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checked pages with Person:Marguerite Dampierre (1)
Person:Isabelle de Flandre
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Spouse:John Fiennes and Isabel De Dampierre
Watching:Jolayne, Genealogist84, Hendrik, Jrm03063, JeffreyRLehrer, New.incarnation, Werebear...
Modified:23 Nov 2013
Person:Jean I de Dampierre Markgraf von Namur
Death:31 Jan 1330
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Spouse:John I, Marquis of Namur and Marie of Artois (1); Jean I de Dampierre, Ma...
Watching:Holyhabanero, Hendrik, Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:10 Dec 2013
Person:Beatrix of Namur
Birth:BEF 1257
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Spouse:Hugh II, Count of Blois and Beatrix of Dampierre
Watching:Hendrik, Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:21 Jun 2010
Person:Guy of Namur
Birth:ca. 1272
Death:13 Oct 1311, Pavia, Pavia, Lombardia, Italy
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Spouse:Margaret of Lorraine
Watching:Hendrik, New.incarnation, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:21 Jun 2010
Person:Unknown Henry
Death:6 NOV 1337
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Watching:Hendrik, New.incarnation, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:21 Jun 2010
Person:Unknown Philippa
Parents:Guy, Count of Flanders and Isabelle of Luxembourg
Watching:Hendrik, New.incarnation, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:21 Jun 2010
Person:Ermengarde of Limburg
Death:abt Jun 1283
Parents:Waleran of Limburg and Jutta von Kleve
Spouse:Reginald I of Guelders
Watching:Holyhabanero, Jrm03063
Modified:7 Mar 2013
Person:Catherine Sinclair Duchess of Albany
Parents:William Sinclair and Elizabeth Douglas
Spouse:Alexander Scotland
Watching:Holyhabanero, Aabh, Jrm03063, Jenniferphillips06, Ekjansen, New.incarnation
Modified:7 Jun 2013
Person:Clémence of Aquitaine
Birth:1048, Bouzonville, Aquitaine, France
Death:1129, Wassenburg,Rheinland,,Prussia
Parents:William VII, Duke of Aquitaine and Ermesinde
Spouse:Konrad Luxembourg and Clemence Poitou (1); Gerard I, Count of Guelders an...
Watching:CTfrog, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Gtcurtis, Rwillimon, Gregobhte1, Borgsteede...
Modified:29 Aug 2012
Person:Mary of Avesnes
Birth:1280, Valenciennes, France
Parents:Jean d'Avesnes and Philippina Luxembourg-Maas
Spouse:Louis I, Duke of Bourbon
Watching:YJ Norton, Holyhabanero, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063, Mperozziello, JeffreyRLehrer...
Modified:29 Dec 2012
Person:Marguerite of Geneva
Birth:1180, Genève, Genève, Switzerland
Parents:William Geneva and Beatrice Faucigny
Spouse:Thomas I, Count of Savoy
Watching:Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Seymour t, Johnroy98, Gtcurtis...
Modified:30 Aug 2012
Person:Joan of England Queen Consort of Scotland
Birth:22 Jul 1210
Death:4 Mar 1238, Havering-Atte-Bower, Essex, England
Parents:John Plantagenet and Isabella Unknown
Spouse:Alexander Scotland and Joane England
Watching:CTfrog, Kristyspillane, Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jeffhomes, Claudiakerr...
Modified:7 Oct 2013
Person:Margaret of Joinville
Parents:Henry V, Count of Vaudémont and Marie of Luxembourg
Spouse:Frederick I, Count of Vaudémont
Modified:5 Mar 2013
Person:Margaret of Flanders Duchess of Brabant
Death:3 JUL 1285
Parents:Guy de Dampierre and Mathilde de Béthune
Spouse:John I, Duke of Brabant and Margaret of Flanders (d. 1285)
Watching:Hendrik, Jrm03063, Ekjansen, New.incarnation, Jhamstra, Colby Farrington
Modified:9 Dec 2013
Person:Eleanor of Woodstock
Birth:18 Jun 1318, Woodstock Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
Death:22 Apr 1355, Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Edward II of England and Isabella Of France
Spouse:Reginald II of Guelders
Watching:CTfrog, YJ Norton, Jolayne, Holyhabanero, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jeffhomes, Jrm03063...
Modified:8 Oct 2013
Person:Margaret of England
Birth:29 Sep 1240
Death:26 Feb 1275
Parents:Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence
Spouse:Alexander III of Scotland
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Jrm03063, JeffreyRLehrer, Efoote, Jlanoux, Jenniferphillips06, Brlangston...
Modified:12 Jan 2013
Person:Queen Margaret of Scotland
Birth:29 Sep 1240, Windsor, Berkshire, England
Death:26 Feb 1275, Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Spouse:Alexander Of Scotland
Watching:Stilltim, CTfrog, YJ Norton, Jolayne, Genealogist84, Jeffhomes, Claudiakerr...
Modified:23 Jan 2009
Person:Judith of Flanders, Countess Of Northumbria
Birth:abt 1037, Flandre française, France
Death:5 Mar 1094
Parents:Baldwin of Flanders and Eleanor of Normandy
Spouse:Tostig Northumbria and Countess Judith (1); Welf I, Duke of Bavaria and Judith o...
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Blueskies25, Gtcurtis, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski...
Modified:9 Mar 2013
Person:Marie de Coucy
Birth:abt 1218
Parents:Enguerrand III, Lord of Coucy and Marie de Montmirall
Spouse:Alexander II of Scotland
Modified:4 Sep 2011
checked pages with Person:Marguerite Dampierre (1)
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