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checked pages with Person:Sigrid the Haughty (1)
Person:Bolesław I Chrobry King of Poland
Birth:967, Poznań
Death:17 Jun 1025
Parents:Mieszko Poland and Dbubravka Bohemia
Spouse:Judith of Hungary
Watching:Barak4u, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Gregobhte1, Ravencrest, Stephanielindhardt...
Modified:18 Feb 2014
Person:Princess Adelajda of Poland
Birth:abt 940, Poznan, Poznan, Poland
Death:aft 997
Parents:Mieszko Poland and Dbubravka Bohemia
Spouse:Mihaly Arpad and Princess Adelajda (1); Géza Arpad and Adelajda Unknown
Watching:Dallan, Barak4u, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Gregobhte1, Jenniferphillips06, Brlangston...
Modified:14 Mar 2013
Birth:ABT. 972, Poznań
Death:Jan 1002/03
Parents:Mieszko Poland and Dbubravka Bohemia
Watching:Aabh, Genealogist84, Stephanielindhardt, Jenniferphillips06, Mbgegan, New.incarnation...
Modified:12 Mar 2013
Person:Bolesław III "Wrymouth" of Poland
Birth:20 Aug 1085, Kraków, Poland
Death:28 Oct 1138, Kraków, Kraków, Poland
Parents:Wladislaw Poland and Judita Bohemia
Spouse:Boleslaw Poland and Princess Svyatopolkovna (1); Bolesław III Wrymouth and Salomea of Berg
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Blueskies25, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063, Rwillimon, Gregobhte1...
Modified:14 Mar 2013
Person:Sigrid Guttormsdt.
Spouse:Erik Galtung
Modified:25 Aug 2007
Person:Sigrid Helena Jylhä \ Johansson Johansson/
Birth:ABT 1897
Spouse:Erik Relander
Modified:13 Aug 2011
Person:Sigrid Paulsdotter Andersbakken
Birth:Abt 1820
Parents:Paul Andersbakken and Kari Lund
Spouse:Erik Sæteren
Modified:27 Jan 2012
Person:Sigrid Sveinsdotter Aamot, Bromellem
Birth:Abt 1823
Death:Abt 1915
Parents:Svein Aamot and Embjørg Skamsar
Spouse:Erik Tundraskriden
Modified:27 Jan 2012
Person:Sigrid Maria Uppling
Birth:19 May 1892, Älvkarleby, Uppsala, Sweden
Death:24 Jun 1973
Parents:Nils Uppling and Maria Löf
Spouse:Erik Jansson
Modified:8 Apr 2014
Person:Sigrid Catherina Westerman
Birth:15 Sep 1854, Liden, Sundsvall, Västernorrland, Sweden
Death:20 Jan 1935, Ferndale, Whatcom, Washington, United States
Parents:Nils Westerman and Kristina Olsson (1); Nils Westman and Cajsa Olsson
Spouse:Erick Oslin
Watching:Solveig, HeidiShuler, Friendlyskies
Modified:17 Aug 2013
Person:Sigrid Persdotter Indrelid
Birth:Aurland, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Death:Minnesota, United States
Spouse:Eirik Flesje
Modified:7 Feb 2012
Person:Sigrid Svensdatter Tjaldal
Birth:abt 1734, Tjaldal, Åseral, Vest-Agder, Norway
Burial:9 Mar 1804, Åseral, Vest-Agder, Norway
Parents:Sven Nilsson Tjaldal and Kari Jonsdatter
Spouse:Sven Asbjørnsson Helleren
Modified:9 Nov 2014
Person:Mari Pedersdatter Sygard Nistuen Romsaas
Birth:13 FEB 1791
Death:01 NOV 1865
Parents:Peder Romsaas and Mari Brandstad
Spouse:Erik Romsaas
Modified:19 Mar 2009
Person:Siri Pedersdatter Vik
Birth:Abt 1809, Vik gnr 60, bnr 1 Vik
Death:Abt 1835
Parents:Peder Vik and Marit Ellingseter
Spouse:Erik Kjellnes
Modified:31 Jan 2012
Person:Siri Arnesdatter
Birth:30 Oct 1803, Kvalshaugen, Bagn, Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
Death:13 May 1874, Bagn, Sor Aurdal, Oppland, Norway
Parents:Arne Olsen and Guri Hallsteinsdatter
Spouse:Erik Narvesen
Modified:29 Jan 2014
Person:Vratislaus I Duke of Bohemia
Birth:888, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Death:13 Feb 921
Parents:Borivoj I, Duke of Bohemia and Ludmila of Bohemia
Spouse:Vratislaus I, Duke of Bohemia and Drahomíra
Watching:Barak4u, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Ravencrest, Brlangston, Mbgegan, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation...
Modified:12 Mar 2013
Person:Bonne of Bohemia
Birth:20 May 1315, Praha, Praha, Čechy, Czechoslovakia
Death:11 Sep 1349, Maubuisson, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
Parents:John of Bohemia and Elisabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330)
Spouse:John II of France
Watching:Holyhabanero, Hendrik, Gtcurtis, Lascorpia64, Mperozziello, Catcall, Brlangston...
Modified:18 Feb 2012
Person:Princess Judita Piast
Birth:ABT 1152, Poznan, Poland
Death:AFT 1201
Parents:Mieszko III the Old and Elisabeth of Hungary (1128–1154)
Spouse:Bernhard, Count of Anhalt and Judith of Poland
Watching:Jrm03063, Gregobhte1, New.incarnation, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:6 May 2010
Person:Odon of Poznań
Birth:ABT 1144, Poznan, Poland
Death:20 Apr 1194
Parents:Mieszko III the Old and Elisabeth of Hungary (1128–1154)
Spouse:Principe Piast and Vyacheslava Rurik
Watching:Gregobhte1, New.incarnation, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:6 May 2010
checked pages with Person:Sigrid the Haughty (1)
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