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checked pages with Person:Rachel Russell (14)
Person:Catherine Russell
Birth:23 Aug 1676
Death:30 Oct 1711
Parents:William Russell and Rachel Wriothsley
Spouse:John Manners
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede
Modified:4 May 2013
Person:Wriothesley Russell 2nd Duke of Bedford
Birth:1 Nov 1680
Death:26 May 1711
Parents:William Russell and Rachel Wriothsley
Spouse:Elizabeth Howland
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede
Modified:4 May 2013
Person:Rachel H Russell
Birth:1843, Indiana, United States
Parents:William Russell and Jane Unknown
Watching:Stoney7path, Vglover776
Modified:28 Dec 2008
Person:Mary Henley Russell
Birth:1760, Prob. Culpeper County, Virginia
Death:1815, Cumberland County, Tennessee
Parents:William Russell and Tabitha Adams
Spouse:William Bowen
Watching:JSeery, Delijim, Av
Modified:13 Mar 2010
Person:Lydia Russell
Birth:29 SEP 1726, North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia
Death:BEF 18 JUN 1788, Washington County (now Grainger County), Tennessee
Parents:William Russell and Martha Henley
Spouse:William Bean
Watching:YJ Norton, Cthrnvl
Modified:13 Nov 2011
Person:Jane B Russell
Birth:31 MAY 1788, Virginia
Parents:William Russell and Elizabeth Henry
Spouse:William Thompson
Watching:JSeery, Delijim
Modified:13 Mar 2010
Person:Lady Diana Russell
Birth:abt 1652
Parents:William Russell and Anne Carr
Spouse:William Alington
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede
Modified:9 Sep 2013
Person:Nora Russell
Birth:12 Jul 1880, Iuka, Marion Co., IL
Death:10 Jan 1962, Champaign, Champaign Co., IL
Parents:William Russell and Mary Sprouse
Spouse:William Scarbrough
Modified:24 Sep 2009
Person:Elizabeth Russell
Birth:abt 1760
Death:abt 1830, Bowling Green, Warren, Kentucky, United States
Parents:William Russell and Unknown
Spouse:William Downey
Modified:29 Oct 2007
Person:Rachel Wriothsley Lady Russell
Birth:c. 1636
Death:29 Sep 1723
Parents:Thomas Wriothesley and Rachel de Massue
Spouse:William Russell and Rachel Wriothsley (1); Francis Vaughan and Rachel Wriothsley
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede, AndrewRT
Modified:2 Aug 2013
Person:Lady Rachel Cavendish
Birth:4 Oct 1699
Parents:William Cavendish and Rachel Russell
Spouse:William Morgan
Watching:Jrm03063, AndrewRT
Modified:5 May 2013
Person:Rachel Lynes
Parents:William Lynes and Rachel Jaques
Spouse:William Sprague
Modified:22 Oct 2009
Person:Brig. Gen. William Russell
Birth:abt. 1732, Culpeper County, Virginia
Death:14 January 1793, Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia
Parents:William Russell and Mary Henley
Spouse:Elizabeth Henry
Watching:Quolla6, Jrm03063, JSeery, Delijim, Aberksan
Modified:7 Nov 2013
Person:William Russell Lord Russell
Birth:29 Sep 1639
Death:21 Jul 1683
Parents:William Russell and Anne Carr
Spouse:Rachel Wriothsley
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede, AndrewRT
Modified:12 Jun 2013
Person:William Russell
Birth:6 MAR 1758, Culpeper County, Virginia
Death:3 JUL 1825, Fayette County, Kentucky
Parents:William Russell and Tabitha Adams
Spouse:Nancy Price
Watching:JSeery, Delijim
Modified:14 Mar 2010
Person:Rachel Russell
Birth:28 Jul 1741, Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Abraham Russell and Dinah Allen
Spouse:Edmond Maxfield
Watching:Susan Irish, Colby Farrington
Modified:18 Nov 2009
Person:Rachel Russell
Death:22 May 1777
Parents:Wriothesley Russell and Elizabeth Howland
Spouse:Richard Lyttelton and Rachel Wriothesley (1); Scroop Egerton and Rachel Russell
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede
Modified:4 May 2013
Person:Rachel Evelyn Russell
Death:21 Feb 1898
Parents:John Russell and Georgina Gordon
Spouse:James Butler
Watching:Jrm03063, Borgsteede
Modified:6 May 2013
Person:William Madison Russell
Birth:27 APR 1809, GA
Death:29 JUN 1853, Bedford Co., TN
Parents:William Russell and Martha Callaway
Spouse:Rosella Craig
Modified:28 Mar 2007
checked pages with Person:Rachel Russell (14)
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