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checked pages with Person:Nathan Parker (10)
Person:Joseph Parker
Birth:6 Feb 1614, Newbury, Berkshire, England
Death:5 Nov 1678, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States...
Parents:Joseph Parker and Anna Unknown
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jrm03063, Dlmorley, Jaques1724, Colby Farrington, Abc1234
Modified:19 Oct 2011
Person:Joseph Parker
Birth:27 Feb 1681/82, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:9 Nov 1715, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States...
Parents:Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Abigail Mitchell
Watching:Jrich, Brear47
Modified:1 Jul 2011
Person:Nathaniel PARKER
Birth:1687, Groton, Middlesex, MA
Death:6 JUL 1716, Groton, Middlesex, MA
Parents:Joseph Parker and Hannah Blood
Spouse:Lydia Nuttiing
Modified:26 Apr 2007
Person:Joseph Parker Jr.
Birth:ABT 1819, Dronfield, Derbyshire, England
Parents:Joseph Parker and Frances Unknown
Spouse:Mary Fox
Modified:29 Mar 2007
Person:John Parker
Chr/Bap:4 Jun 1615, Great Burstead, Essex, England
Death:14 Jun 1667, Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States...
Parents:John Parker and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Mary Pope
Watching:Jeffhomes, Jrich, Borgsteede
Modified:30 May 2010
Person:Steven Parker
Birth:1 Mar 1651, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:2 May 1718, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Joseph Parker and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Stephen Parker and Mary Marston (1); Stephen Parker and Susanna Hartshorn
Watching:Colby Farrington, Abc1234
Modified:21 Oct 2013
Person:Thomas Cooze Parker
Birth:3 DEC 1848, St.Pancras, Middlesex, England
Death:11 SEP 1918, San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California
Parents:Joseph Parker and Mary Fox
Spouse:Mary Kelsey
Modified:29 Mar 2007
Person:Mary Parker
Birth:14 Apr 1657, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:17 Mar 1724/5, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United Sta...
Parents:Joseph Parker and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Benjamin Frye
Watching:Susan Irish, Colby Farrington, Abc1234
Modified:14 Sep 2010
Person:Joseph Parker
Birth:15 May 1642, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:6 Aug 1684, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States...
Parents:Joseph Parker and Mary Unknown
Watching:Jrich, Colby Farrington, Abc1234
Modified:1 Jul 2011
Person:Thomas Parker
Birth:1653, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:12 Nov 1708, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United State...
Parents:Joseph Parker and Mary Unknown
Watching:Jrich, Colby Farrington, Abc1234
Modified:27 Jun 2011
Person:Mary Parker
Birth:1857, houston county, TX
Parents:Joseph Parker and Nancy Allen
Spouse:Medford Thomason
Modified:8 Dec 2008
Person:Joseph Parker
Parents:Joseph Parker and Elizabeth Lippincott
Modified:9 Dec 2009
Person:Nathan Parker
Birth:16 Feb 1718/19, Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Nathaniel Parker and Elizabeth Unknown
Modified:19 Dec 2009
Person:Nathan Parker
Birth:3 Jun 1739, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Peter Parker and Hannah Swan
Watching:Susan Irish
Modified:1 Jul 2011
Person:Hananiah Parker
Birth:1638, Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:10 Mar 1723/24
Parents:Thomas Parker and Amy Unknown
Spouse:Elizabeth Browne
Watching:Davehaynes, Drewwalkerski, Jrich, Inator
Modified:21 Feb 2011
Person:John Parker
Birth:15 Feb 1651, Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:23 Oct 1713, Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:John Parker and Joanna Unknown
Spouse:Mary Turner
Watching:Genealogist84, Bmarkjones, Colby Farrington
Modified:7 Jan 2012
Person:Kendall Parker
Birth:12 APR 1723
Parents:Jonathan Parker and Ann Flint
Spouse:Priscilla Astin
Watching:Jtaylor1142001, Susan Irish, Seranade
Modified:9 Feb 2009
Person:John Parker
Birth:30 Oct 1647, Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Death:14 Apr 1699, Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Abraham Parker and Rose Whitlock
Spouse:Mary Danforth
Watching:Jeffhomes, Jrich, Borgsteede
Modified:17 Nov 2013
Person:John Parker
Birth:26 Mar 1675, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Parents:John Parker and Hannah Bassett
Spouse:Mary Kibbe
Watching:Mksmith, Jaques1724, DMaxwell
Modified:17 Sep 2014
checked pages with Person:Nathan Parker (10)
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