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checked pages with Person:John Phiefer (9)
Person:Alice Phiefer
Birth:21/22 Mar 1897, Minnesota, United States
Death:22 Jan 1993, Flagstaff, Coconino, Arizona, United States
Parents:John Phiefer and Annie Kingma
Spouse:Raymond Knott
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7, Gwill65074
Modified:31 Jan 2014
Person:Clarence Phiefer
Birth:16 Dec 1904, Minnesota, United States
Death:5 Sep 1990, Mt. Vernon, Skagit, Washington, United States
Parents:John Phiefer and Annie Kingma
Spouse:Wynona Williams
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7, Gwill65074
Modified:16 Aug 2012
Person:Leonard Phiefer
Birth:25 Oct 1900, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, United States
Death:Nov 1974, Oak Harbor, Island, Washington, United States
Parents:John Phiefer and Annie Kingma
Spouse:Lenora Mitchell
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7
Modified:30 Dec 2010
Person:Sara Phiefer
Birth:2 Sep 1903, Douglas, South Dakota, United States
Death:Jul 1995, Clear Lake, Skagit, Washington, United States
Parents:John Phiefer and Annie Kingma
Spouse:John Ensch
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7
Modified:30 Dec 2010
Person:Wayne O. Phiefer
Birth:20 Jul 1928, Kandiyohi, Minnesota, United States
Death:9 May 2006, Seattle, King, Washington, United Sta...
Parents:John Phiefer and Anna Sand
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7
Modified:19 Apr 2013
Person:John Peifer
Birth:1830, Illinois, USA
Parents:John Peifer and Hannah Prutsman
Modified:14 Oct 2007
Person:John August Pieper
Birth:14 AUG 1885, Pittsburgh,Penn.
Death:11 FEB 1924, Western Prison,Pittsburgh,Penn.
Parents:John Pieper and Fredericka Pieper
Spouse:John Ii Pieper and Rose Donahue
Modified:11 Apr 2014
Person:John Kraus
Birth:27 JAN 1881, Minnesota, U.S.A.
Parents:John Kraus and Anna Gebheart
Modified:21 Jan 2012
Person:John Gilbert Baldwin
Birth:15 Oct 1806, United States
Death:24 Jun 1882, Canborough, Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
Parents:Amos Baldwin and Ann Gilbert
Spouse:Anna Delair
Modified:7 Feb 2014
Person:John Phiefer
Birth:10 Jan 1866, Holwerd, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Leendert Pheifer and Aaltje de Vries
Spouse:Annie Kingma
Watching:GayelKnott, Flowermama7, Ekjansen
Modified:16 Aug 2012
Person:John Warren Peffer
Birth:1788, Pennsylvania
Death:7 September 1872, Centerville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Parents:Phillip Peffer and Anna Wolffersberger
Spouse:Elizabeth Souders
Modified:2 Aug 2014
Person:John George GILBERT
Birth:21 FEB 1731/1732, Hoffenheim, GER
Death:28 DEC 1789, Berks Co., PA
Parents:John Gilbert and Anna Gruber
Spouse:Anna Marols
Modified:26 May 2008
Person:John Michael Shupp
Birth:10 Apr 1786, Upper Paxton, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States
Death:12 Dec 1836, Holmes (township), Crawford, Ohio, United States
Parents:John Shupp and Anna Deibler
Spouse:Anna Weiss
Watching:Mathfarmerwr, Khaentlahn, KellysFamilyTree
Modified:3 Mar 2014
Person:John Hellings
Birth:4 SEP 1766
Death:1 MAR 1837, Bristol Twp., Bucks Co., PA
Parents:John Hellings and Elizabeth Titus
Spouse:Anna Bennett
Watching:ChrisHellings, Phellings
Modified:25 Mar 2007
Person:John Dobbs Jr.
Birth:1708, Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, New York
Parents:John Dobbs and Elizabeth Hyatt
Spouse:Anna Newkirk
Watching:TomChatt, Califgmom
Modified:2 Aug 2009
Person:John Long
Birth:1749, Broadfording, Washington, Maryland, United States
Death:18 Jun 1823, Broadfording, Washington, Maryland, United States
Parents:John Long and Anna Studebaker
Spouse:Anna Bunn
Watching:Jeffhomes, Cos1776
Modified:16 Oct 2013
Birth:28 MAR 1703
Death:24 MAY 1754
Parents:John Dearborn and Hannah Dow
Spouse:Anna Sanborn
Watching:Suefitz, Qctrader
Modified:17 Jan 2008
Person:John Christy
Birth:JUN 1751, PA
Death:1830, Amanda, Fairfield, Ohio, USA
Parents:John Christy and Anna Bersinger
Spouse:Anna Schultz
Watching:LOCKET, Karatejohn
Modified:8 Mar 2014
Person:John Shupp
Birth:22 MAR 1782
Death:11 SEP 1862, Broken Sword Crawford County Ohio
Parents:John Shupp and Anna Deibler
Spouse:Anna Yeager
Watching:Khaentlahn, KellysFamilyTree
Modified:1 Feb 2014
checked pages with Person:John Phiefer (9)
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