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checked pages with Person:Louis Dinot (1)
Person:Guillaume François Ernest Dinot
Birth:1 Aug 1786, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:4 Feb 1836, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Louis Dinot and Marie Destrée
Spouse:Marie Huaux
Modified:11 Jan 2015
Person:Marie Agnès Dinot
Birth:abt 1736
Death:2 Jun 1816, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Dinot and Marie Blondaux
Spouse:Michel Destrée
Modified:7 Jan 2008
Person:Jean Joseph Dinot
Birth:21 Sep 1752, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Dinot and Marie Losseaux
Modified:14 Jan 2015
Person:Marie Catherine Dinot
Death:bef 15 Jan 1813
Parents:Jean Dinot and Marie Losseaux
Spouse:Louis Gouttier
Modified:28 Apr 2008
Person:François Donnay
Birth:abt 1770, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:29 Apr 1841, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Donnay and Marie Meunier
Spouse:Marie Destrée
Modified:5 Jan 2009
Person:Louis Joseph Henry
Birth:30 DEC 1781, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:13 MAR 1830, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Henry and Marie Destrée
Spouse:Marie Hubert
Modified:11 Mar 2008
Person:Jean Louis Henry
Birth:abt 1756
Death:21 Dec 1815, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Germain Henry and Marie Dardenne
Spouse:Marie Destrée
Modified:12 Feb 2010
Person:Marie Catherine Augustine Dinot
Birth:bef 1785, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:9 Nov 1859, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Louis Dinot and Marie Destrée
Spouse:Pierre Meunier
Modified:13 Feb 2010
Person:Julie Antoinette Dinot
Birth:abt 1775, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:4 Dec 1846, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Louis Dinot and Marie Destrée
Spouse:Pierre Dardenne
Modified:8 Feb 2009
Person:Auguste Joseph Dinot
Birth:19 Nov 1822, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:21 Feb 1826, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Guillaume Dinot and Marie Huaux
Modified:14 Feb 2008
Person:Alphonse Joseph Dinot
Birth:24 Jul 1824, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:18 Oct 1824, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Guillaume Dinot and Marie Huaux
Modified:7 Feb 2008
Person:Antoine Louis Masuy
Birth:24 Aug 1786, Boussu-en-Fagne, Namur, Belgium
Death:1 Dec 1848, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Masuy and Marie Huaux
Spouse:Marie Gouttier
Modified:22 Apr 2009
Person:Marie Jeanne Baurain
Birth:6 Jul 1777, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:2 Nov 1850, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Baurin and Marie Hostaux
Spouse:Pierre Destrée
Modified:29 Mar 2009
Person:Marie Joseph Dardenne
Birth:abt 1766, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:26 Aug 1826, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Dardenne and Marie Hubert
Spouse:Pierre Destrée
Modified:15 Feb 2008
Person:Jean Jacques François Vansart
Birth:27 Mar 1782, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:24 Feb 1842, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Wansart and Marie Fonder
Spouse:Elisabeth Destrée
Modified:13 Dec 2008
Person:Marie Catherine Lemaire
Birth:abt. 1763, Couvin, Belgium
Death:10 Dec 1801, Couvin, Belgium
Parents:Jean Lemaire and Marie Hosteaux
Spouse:Maximilien Destrée
Modified:26 Sep 2007
Person:Pierre Joseph Huaux
Birth:2 May 1761, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:24 Aug 1794, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Pierre Huaux and Marie Chantrenne
Spouse:Marie Destrée
Modified:22 Feb 2014
Person:Jacques Antoine
Birth:abt 1756, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:27 Dec 1842, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Pierre Antoine and Marie Wasselet
Spouse:Marie Destrée
Modified:10 Feb 2010
Person:Jacques Joseph Dubucq
Birth:21 Jun 1786, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:aft 9 Oct 1851
Parents:Jean Dubucq and Marguerite Chantrenne
Spouse:Marie Destrée
Modified:12 Jan 2015
checked pages with Person:Louis Dinot (1)
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