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checked pages with Person:Rodger Barzun (1)
Person:James Barzun
Parents:Jacques Barzun and Marrianna Lowell
Modified:27 Oct 2012
Person:Isabel Barzun
Parents:Jacques Barzun and Marrianna Lowell
Modified:27 Oct 2012
Person:Jacques Martin Barzun
Birth:30 Nov 1907, Créteil, Val-de-Marne, France
Death:25 Oct 2012, San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, United States
Parents:Henri-Martin Barzun and Anna-Rose Unknown
Spouse:Marrianna Lowell
Watching:Btomp, Cthrnvl
Modified:27 Oct 2012
Person:Anne Brisson
Birth:1607, Notre Dame, La Rochelle, Aunis, France
Death:23 DEC 1662, Notre Dame, La Rochelle, Aunis, France
Parents:Jacques Brisson and Jacquette Peaune
Spouse:Antoine Parenteau
Watching:PearlLegacy, Dwkiefer
Modified:22 Dec 2013
Person:Rene Brisson
Birth:1635, St-Xandre, LaRochelle, Aunis, France
Death:BET. 12 - 26 NOV 1697, L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Jacques Brisson and Unknown
Spouse:Marie-Anne Vezina
Modified:15 Jul 2007
Person:Susanne Braconnier
Birth:abt 1651
Parents:Jacques Braconnier and Anne François
Spouse:Isaye Euatte
Modified:5 Nov 2013
Person:Howard E. Burkin
Birth:21 Jul 1922, Sandusky, Ohio, United States
Death:23 Oct 2010, Sandusky, Ohio, United States
Parents:Jacob Burkin and Edna Stokes
Spouse:Iva Long
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Homer Hollinmgsworth, Tommysr1983, Khaentlahn
Modified:15 Mar 2015
Person:Reinder Boersma
Birth:20 Feb 1852, Ferwerd, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:13 Dec 1921
Parents:Jakob Boersma and Trijntje De Boer
Spouse:Foekje Boersma
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen, Kdrost, SjoerdJelle
Modified:6 May 2015
Person:Antje Jacobs Boersma
Birth:17 MAR 1790, Ee, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:5 JAN 1847, Oostrum, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Jacob Boersma and Menke Minnema
Spouse:Lolke Westra
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen, Freerk, Pkeegstra
Modified:25 Mar 2013
Person:Fedde Jacobs Braaksma
Birth:1 OCT 1838, Dantumawoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:27 DEC 1916, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Jacob Braaksma and Foekje Dijkstra
Spouse:Lutske De Vries
Watching:Ekjansen, Bensinnema, Jsfaber
Modified:3 Apr 2013
Person:Martzen Jakobs Boersma
Birth:16 JUN 1844, Twijzel, Achtkarspelen, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:10 APR 1905, Twijzel, Achtkarspelen, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Jakob Boersma and Rikstje van der Meulen
Spouse:Jelle Komrij
Watching:Ekjansen, Jsfaber, Beatrijs
Modified:5 Sep 2013
Person:Sybren Jacobs Braaksma
Birth:23 APR 1825, Akkerwoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:15 MAR 1896, Murmerwoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jacob Braaksma and Saapke Hoogstra
Spouse:Gertje Rozema
Watching:Ekjansen, Bensinnema, Jsfaber
Modified:10 Sep 2011
Person:Jelke Jacobs Braaksma
Birth:9 MAY 1775, Dantumawoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:26 SEP 1846, Akkerwoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jacob Braaksma and Folkjen Feddema
Spouse:Bjettje De Jong
Watching:Ekjansen, Bensinnema, Kaeti47
Modified:10 Sep 2011
Person:Jacob Jacobs Braaksma
Birth:1786, Dantumawoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:1 NOV 1841, Akkerwoude, Dantumadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jacob Braaksma and Folkjen Feddema
Spouse:Saapke Hoogstra
Watching:Ekjansen, Bensinnema, SjoerdJelle
Modified:10 Sep 2011
Person:Sarah Brookman
Birth:28 Sep 1835, Knightsbridge, Greater London, England
Death:25 Oct 1908, Longwood, Victoria, Australia
Parents:James Brookman and Annie Caley
Spouse:Peter Roney
Watching:JeffreyRLehrer, Delijim, Tessacate
Modified:12 Dec 2015
Person:Harold B. Burkin
Birth:27 Mar 1918, Ohio, United States
Death:21 Sep 1982, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, United States
Parents:Jacob Burkin and Edna Stokes
Spouse:Dorothy Pump
Watching:Jonjay, Khaentlahn
Modified:15 Mar 2015
Person:Mary Burgoon
Birth:3 May 1853, Hancock, Ohio, United States
Death:27 Dec 1930, Findlay, Hancock, Ohio, United States
Parents:Jacob Burgoon and Elizabeth Hampshire
Watching:Jonjay, Khaentlahn
Modified:22 Jun 2015
Person:Melinda Ellen Barkman
Birth:20 DEC 1879
Death:07 AUG 1967, Maryland
Parents:James Barkman and Elizabeth Schildknecht
Spouse:William Shuff
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Jl43
Modified:10 Mar 2008
Person:Joseph Burcham
Birth:1708, Burlington, New Jersey
Death:Abt 1785, North Carolina
Parents:James Burcham and Elizabeth Woodhouse
Spouse:Rebecca Borden
Watching:Slknowles, Mgoldey
Modified:21 Jan 2012
checked pages with Person:Rodger Barzun (1)
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