012
Person:Cornelis Bakker
Birth:29 Jan 1852, Harlingen, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:21 Aug 1927, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Pieter Bakker and Christina Koestra
Spouse:Grietje Bouma
Modified:16 Oct 2013
Person:Louw Sybrens Bakker
Spouse:Hieke Watzes
Modified:27 Jun 2013
Person:Thomas Baukes Bakker
Spouse:Aaltje Vinkeles
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:23 Feb 2011
Person:Thomas Lourens Joustra
Birth:6 NOV 1798, Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:16 DEC 1852, Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Lourens Joustra and Rienkje Helder
Spouse:Grietje Bouma
Watching:Freerk, Pkeegstra
Modified:23 Oct 2012
Person:Jan Sijbrens Sinnema
Birth:17 DEC 1865, Engelum, Menaldumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:26 DEC 1924, Engelum, Menaldumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Sybren Sinnema and Anna Wynia
Spouse:Hyke Boersma
Modified:29 Oct 2012
Person:Trijntje Thomas Bakker
Birth:9 DEC 1811, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:25 Jan 1892, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Thomas Bakker and Hiskje Bouma
Spouse:Hillebrand Schuurmans
Modified:22 Jul 2011
Person:Thomas Mulder
Birth:1 SEP 1871, Kollumerzwaag, Kollumerland en Nieuw Kruisland, Friesland, Nederland
Death:4 OCT 1939, Zwagerveen, Kollumerland en Nieuw Kruisland, Friesland, Nederland
Spouse:Jitske Bouma
Modified:30 Dec 2011
Person:Maaike Thomas Bakker
Spouse:Hinne Cuperus
Modified:6 Dec 2013
Person:Rinske Sijbrens Akkringa
Birth:1790, Blija, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Spouse:Jacob Bouma
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen
Modified:12 Nov 2011
Person:Frans Pieters Kuipers
Birth:16 Apr 1787, Stiens, Leeuwarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Pieter Kuipers and Hiltje Durks
Spouse:Hiskje Bouma
Watching:JBS66, Kdrost
Modified:11 May 2014
Person:Jacob Sijbrens Valk
Spouse:Sijbrigje Bouma
Modified:6 Jan 2010
Person:Sijbrigje Sijbrens Akkringa
Spouse:Pieter Bouma
Modified:12 Apr 2010
Person:Trijntje Thomas Postma
Birth:21 JAN 1816, Anjum, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Spouse:Gerrit Bouma
Modified:14 Mar 2011
Person:Poppe Kornelis Bakker
Birth:17 MAY 1806, Sint Annaparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Nederland
Death:3 APR 1878, Jouswier, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Kornelis Bakker and Meintje Ruitenschild
Spouse:Jantje De Boer
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen, Freerk
Modified:22 Jun 2013
Person:Jan Sipkes Bakker
Birth:Abt 1822, Koudum, Hemelumer Oldeferd, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Sipke Bakker and Grietjen van der Veer
Spouse:Jacobje Bayema
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, Paulsnip
Modified:11 Nov 2012
Person:Uilke Dirks Bakker
Birth:28 feb 1792, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:23 jun 1867, Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Dirk Bakker and Elske Swart
Spouse:Mieke Schermer
Watching:Ekjansen, Koch and de leur
Modified:16 Sep 2013
checked pages with Person:Thomas Bakker (1)
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