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checked pages with Person:Robert Culton (2)
Person:James Culton
Birth:1751, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:1824, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Parents:Robert Culton and Agnes Unknown
Spouse:Elizabeth McRandles
Watching:Delijim, Prhoton
Modified:14 Jun 2014
Person:Joseph Culton
Birth:1766, Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Robert Culton and Agnes Unknown
Watching:Delijim, Prhoton
Modified:17 Mar 2012
Person:Alexander Culton
Birth:Bef. 1761, Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Robert Culton and Agnes Unknown
Watching:Delijim, Prhoton
Modified:17 Mar 2012
Person:Militia Capt Robert Latimer Jr
Birth:5 Feb 1663, New London, New London, Connecticut, United States
Death:27 Nov 1728, New London, New London, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Robert Latimer and Anne Griggs
Spouse:Elizabeth Dymond
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Herschel, Feenerty, Jimlatimer
Modified:13 Oct 2014
Person:Sir Robert Drury
Death:21 May 1577
Parents:Robert Drury and Anne Caltrope
Spouse:Elizabeth Brudenell
Watching:Jrm03063, Floyd
Modified:12 Jun 2014
Person:Robert Culton
Birth:Est. 1720, Ireland
Parents:Unknown Culton and Unknown
Modified:14 Feb 2010
Person:Robert II STEWART
Birth:1785, , Wilkes, Georgia, USA
Death:20 Oct 1857, Crow Creek, Pickens, South Carolina, USA
Parents:Robert Stewart and Nancy Holloway
Spouse:Elizabeth Burroughs
Modified:25 May 2008
Person:Robert Ball
Birth:30 APR 1827, Alexandria County, DC
Parents:Robert Ball and Nancy Thrift
Spouse:Elizabeth McElwee
Modified:13 Jul 2008
Person:Robert Evans
Birth:c. 1725, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States
Death:6 January 1797, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States
Parents:Robert Evans and Anne Lane
Spouse:Robert Evans and Elizabeth Jessup
Modified:11 Jun 2013
Person:Robert Hollis Pattison
Parents:Robert Pattison and Amy Pickrell
Spouse:Hilda Kelso
Modified:14 Nov 2013
Person:Robert I of Scotland
Birth:11 Jul 1274, Writtle, Essex, England
Death:7 Jun 1329, Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Parents:Robert Brus and Margaret Carrick
Spouse:Robert Brus and Isabell Mar (1); Robert Scotland and Elizabeth Burgh (1); Robert...
Watching:Solveig, Jolayne, Holyhabanero, Aabh, Seymour t, Jrm03063, Rwillimon, Gregobhte1...
Modified:2 Jul 2013
Person:Robert de Bruce 2nd Lord of Annandale
Birth:1103, Of, , Annandale, Scotland
Death:1194, Scotland
Parents:Robert Brus and Agnes Pagnel
Spouse:Robert de Bruce and Euphemia de Crosebi
Watching:Aabh, Gtcurtis, Dlbradley1, Mperozziello, Borgsteede, Oggfamilytree, VStewart68...
Modified:5 May 2013
Person:Robert Count de Dreux, Braine & Longuevill II
Birth:1154, Dreux, France
Death:28 Dec 1218, Abbey of Braine, Ste-Yves, Braine, France
Parents:Robert I of Dreux and Agnes de Baudemont, Countess of Braine
Spouse:Robert Dreux and Yolande De Coucy (1); Robert II of Dreux and Marguerite de Beaumont-en...
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Seymour t, Gtcurtis, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon...
Modified:14 Mar 2011
Person:Robert Tilley
Birth:1540, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
Death:21 Feb 1612/3, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England
Parents:William Tylle and Agnes Unknown
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, LeeMartin, Downeys, Scot, Joankwg1940, Dougcouch, Japezoid...
Modified:14 May 2012
Person:Robert Foote
Birth:abt 1577
Burial:17 Aug 1646, London, England
Parents:Robert Foote and Joan Brooke
Watching:Stilltim, Mikewhite314, Waterart, Bevbh, Claudiakerr, Fsieber, Susan Irish, Borgsteede...
Modified:21 Feb 2012
Person:Sir Robert de Holland
Birth:Abt 1312, Brackley, Northamptonshire, England
Death:16 March 1372–3
Parents:Robert de Holland and Maud la Zouche
Spouse:Mrs Holland
Watching:Jolayne, Holyhabanero, Aabh, Claudiakerr, Jlanoux, Starflook, Wswoody, New.incarnation...
Modified:3 Sep 2013
Person:Robert 1st Lord Ferrars of Wemme Ferrars
Birth:ABT 1341, Chartley, Staffordshire, England
Death:31 DEC 1380
Parents:Robert Ferrers and Eneas De Bohun
Spouse:Elizabeth Botilier
Watching:Jrm03063, Sammi, Lascorpia64, Jlanoux, Starflook, Wswoody, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation...
Modified:28 Apr 2013
Person:Robert Wingfield
Birth:1403, Letheringham,,Suffolk,England
Death:1454, Letheringham, Suffolk, England
Parents:Robert Wingfield and Elizabeth Russell
Spouse:Elizabeth Gousell
Watching:Jrm03063, Rwillimon, Feenerty, Borgsteede, Brlangston, Klingonpixie, Werebear, Clover...
Modified:11 Jan 2014
Person:Robert Adams
Birth:1582, Devonshire, England
Death:1602, Lymington, South Hamption, England
Parents:Richard Adams and Agnes Stone
Spouse:Elizabeth Sharlon
Watching:Hncamp, Lynn Nelson, Claudiakerr, Jonjay, Shannon.tolen, Davidlyonwilson, Wren360...
Modified:6 Apr 2010
checked pages with Person:Robert Culton (2)
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