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checked pages with Person:Ptolemy I Soter (1)
Person:Ptolemy III Euergetes
Birth:0246 BC
Death:0222 BC
Parents:Ptolemy II Philadelphus and Arsinoe I
Spouse:Berenice II
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Ptolemy IV Philopator
Death:0205 BC
Parents:Ptolemy III Euergetes and Berenice II
Spouse:Arsinoe III of Egypt
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Ptolemy VIII Physcon
Birth:abt 0182 BC
Death:26 Jun 0116 BC
Parents:Ptolemy V Epiphanes and Cleopatra I Syra
Spouse:Cleopatra III of Egypt
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Ptolemy VI Philometor
Birth:abt 0186 BC
Death:0145 BC
Parents:Ptolemy V Epiphanes and Cleopatra I Syra
Spouse:Cleopatra II of Egypt
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Ptolemy V Epiphanes
Birth:bef 204 BC
Death:0181 BC
Parents:Ptolemy IV Philopator and Arsinoe III of Egypt
Spouse:Cleopatra I Syra
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Flavia Domitilla (Vespasian's granddaughter)
Parents:Quintus Consul and Flavia Younger'
Spouse:Titus Egypt and unknown Flavia Granddaughter
Modified:14 Feb 2013
Person:Berenice I of Egypt
Birth:abt 0340 BC
Death:bet 0279 BC and 0274 BC
Spouse:Ptolemy I Soter
Modified:19 Jun 2011
Person:Frederick I Barbarossa Holy Roman Emperor
Birth:1122, Schwaben, Germany
Death:10 Jun 1190, Holy Land
Parents:Frederick II, Duke of Swabia and Judith of Bavaria
Spouse:Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor and Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, IRelate, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski...
Modified:9 Mar 2013
Person:Theodosius I Emperor of Rome
Birth:11 JAN 347, Cauca, Galacia, Spain
Death:17 JAN 393/94, Mediolanum (Milan), Italy
Parents:Flavius Theodosius and Thermantia Roman Empire
Spouse:Aelia Flaccilla
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Bystillwaters, Claudiakerr, Rwillimon, Lkm02196, Luc1961...
Modified:10 Oct 2010
Person:Romanos I
Death:15 Jun 0948
Parents:Theophylaktos Abstartnus and Unknown
Spouse: Theodora, wife of Romanos I
Watching:Barak4u, Allwayslearning, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Jrm03063, Brlangston, Mbgegan, Klingonpixie...
Modified:4 Jun 2010
Person:Margaret I Countess of Burgundy
Birth:1310, of,Paris,Seine,France
Death:9 MAY 1382, St Denis
Parents:Philip V of France and Joan II, Countess of Burgundy
Spouse:Louis I of Flanders and Margaret I, Countess of Burgundy
Watching:Holyhabanero, Hendrik, Johnroy98, Borgsteede, New.incarnation, Jhamstra
Modified:24 Jan 2012
Person:Louis I of Flanders
Birth:1308, Paris, France
Death:25 Aug 1346
Parents:Louis Count of Nevers and Jeanne of Rethel
Spouse:Margaret I, Countess of Burgundy
Watching:Holyhabanero, Hendrik, Johnroy98, Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Jhamstra
Modified:24 Feb 2012
Person:Hermann I Landgrave of Thuringia
Death:25 Apr 1217
Parents:Louis II, Landgrave of Thuringia and Judith of Hohenstaufen
Spouse:Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia and Sophia, daughter of Otto I of Witte...
Watching:Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:16 Mar 2013
Person:Peter I of Russia
Birth:8 Jun 1672, Moscow, Moscow, Russia
Death:8 Feb 1725, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Parents:Alexis of Russia and Natalia Naryshkina
Spouse:Eudoxia Lopukhina
Watching:Jrm03063, AndrewRT, Ekjansen, Alexandre
Modified:15 Jan 2014
Person:Casimir I Duke of Cieszyn
Birth:1280/90, Cieszyn, Katowice, Poland
Death:bef. 29 Sep 1358
Parents:Mieszko I, Duke of Cieszyn and Grzymisława
Spouse:Casimir I, Duke of Cieszyn and Euphemia, daughter of Duke Trojden I of Cz...
Watching:Holyhabanero, Jrm03063, Ekjansen, New.incarnation
Modified:16 Jan 2013
Person:Agnes I of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Parents:Magnus II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Katharina of Anhalt-Bernburg
Spouse:Albert I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen and Agnes of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Watching:Jrm03063, Ekjansen, New.incarnation
Modified:15 Feb 2012
Person:Father of I440 I448
Spouse:Mother I449
Watching:Penelope Blake
Modified:24 Jun 2007
Person:Andronikos I of Trebizond
Death:c. 1235
Spouse: Komnene, daughter of Alexios I of Trebizond
Modified:8 Nov 2009
Person:Ariobarzanes I of Cappadocia
Death:bet 0063 BC and 0062 BC
Spouse:Athenais Philostorgos I
Modified:19 Jun 2011
checked pages with Person:Ptolemy I Soter (1)
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