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checked pages with Person:Mordecai Walker (2)
Person:Mordecai Walker
Birth:16 Aug 1742, Hopewell, Frederick County, Virginia
Death:1 Apr 1830, Union, Clinton County, Ohio
Parents:Abel Walker and Sinah Pugh
Spouse:Rachel Barrett
Watching:Bmarkjones, Delijim
Modified:22 Aug 2013
Person:Elizabeth Walker
Chr/Bap:Sep 1583, Baldock, Hertfordshire, England
Death:2 Oct 1673, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Augustine Walker and Unknown
Spouse:Richard Warren
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jolayne, Jreedernc, Katsus98040, Marr794, Tecbarclay, GenDetective...
Modified:24 May 2014
Person:Augustine Walker
Birth:bef 1548
Burial:18 Aug 1614, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England
Watching:Marr794, Tecbarclay, GenDetective, Mayflowermadam, Marshall Surratt, Rjseaver...
Modified:24 May 2014
Person:Sarah Walker
Birth:abt 1624, Southwark, London, England
Death:24 Nov 1700, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:William Walker and Unknown Clark
Spouse:Nathaniel Warren
Watching:Lynn Nelson, Jolayne, Jreedernc, Doris, Marr794, Mayflowermadam, Bboops, Tombwhisperz...
Modified:7 Oct 2011
Person:Sarah Walker
Birth:cal 1618
Death:Dec 1676, Freetown, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Unknown Walker and Unknown
Spouse:John Tisdale
Watching:Jolayne, Braughtl1, Jbernard, Scot, Eunicepeabody, Jaques1724, Jhamstra...
Modified:2 Apr 2014
Person:Hannah Walker
Chr/Bap:28 Sep 1646, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Death:20 Dec 1728, Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Parents:John Walker and Grace Unknown
Spouse:Samuel Hall
Watching:Ravencrest, Fsieber, JoshHansen, Mperozziello, Normwookie, Hansede, Loulehmann...
Modified:19 May 2013
Person:John Walker
Birth:bef 1616
Death:bef 22 Apr 1652, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States (probably)
Parents:John Walker and Unknown
Watching:Ravencrest, JoshHansen, Mperozziello, Normwookie, Hansede, Loulehmann, Jaques1724...
Modified:19 May 2013
Person:Mary Walker
Birth:est 1745, prob. Virginia
Parents:John Walker and Ann Houston
Spouse:Andrew Cowan
Watching:Philipkcraig, Quolla6, JoshHansen, Delijim, Normwookie, Hansede, Wadoddle, Mebeforbes
Modified:29 Sep 2014
Person:John Walker II
Birth:abt. 1677, Of Wigton, Scotland
Death:Sep 1734, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Parents:John Walker and Jane McKnight
Spouse:Catherine Rutherford
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Jelyra.radtke, Bkuehmstedt, RooAnnMccHew, 122201, Jonmcrawford
Modified:28 Jan 2011
Person:Dr. Thomas Walker of "Castle Hill", Albemarle County, VA
Birth:15 January, 1715, "Rye Field", Walkerton, King and Queen County, Virginia
Death:9 November, 1794, Castle Hill, Albemarle County, Virginia
Parents:Thomas Walker and Susannah Peachy
Spouse:Mildred Thornton
Watching:Quolla6, Jrm03063, Delijim, Sarahs, Cthrnvl, Samples 59, Fpnewman3
Modified:5 Apr 2015
Person:William Walker
Birth:1632, England
Death:1703, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Parents:William Walker and Unknown Clark
Spouse:Sarah Snow
Watching:Dlongmore, Jolayne, Waterart, Blitz, Kaye1966, Dougcouch
Modified:7 Oct 2011
Person:Unknown Walker
Birth:bef 1593
Watching:Jbernard, Tombwhisperz, Rwillimon, Jaques1724, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:1 Apr 2014
Person:Dorothy Wear Walker
Birth:1 Jul 1901, York, Maine, United States
Death:19 Nov 1992, Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Parents:George Walker and Lucretia Wear
Spouse:Prescott Bush
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, BradPatrick, Seymour t, Sgeiger, Jeffhomes, Efoote
Modified:26 Oct 2015
Person:Francis Walker
Birth:bef 1638
Death:bef 1702, Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey, United States
Spouse:Elizabeth Soule
Watching:Katsus98040, Mayflowermadam, Hassell47, Inator, Kissmenow
Modified:25 Jul 2014
Person:Widow Walker
Birth:abt 1596, Weymouth,,Dorset,England
Death:abt 1646, Rehoboth,Bristol,Massachusetts,USA
Parents:Browne Unknown and Unknown
Watching:Tombwhisperz, Scot, Rwillimon, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:1 Apr 2014
Person:Jane Walker
Birth:MAY 1712, County Down, Ireland
Death:7 JAN 1793, Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA
Parents:John Walker and Catherine Rutherford
Spouse:James Moore
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Jelyra.radtke, Bkuehmstedt, Jonmcrawford
Modified:7 Aug 2009
Person:James Walker
Birth:17 MAR 1706/07, County Down, Ireland
Death:17 JUN 1793, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Parents:John Walker and Catherine Rutherford
Spouse:Mary Guffy
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Prhoton, 122201, Jonmcrawford
Modified:1 May 2013
Person:Margaret Walker
Birth:est 1754
Death:abt 1818
Parents:John Walker and Ann Houston
Spouse:John Snoddy
Watching:Cunningb, Quolla6, Delijim, Mebeforbes
Modified:29 Sep 2014
Person:William Walker
Death:1625, Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Spouse: Clark
Watching:Jolayne, Scot, Kaye1966, Awputnam
Modified:5 May 2014
checked pages with Person:Mordecai Walker (2)
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