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checked pages with Person:John Pekelder (1)
Person:John Henry Pekelder
Birth:28 APR 1896, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Jan Pekelder and Frouwina Huisman
Spouse:Anna Niewijk
Modified:20 Mar 2012
Person:John Henry Baar
Birth:17 Mar 1899, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Death:4 Dec 1967, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Richard Baar and Anna Niehof
Spouse:Pearl Harrison
Watching:HenkCS, KarenLSyed, Pmsnds
Modified:25 Oct 2013
Person:John Henry Shupp
Birth:2 Apr 1802, upper Paxton, Daupin County, PA
Death:14 Aug 1806, upper Paxton, Daupin County, PA
Parents:John Shupp and Anna Deibler
Watching:Khaentlahn, KellysFamilyTree
Modified:1 Feb 2014
Person:John Henry Hagey
Birth:28 OCT 1778, Rowan, North Carolina
Death:ABT 1803, Rowan, North Carolina
Parents:John Hage and Anna Leonard
Spouse:Sybilla Myers
Modified:26 Nov 2011
Person:John Henry (Jack) Schomberg
Birth:18 MAY 1859, Nichols, Muscatine, Iowa
Death:2 OCT 1939, Napa, CA
Parents:John Schomberg and Anna Pilgram
Spouse:Louisa Ortwein
Modified:4 Nov 2009
Person:John Henry Lucas
Birth:11 Feb 1891, Jamestown, Ottawa, Michigan, United States
Death:30 Oct 1965, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Parents:Stephen Lucas and Anna Boone
Spouse:Josephine Hartger
Modified:27 Jan 2013
Person:John Henry Batdorf
Birth:17 October 1754, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Death:10 May 1806, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Parents:John Battorf and Anna Zeller
Spouse:Sophia Fricker
Modified:2 Oct 2013
Person:Henry J. Remelts
Birth:5 Oct 1911, Michigan, United States
Death:16 Jun 1981, Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States...
Parents:John Remelts and Anna Zylstra
Spouse:Cora DeZu
Modified:30 Aug 2014
Person:Jan Lubberts Pekelder
Birth:21 SEP 1824, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Jan Pekelder and Heidewich Scholten
Spouse:Regina Scholten
Modified:20 Mar 2012
Person:Jan Pekelder
Birth:5 NOV 1851, Wildervank, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Jan Pekelder and Regina Scholten
Spouse:Frouwina Huisman
Modified:20 Mar 2012
Person:Jan Jans Pekelder
Birth:ABT 1789, Wildervank, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:26 AUG 1863, Wildervank, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Jan Pekelder and Grietje Jans
Spouse:Heidewich Scholten
Modified:20 Mar 2012
Person:John Henry Wilkinson
Birth:21 APR 1844, Chilton, Durham, England
Death:5 JAN 1929, Fennimore, Grant, Wisconsin
Parents:John Wilkinson and Ann Redfearn
Spouse:Ellen Trollop
Watching:Dallan, Dquass
Modified:17 Apr 2007
Person:John Henry Jobson
Birth:20 Jun 1859, Wingham, New South Wales, Australia
Death:9 Aug 1941, Taree, New South Wales, Australia
Parents:John Jobson and Ann Chapman
Spouse:Ann Atkins
Watching:Burgjoh, Debbieh
Modified:19 Jul 2010
Person:John Henry Hargett
Birth:1756, Anson, North Carolina, United States
Death:2 November 1827, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, United States
Parents:John Hargett and Nanna Craig
Spouse:Jennet Finley
Watching:Mssuzzpie, New.incarnation
Modified:18 May 2014
Person:John William Henry Burcham
Birth:Dec. 19, 1892, Pipers Gap, Carroll County, Virginia
Death:July 16, 1975, Salem Virginia Veterans Hospital
Parents:John Burcham and Julianna Davis
Watching:Annette, Acburcham64
Modified:5 Nov 2014
Person:John Henry Rutherford
Birth:15 Feb 1815, , Sumner, Tennessee
Death:1853, Mt. Vernon, Titus, Texas
Parents:John Rutherford and Nancy McGuire
Spouse:Adeline McClosky
Modified:27 Apr 2007
Person:John Henry Eddy
Birth:14 FEB 1842, Hancock, Washington, Maryland
Death:21 Oct 1921, Hancock, Washington, Maryland, United States
Parents:John Eddy and Nancy Colbert
Spouse:Mary Colbert
Modified:6 Dec 2008
Person:John Henry Dugger
Birth:15 May 1858, Macoupin, Illinois, United States
Death:1910/1920, KS
Parents:John Dugger and Nancy Sharp
Modified:21 Aug 2007
Person:John Henry Duffy
Birth:31 MAR 1880, Mara, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Parents:John Duffy and Ann Valely
Spouse:Mary Sproule
Modified:26 Dec 2012
checked pages with Person:John Pekelder (1)
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