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checked pages with Person:John Morrow (6)
Person:John Shelby Morrow
Birth:1 NOV 1829, Alabama
Death:7 JUL 1862
Parents:Adam Morrow and Mary Wiley
Spouse:Mary Furr
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Ajcrow
Modified:25 Apr 2009
Person:John Morrow
Birth:ABT 1770
Death:12 JAN 1813, Logan, Warren Co, KY
Parents:George Morrow and Mary Calhoun
Spouse:Mary Calhoun
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Alexandrina Murray
Modified:25 Mar 2010
Person:John McKinley Wilson Morrow
Birth:15 DEC 1836, Neshoba Co, MS
Death:4 JAN 1894, Leake Co, MS
Parents:David Morrow and Mary Wilson
Spouse:Bodecia Bailey
Modified:26 Apr 2009
Person:David* Morrow
Birth:1762, near Baltimore, MD
Death:17 OCT 1843, Oxford, Lafayette Co, MS
Parents:David Morrow and Agnes White
Spouse:Margaret Kelso
Modified:27 Dec 2011
Person:John N. Morrow
Birth:29 APR 1838, Logan Co, KY
Death:24 SEP 1887, Logan Co, KY
Parents:James Morrow and Polly Scott
Spouse:Mary Small
Modified:25 Apr 2009
Person:Maj. Samuel Morrow
Birth:19 MAR 1760, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Death:19 FEB 1842, Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
Parents:David Morrow and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Janet Nelson
Watching:Npowell, Amelia.Gerlicher, Bill Morrow of Oklahoma, Delijim
Modified:3 Mar 2010
Person:Robert Morrow
Birth:30 JUL 1752, Maryland
Death:AUG 1823, Morgan Co, AL
Parents:David Morrow and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Jane Peden
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Bill Morrow of Oklahoma
Modified:2 Mar 2010
Person:John Fredrick Morrow
Birth:19 NOV 1882
Parents:David Morrow and Susannah Hays
Spouse:Nancy Cousins
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Xpm17503, WHoward04
Modified:18 Oct 2008
Person:David Morrow “of Spartanburg”
Birth:ABT 1715
Parents:David Morrow and Unknown
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Bill Morrow of Oklahoma, Delijim
Modified:5 Mar 2010
Person:John M. Morrow
Birth:abt 1872, Tennessee
Parents:William Morrow and Mary McKissick
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Pawsonlady, Haroldmorr
Modified:22 Jun 2009
Person:John Thomas Morrow
Birth:Apr 1873, Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
Parents:Christopher Morrow and Mary West
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Jbmorrow
Modified:24 Dec 2012
Person:John Morrow
Birth:sept 18, 1809, Orange Co. North Carolina
Death:March 17, 1875, Wayne Co, Indiana
Parents:John Morrow and Mary Stout
Spouse:Rachel Strawbridge
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Laspringer
Modified:16 Aug 2012
Person:John Morrow
Birth:28 Oct 1806, Haywood, North Carolina, United States
Death:20 Apr 1896, Haywood, North Carolina, United States
Parents:Robert Morrow and Sarah Unknown
Spouse:Mary Bivens
Modified:29 Jul 2007
Person:David Washington Morrow
Birth:4 FEB 1845, Neshoba Co, MS
Parents:David Morrow and Mary Wilson
Modified:17 Apr 2009
Person:John Morrow
Birth:1820, Dallas Co, AL
Parents:Alexander Morrow and Mary Woods
Modified:25 Apr 2009
Person:John T. Morrow
Birth:Nov 1857, Missouri
Parents:Joseph Morrow and Rosannah Laughlin
Spouse:Mary Saltsman
Modified:10 Apr 2011
Person:Mary Agnes Morrow
Birth:20 Sep 1826, Wyoming, New York, USA
Death:2 Mar 1877, Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Parents:David Morrow and Mary Ross
Spouse:Ebenezer Milroy
Modified:30 Apr 2013
Person:John M. Morrow
Birth:abt 1812, Tennessee
Death:1860-1870, Arkansas
Parents:John Morrow and Unknown
Spouse:Mary Drake
Modified:8 Dec 2007
Person:John Quincy Morrow
Birth:23 JUL 1824, Moulton, Lawrence Co, AL
Death:AFT 1910, of Walker Co, AL
Parents:John Morrow and Mary Sutton
Spouse:Margaret Black
Modified:25 Apr 2009
checked pages with Person:John Morrow (6)
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