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checked pages with Person:Peter Gilliard (1)
Person:Diana (Enslaved)
Parents:Adam (Enslaved) and Hagar (Enslaved)
Watching:Henri6602, Joyce reese mccollum
Modified:18 Mar 2008
Person:Maria (Enslaved)
Parents:Adam (Enslaved) and Hagar (Enslaved)
Modified:29 Mar 2008
Person:Fanny (Enslaved)
Parents:Adam (Enslaved) and Hagar (Enslaved)
Modified:29 Mar 2008
Person:Friday Johnson
Parents:Adam (Enslaved) and Hagar (Enslaved)
Spouse:Patsey Johnson
Watching:Henri6602, Joyce reese mccollum
Modified:18 Mar 2008
Person:Violet Washington
Parents:Adam (Enslaved) and Hagar (Enslaved)
Spouse:Stephen Washington
Watching:Henri6602, Joyce reese mccollum
Modified:18 Mar 2008
Person:Peter Adams
Birth:1 Mar 1622, Kingweston, Somerset
Parents:Henry Adams and Edith Squire
Watching:Hncamp, Amelia.Gerlicher, Lynn Nelson, Cachemagic, FDMickelson, Katsus98040...
Modified:18 Oct 2008
Person:Pierre André Adam
Birth:bef 1766
Parents:Hubert Adam and Marie Euge
Spouse:Barbe Genin
Modified:22 Jun 2011
Person:Pierre Adam
Birth:1657, Courcelles-Chaussy, Moselle, France
Parents:Jacob Adam and Anne Marchal
Spouse:Marie Mommaitre
Modified:9 Nov 2013
Person:Pieter Adam
Birth:21 SEP 1879, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:12 JUL 1919, Oostwold, Midwolda, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Koert Adam and Aaltje Gerlofs
Modified:11 Oct 2013
Person:Peter Adams
Birth:April 1653, Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death:8 Dec 1723, Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Parents:Peter Adams and Rachel Unknown
Spouse:Experience Cooke
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Vondaeggleston, Susan Irish, Bhopper044, Donkle3
Modified:1 Nov 2009
Person:Peter Engle Dugger
Birth:22 Nov 1817, Carter, Tennessee, United States
Death:23 Dec 1898, Johnson, Tennessee, United States
Parents:John Dugger and Mary Engle
Spouse:Elizabeth Cable
Watching:Martygrant, Kevyn
Modified:14 Aug 2007
Person:Peter Cordes Gaillard
Birth:10 AUG 1865, Pendleton, Anderson, S.C.
Death:3 OCT 1942, Newberry, S.C.
Spouse:Eoline Merchant
Watching:Dlp1953, Cyndiebledsoe
Modified:26 Jan 2009
Person:Peter Adams
Birth:7 Feb 1669, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Joseph Adams and Abigail Baxter
Modified:10 Jul 2010
Person:Peter Aitken
Birth:1 DEC 1890, City of Edinburgh, Scotland
Death:22 MAR 1918, Belgium
Parents:Peter Aitken and Janet Russell
Modified:26 May 2007
Person:Peter Atkin
Parents:Thomas Atkin and Mary Maughan
Modified:13 Jun 2007
Person:Peter Klopfenstein
Birth:1755, Bourogne, Belfort, France
Death:7 Feb 1818, Grandvillars, Belfort, France
Parents:Pierre Klopfenstein and Marie Engel
Spouse:Freni Jodter
Modified:14 Jul 2007
Person:Peter Freese
Birth:05 APR 1800, New Holland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Death:16 JAN 1871, Twin Lakes, Marshall County, Indiana
Parents:Peter Friess and Catherine Engelhardt
Spouse:Anna Faust
Modified:28 Feb 2014
Person:Peter Odom
Birth:ABT 1823, Marlboro County, SC
Parents:Theophilus Odom and Catherine Moore
Modified:20 Apr 2008
Person:Peter Leroy Atkins
Birth:1852, Lumberland Tp, Sullivan, New York, USA
Parents:Peter Atkins and Phoebe LeRoy
Modified:17 Jun 2008
checked pages with Person:Peter Gilliard (1)
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