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checked pages with Person:Matthias Blanckenbuhler (1)
Person:Johann Mattheus Blanckenbühler
Birth:1688-1691, Neuenberg
Death:28 Decamber 1762, Culpeper, VA
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Anna Mercklin and Johann Blanckenbühler
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:16 Aug 2010
Person:Hans Balthasar 'Paul' Blankenbaker
Birth:29 Apr 1683 , Neuenbürg, Baden, Germany
Death:bef. 1772, Culpeper, VA
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Hans Blankenbaker and Margaret Unknown (1); Hans Blanckenbuhler and Ann Majer
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:27 Apr 2011
Person:Johann Nicholas Blanckenbühler
Birth:02 Jan 1681/82, Neuenburg, Germany
Death:Abt. 1743, Culpeper County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Johann Blanckenbühler and Maria Käffer
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:27 Apr 2011
Person:Anna Maria Blanckenbuhler
Birth:5 MAY 1687, Neuenburg, Baden Germany
Death:28 Dec 1762, Madison, Madison, Virginia, United States
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Wolff Käfer and Anna Blankenbaker (1); Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbühler
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim, Kimmasonwylie, DaneRouse
Modified:19 Mar 2013
Person:Hans Peter Fleischmann
Birth:1710, Neuenburg, Karlsruhe, Baden
Death:1773, Orange, VA
Parents:Cyriacus Fleishman and Anna Schön
Spouse:Johan Fleischman and Mary Broyles
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:9 Jul 2009
Person:Hans Michael Klaar
Birth:1687, Gemmingen, Baden
Death:1763, Culpepper, VA
Parents:Hans Klaar and Anna Unknown
Modified:12 Jul 2009
Person:Hans Matthes Conrad
Birth:6 Mar 1681, Webenheim, Pfalz, Germany
Death:17 Jan 1710, Webenheim, Pfalz, Germany
Parents:Hans Conrad and Anna Bietz
Modified:23 Sep 2007
Person:Ursula Blankenbaker
Birth:est. 1718-1725
Death:1832, , Madison, Virginia, USA
Parents:Johann Blanckenbühler and Maria Käffer
Spouse:John Zimmerman
Watching:Cfsneed, Delijim, Catcall
Modified:11 Oct 2010
Person:Hans Michael Weinland
Birth:Feb 1684, Germany
Death:29 Jan 1759, Mimbach, Saarland, Germany
Parents:Hans Weyland and Anna Gebhard
Spouse:Johanntha Brand
Modified:23 Sep 2007
Person:John Adami Hutter
Death:6 February 1755, Massweiler, Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Parents:Johan Huther and Anna Schön
Spouse:Ottil Schlachter
Modified:2 Feb 2014
Person:Hans George Wampler
Birth:1736, Hinsingen, Alsace, France
Death:10 May 1815, Rural Retreat, Wythe, Virginia, United States
Parents:Hans Wampler and Anna Lung
Spouse:Elizabeth Steffey
Modified:7 Oct 2014
Person:Matthias Rader
Birth:Abt. 1726, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Death:Bef. June 1789, Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Rader and Anna Bender
Spouse:Jessie Bender
Modified:1 May 2015
Person:Hans Heinrich Hirzel
Birth:5 Oct 1684, Reihen, Heidelberg, Baden
Death:Pennsylvania, USA
Parents:Hans Hirzel and Anna Rudi
Spouse:Elisabetha Schuch
Modified:28 Dec 2011
Person:Hans Georg Schlosser
Birth:28 Sep 1684, Oppertshausen, Hunsruck, Rheinland Pfalz, Prussia
Death:11 Dec 1720, Oppertshausen, Hunsruck, Rheinland Pfalz, Prussia
Parents:Hans-Georg Schlosser and Anna-Maria Unknown
Spouse:Anna Stephan
Modified:15 Jan 2011
Person:Hans Michael Stumph of the South Branch, Potomac River
Birth:17 Mar 1709, Ederbach Hesson, Darmstadt, Germany
Death:Bef. 8 March 1768, Hampshire County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Stumph and Anna Rudinger
Spouse:Anna Neff
Modified:31 Aug 2015
Person:John Blank
Chr/Bap:2 Nov 1755, New York City, New York, United States
Death:12 Jul 1788, New York City, New York, United States
Parents:John Blank and Annetje DeVoe
Watching:Susan Irish, Paul Irish
Modified:24 Jul 2009
Person:Johann Michael Clore
Birth:1687, Gemmingen, Baden
Death:17 MAR 1763, Culpeper County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Klaar and Anna Unknown
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:6 Oct 2013
Person:Johannes Nicholas AKA Hans Clay (Klee)
Birth:ABT JAN 1707/08, Rohrbach, Birkenfeld, Oldenburg, Germany
Death:BEF 7 NOV 1763, Bern Twp, Berks Co
Parents:Hans Clay and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Lisa Staudt
Modified:1 Sep 2008
Person:Henerich "Henry" Schluchter
Birth:7 May 1697, Neuenbürg, Enzkreis, Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Death:17 May 1784, Culpeper, Virginia, United States
Parents:Heinrich Schuster and Elsa Utsch (2); Johann Schluchter and Anna Schön
Spouse:Sarah Fleishman
Watching:Delijim, New.incarnation
Modified:5 Jul 2014
checked pages with Person:Matthias Blanckenbuhler (1)
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