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checked pages with Person:Marie Mahieu (1)
Person:Hester Mahieu
Birth:abt 1584, Canterbury, Kent, England
Death:bet 8 Jun 1666 and 18 Dec 1675, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Spouse:Francis Cooke
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, Katsus98040, BradPatrick, GenDetective, Mayflowermadam...
Modified:24 Feb 2014
Person:Jennie Mahieu
Birth:ABT 1586/7, Leiden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Death:Leiden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands ?
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Watching:Jrm03063, Jrich, Kennebec1, Mebeforbes, Lou65
Modified:4 Apr 2009
Person:Jenne Mahieu
Birth:of Armentiers, France
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, BradPatrick, Jrm03063, Scot, Jrich, Kennebec1, Mebeforbes...
Modified:7 Feb 2008
Person:Francoise Mahieu
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Watching:Jrm03063, Scot, Jrich, Kennebec1, JanetB2k2, Mebeforbes, Lou65
Modified:16 Nov 2007
Person:Anthonette Mahieu
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Watching:Jrm03063, Scot, Jrich, Kennebec1, Mebeforbes, Lou65
Modified:16 Nov 2007
Person:Anthony Mahieu
Birth:ABT 1593/4, Coulon, Calais, France
Parents:Jaques Mahieu and Jeanne Unknown
Watching:Jrm03063, Jrich, Kennebec1, Mebeforbes, Lou65
Modified:4 Apr 2009
Person:Marie Joseph Mathieu
Birth:abt 1778
Death:aft 11 Sep 1825
Parents:Antoine Mathieu and Marie Briaies
Spouse:Jean Baudaux
Modified:3 Apr 2008
Person:Marguerite Gauny
Birth:25 Dec 1719, Sommedieue, Meuse, France
Death:20 Jul 1767, Sommedieue, Meuse, France
Parents:Joseph Gauny and Jeanne Jacques
Spouse:Jean Pasquin
Modified:12 May 2012
Person:Marguerite Bourgeois
Birth:ABT 1658, Port Royal, , , Acadia
Death:8 Aug 1732, Beaubassin, , , Acadia
Parents:Jacques Bourgeois and Jeanne Trahan
Spouse:Pierre Maisonnat
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Jbernard, Jlanoux, Rtengel, Thornton5603
Modified:19 Apr 2009
Person:Marguerite Hedouin
Birth:1684-02-22, St Charles,,Quebec,Canada
Death:1753-11-27, Québec,Québec,Quebec,Canada
Parents:Jacques Hedouin and Jeanne Brassard
Spouse:Jean Lecompte
Modified:8 May 2008
Person:Marie (Christine) (Dubois) Aubois
Birth:1665, Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death:1760, Port Royal, Acadia, Nova Scotia, Canada
Parents:Julien Aubois and Jeanne Unknown
Spouse:Jean Roy
Watching:Jbernard, Johnroy98, Ray Houle, Rtengel
Modified:21 Jun 2011
Person:Marie Daigre
Birth:ABT 1703, Port Royal, , , Acadia
Death:Dec 1756, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Parents:Olivier Daigre and Jeanne Blanchard
Spouse:Jean Theriot
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Robinheider, Prcb
Modified:5 Sep 2014
Person:Marie Mineau
Birth:Abt 1665, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France
Death:19 Mar 1711, Québec, , Québec, Canada
Parents:Jean Mineau and Jeanne Caille
Spouse:Jean Morier
Watching:Gokey4, JBS66, DataAnalyst
Modified:14 May 2014
Person:Marie Hebert
Birth:ABT 1697, , , , Acadia
Death:4 Feb 1764, , , Ille-et-Vilaine, France
Parents:Jean Hébert and Jeanne Doiron
Spouse:Jean Henry
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Gtcurtis
Modified:29 Nov 2008
Person:Marie Hebert 2
Birth:1699, Grand Pré, , , Acadia
Death:18 Jan 1778, , , Quebec, Canada
Parents:Etienne Hebert and Jeanne Comeau
Spouse:Jean Trahan
Watching:Karen Theriot Reader, Jlanoux
Modified:19 Apr 2009
Person:Marie Jeanne Gervais
Birth:23 FEB 1707, Grondines, Quebec, Canada
Death:31 JUL 1794, Dechailions, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Jean-Baptiste Gervais and Marie-Jeanne Tessier
Spouse:Jean Roireaux
Watching:Rrhoule, Ray Houle
Modified:10 Feb 2009
Person:Marie Anne Demers
Birth:1712, Levis, , PQ, Canada
Death:23 JAN 1787, , , PQ, Canada
Parents:Jean Demers and Jeanne Larrive
Spouse:Jean Tinon
Watching:JoshHansen, Rhalabuk
Modified:29 Jul 2013
Person:Marie-Charlotte Rochon
Birth:1 FEB 1764, Ste Rose, PQ, Canada
Parents:Jaques Rochon and Marie-Charlotte Poirer
Modified:26 Jul 2009
Person:Marie Elizabeth Boudreau
Parents:Francois Boudreau and Jeanne Landry
Spouse:Jean Chiasson
Modified:9 Apr 2007
checked pages with Person:Marie Mahieu (1)
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