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checked pages with Person:Mathias Klons (1)
Person:Elisabetha Klons
Birth:abt. 1801, Lengeler, Burg-Reuland, Liège, Belgium
Parents:Mathias Klons and Anna Sepult
Modified:8 Dec 2010
Person:Valentin Klontz
Birth:25 Oct 1820, Lengeler, Burg-Reuland, Liège, Belgium
Death:13 May 1861, Binsfeld, Weiswampach, Clervaux, Diekirch, Luxembourg
Parents:Mathias Klons and Anna Thommen
Spouse:Barbara Brand
Watching:Delijim, Tiger
Modified:14 May 2012
Person:Matthew C Noack
Birth:22 JUN 1835, Heinersbruck, Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany
Death:15 JAN 1900, Killaloe, Hagarty, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Parents:Mathias Noack and Annie Schulge
Spouse:Anna Huehnchen
Modified:16 Apr 2014
Person:Louis Klingel
Birth:17 FEB 1870, Venice,Madison,IL
Death:3 NOV 1938, Sikeston,MO
Parents:David Klingel and Anna Gillham
Spouse:Mary Steen
Modified:28 Mar 2007
Person:Hubertus Joannis KLINKENBERG
Birth:29 AUG 1751, Vaals NL
Death:8 JUL 1828, Vaals NL
Parents:Jan Klinkenberg and Anna Lousberg
Spouse:Anna Maria
Modified:9 Jan 2008
Person:Cord Henrich Kölling
Birth:22 Mar 1757, Mesmerode, Germany
Death:17 Dec 1818, Quetzen #45, Germany
Parents:Johann Koelling and Anna Mestwarb
Spouse:Anna Römbke
Modified:7 May 2008
Person:Johannes Klingelhöfer XII
Birth:11 November 1765, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Germany
Death:4 February 1850, Eiershausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Germany
Parents:Johann Klingelhöfer and Anna Neitz
Spouse:Katharina Bruck
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Johann Jakob Klingelhöfer
Birth:13 December 1733, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Death:13 December 1733, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Parents:Jakob Klingelhöfer and Anna Möller
Spouse:Anna Neitz
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Jakob Klingelhöfer
Birth:1 March 1706, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Death:2 August 1747, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Parents:Johann Daniel Klingelhöfer II and Anna Jung
Spouse:Anna Möller
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Johann Daniel Klingelhöfer II
Birth:19 March 1672, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Death:10 November 1746, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Parents:Johannes Klingelhöffer and Anna Conrad
Spouse:Johann Daniel Klingelhöfer II and Anna Jung
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Mathias Klons
Birth:Irrhausen, Rheinland, Preußen, Germany
Spouse:Anna Sepult
Modified:8 Dec 2010
Person:Mathias Kesecker
Birth:abt. 1792, Virginia
Parents:Mathias Kiesecher and Elizabeth Ebersol
Spouse:Elizabeth Criswell
Modified:25 Dec 2013
Person:Mattheus Lehrer
Birth:Sep 1687, Ötisheim, Württemberg, Germany
Death:21 Mar 1734, Otisheim, Wurrtemburg, Germany
Parents:Mattheus Lehrer and Anna Magdalena
Spouse:Anna Scheur
Modified:5 Jun 2013
Person:Johann Jost Klingelhoefer
Birth:11 July1802, Eiershausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Germany
Death:1 May 1886, Fredericksburg Gillespie Texas United States
Parents:Johannes Klingelhöfer Xii and Anna Mueller
Spouse:Elizabeth Weil
Modified:17 Dec 2011
Person:Johannes Klingelhöffer
Birth:1620, Caldern, Marburg, Hessen, Deutschland
Death:Autumn 1670, Eibelshausen, Hessen-Nassau, Preußen, Deutschland
Parents:Mattheus Klingelhöffer and Else Unknown
Spouse:Anna Conrad
Modified:28 Feb 2012
Person:Gersh Kalinkovich
Birth:11 JUN 1917, Dzhankoy, Crimea, Ukraine
Death:7 JUN 1992, Moscow, Russia
Parents:Motel Kalinkovich and Hana Unknown
Spouse:Anna Zak
Modified:1 Oct 2012
Person:Marinus Klink
Birth:18 Aor 1816, Zierikzee, Zeeland, Netherlands
Parents:Marinus Klink and Adriana Peute
Spouse:Anna van Oost
Modified:15 Mar 2014
Person:James Klink
Birth:9 Jul 1857, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Death:3 Aug 1931, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Marinus Klink and Anna van Oost
Spouse:Antje Zaturdag
Modified:15 Mar 2014
Person:Mathias Nilsson
Birth:26 Oct 1793, Sigers, havdhem, Gotland, Sweden
Death:11 Apr 1861, , havdhem, Gotland, Sweden
Parents:Nils Nilsson and Anna Mattsson
Spouse:Anna Jacobsdotter
Modified:22 Jun 2007
checked pages with Person:Mathias Klons (1)
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