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checked pages with Person:Marguerite Verieul (1)
Person:Madeleine Verieul
Birth:26 Aug 1683, St Francois, , Quebec, Canada
Death:12 Feb 1746, St Francois, , Quebec, Canada
Parents:Nicolas Veriel and Marguerite Hyardin
Spouse:Pierre Fougere
Modified:24 Sep 2009
Person:Marguerte Peurier
Birth:1638, Paris, France
Parents:Nicolas Peuvrier and Marguerite Bourgeois
Spouse:Jacques Meneux
Modified:30 Jun 2014
Person:Marie Jeanne Joseph Gallois
Birth:abt 1790, Couvin, Belgium
Parents:Nicolas Gallois and Marie Bal
Spouse:Jacques Dupont
Modified:16 Jan 2008
Person:Marie Barbe Dalcq
Birth:4 Dec 1797, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:2 Feb 1842, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Nicolas Dalcq and Marie Mailleux
Spouse:Jacques Balat
Modified:13 Dec 2008
Person:Dieudonnée Marie Claude Victoire Charlier
Birth:5 Apr 1780, Rozoy-sur-Serre, Aisne, France
Death:21 Jun 1860, Rozoy-sur-Serre, Aisne, France
Parents:Nicolas Charlier and Marie Wavaigne
Spouse:Jacques Beaudet and Marie Charlier
Modified:16 Nov 2013
Person:Marguerite MEUNIER
Birth:1601, Mantes Sur Seine,Paris,Ile De France,France
Death:1670-10-15, Notre Dame De Mantes,Ile De France,,France
Parents:Nicolas Meunier and Marguerite Farcy
Spouse:Guillaume Hébert
Watching:PearlLegacy, Bystillwaters, JBS66, MDrollette
Modified:5 Sep 2010
Person:Marguerite Panneton
Birth:21 AUG 1688, Ste-Famille, Quebec, Canada
Death:AFT 19 DEC 1752, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Claude Panneton-Lefifre and Marguerite Doison
Spouse:Jacques Galarneau
Modified:15 Jul 2007
Person:Marguerite Patenaude
Birth:26 Nov 1669, Ste. Famille, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada
Death:4 May 1738, St. Jean, Montmorency, Qebec, Canada
Parents:Nicolas Patenaude and Marguerite Breton
Spouse:Pierre Plante
Modified:20 Dec 2013
Person:Marguerite HUNAULT
Birth:19 May 1739, Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Death:1 Nov 1763, Lachine, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Alexandre Hunault and Marguerite Robillard
Spouse:Jacques Roy Dit Lapensee
Modified:23 Oct 2012
Person:Marguerite Theron
Birth:6 Jul 1755, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:25 Oct 1827, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Nicolas Theron and Catherine Ruy
Spouse:Jacques Regnier
Modified:21 Feb 2014
Person:Marguerite Chiasson Or Giasson
Birth:Abt 1715
Death:23 Jun 1799, Lachenaie, L'assomption, Québec, Canada
Parents:Michel Chiasson and Marguerite Morier
Spouse:Jacques Moyen Or Morin
Modified:9 Sep 2008
Person:Marguerite Godbout
Birth:Abt 1694
Death:24 Oct 1771, Ile D'orléans, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Nicolas Godbout and Marguerite Lemelin
Spouse:Louis Pichet
Modified:20 Sep 2008
Person:Marguerite Maréchal
Birth:bef 1715
Death:bef 4 Oct 1746
Parents:Nicolas Marchal and Anne Houppier
Spouse:Jacques Didot
Modified:15 Apr 2010
Person:Marguerite Camus
Birth:abt 1757, Hattonville, Meuse, France
Death:20 Jun 1832, Hattonville, Meuse, France
Parents:Nicolas Camus and Marguerite Gallois
Spouse:Jean Pate
Modified:13 Mar 2012
Person:Marguerite Lemoy
Birth:20 Jun 1836, Ancemont, Meuse, France
Death:22 Feb 1913, Sommedieue, Meuse, France
Parents:Nicolas Lemoy and Marguerite Piquet
Spouse:François Hugot
Modified:21 Dec 2010
Person:Marguerite Cany
Birth:12 Feb 1786, Billy-sous-les-Côtes, Meuse, France
Death:12 Aug 1825, Étain, Meuse, France
Parents:Nicolas Cany and Marguerite Pickler
Spouse:Jean Munier and Marguerite Canny
Modified:5 Jan 2012
Person:Marguerite Bromerhorst
Birth:31 Jan 1700, Lutzelbourg, Moselle, France
Death:7 Jan 1739, Lutzelbourg, Moselle, France
Parents:Jean-Jacques Brommerhost and Marguerite Mann
Spouse:Jean-Jacques Loetscher
Modified:17 Oct 2013
Person:Marguerite Chapleau
Birth:19 AUG 1725, St-François, Laval, Canada
Death:20 OCT 1748, Ste-Rose, Laval, Canada
Parents:Noel Chapleau and Marguerite Gariépy
Spouse:Jacques Limoges
Modified:20 Dec 2013
Person:Jeanne Marguerite Boucault
Birth:1651, St-Germain,Paris,Ile-De-France,France
Death:23 Jan 1696, Beauport, , Québec, Canada
Parents:Nicolas Boucault and Marguerite Thibault
Spouse:Louis Coulombe
Watching:Ahopkinsjr, JBS66, Dughall
Modified:9 Feb 2012
checked pages with Person:Marguerite Verieul (1)
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