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checked pages with Person:Marretje Ammerman (1)
Person:Catherine Ammerman
Birth:02 Apr 1677, Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Parents:Dirck Ammerman and Adeltje Van Der Beek
Spouse:Hendrick Gulick
Watching:Raganosis, Ala1956
Modified:8 Jul 2009
Person:Isaac Ammerman
Death:1788, Sussex, New Jersey
Parents:Isaac Ammerman and Unknown Jannetje
Spouse:Sara VanARSDALE
Modified:7 Jun 2012
Person:Jan Derks Timmerman
Birth:8 OCT 1812, Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland
Death:3 DEC 1893, Oude Pekela, Groningen, Nederland
Parents:Derk Timmerman and Annechien Houwink
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:31 Oct 2010
Person:Helena Derks Timmerman
Birth:11 MAY 1801, Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland
Death:11 AUG 1880, Oude Pekela, Groningen, Nederland
Parents:Derk Timmerman and Annechien Houwink
Spouse:Reint Brons
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:31 Oct 2010
Person:Aaltje Derks Timmerman
Birth:1 APR 1804, Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland
Death:9 DEC 1836, Oude Pekela, Groningen, Nederland
Parents:Derk Timmerman and Annechien Houwink
Spouse:Harm Potjewijd
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:31 Oct 2010
Person:Debora Derks Houwink Timmerman
Birth:22 FEB 1808, Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland
Death:30 AUG 1827, Oude Pekela, Groningen, Nederland
Parents:Derk Timmerman and Annechien Houwink
Watching:HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:31 Oct 2010
Person:Marretje Dircksen (Woertman) Wortman
Birth:21 NOV 1686
Parents:Dirck Wortman and Marritje Denyse
Modified:9 Apr 2008
Person:Robert W. Ammerman
Birth:1854, KY
Parents:William Ammerman and Mary Bell
Spouse:Nancy Jones
Watching:Mary Wafford
Modified:18 Sep 2007
Person:John Ammerman
Birth:1759, Bethlehem, New Jersey
Death:26 AUG 1828, Pendleton, Kentucky
Parents:Isaac Ammerman and Sara VanARSDALE
Spouse:Elizabeth Hibler
Modified:7 Jun 2012
Person:Catherine Ammerman
Parents:Albert Ammerman and Mary Owens
Spouse:Mahlon Willson
Modified:7 Jun 2012
Person:Dora Ammerman
Birth:Nov 1881, Wayne, Indiana, United States
Death:1 Jan 1882, Dublin, Wayne, Indiana, United States
Parents:Legrand Ammerman and Unknown
Modified:25 Sep 2014
Person:Pearl Ammerman
Birth:1882, Kentucky
Parents:Robert Ammerman and Nancy Jones
Spouse:Charles Schneider
Watching:Mary Wafford
Modified:18 Sep 2007
Person:Albert Ammerman
Birth:1791, Washington, Maryland
Death:APR 1846, Scotland, Missouri
Parents:John Ammerman and Elizabeth Hibler
Spouse:Mary Owens
Modified:7 Jun 2012
Person:Akke Dirks Koopsma
Birth:26 Aug 1834, Sint Jacobiparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Dirk Koopsma and Antje Post
Spouse:Piebe van Rosendal
Watching:HenkCS, Paulsnip, Pkeegstra
Modified:17 Sep 2014
Person:Grietje Dirks van der Bijl
Birth:17 OCT 1817, Kollum, Kollumerland en Nieuw Kruisland, Friesland, Nederland
Death:14 MAR 1883, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Durk Van der Bijl and Ytje Van der Zweep
Spouse:Feike van der Weg
Watching:Ekjansen, Jsfaber
Modified:8 Aug 2012
Person:Trijntje Dirks Boersma
Birth:ABT 1855, Westernijkerk, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Dirk Boersma and Antje Van Der Beek
Spouse:Gerrit Bakker
Modified:1 Feb 2010
Person:Cornelis Dirkse Vollebregt
Chr/Bap:18 apr 1677, Hillegersberg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Death:1748, Hillegersberg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Parents:Dirk Vollebregt and Aaltje Decker
Spouse:Marijtje van Rijs
Modified:31 Jul 2015
Person:Trijntje Dirks Hansma
Birth:11 JUL 1866, Ferwerd, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:23 NOV 1934, Ferwerd, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Dirk Hansma and Antje Andre
Spouse:Kornelis Fennema
Watching:JBS66, Kdrost, Tp, Beatrijs
Modified:25 May 2014
Person:Grietje Dirks Wibalda
Birth:24 APR 1773, Metslawier, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:6 DEC 1848, Dokkum, Dongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Dirk Jacobs and Antje Jans
Spouse:Jan Alberda
Watching:Ekjansen, Jsfaber
Modified:22 Jan 2012
checked pages with Person:Marretje Ammerman (1)
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