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checked pages with Person:John Madison (11)
Person:Capt. John Madison
Birth:abt. 1655-1659, King & Queen County, Virginia
Death:24 March 1725, Virginia
Parents:John Maddison and Maria Ambrose
Spouse:Isabella Todd
Watching:Feenerty, Rharrison, Delijim
Modified:30 Apr 2011
Person:John Crookshanks
Death:5 October 1822, Greenbrier County, Virginia
Spouse:Mary Cloverfield
Modified:12 May 2011
Person:Capt. John Dabney Strother
Birth:31 DEC 1721, Saint Paul, Hanover, Virginia, USA
Death:31 MAR 1795, Wadefield, Rappahannock, Virginia, USA
Parents:Francis Strother and Susanna Dabney
Spouse:Mary Wade
Watching:Janiejac, Barrylodge1975, Pattyih, Delijim
Modified:13 Dec 2014
Person:John Barnhouse
Birth:1745, Virginia
Death:1822, Virginia
Spouse:Mary Talbot
Modified:31 Jan 2008
Person:John Hanback
Birth:ABT 1748, Culpeper County, Virginia
Death:1795, Shenandoah County, Virginia
Parents:Jacob Hanback and Mary Young
Spouse:John Heimbach and Mary Hoffman
Modified:13 Dec 2010
Person:John Hogan
Birth:abt 1745, Fauquier, Virginia, United States
Death:bef 1777, Fauquier, Virginia, United States
Spouse:Mary Carrell
Modified:29 Oct 2012
Person:John Standoff
Birth:abt. 1745, of Rockbridge County, Virginia
Death:December 1830, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Modified:6 Feb 2014
Person:Ambrose Madison
Birth:Jan 27, 1755, Montpelier, Orange County, Virginia
Death:1793, Montpelier, Orange County, Virginia
Parents:James Madison and Eleanor Conway
Spouse:Mary Lee
Watching:Rharrison, Delijim
Modified:6 Sep 2011
Person:Humphrey Madison
Birth:1730, Virginia
Death:11 September 1756, Virginia
Parents:John Madison and Elizabeth Minor
Spouse:Mary Dickerson
Modified:17 Feb 2014
Person:John Bolling
Birth:27 Jan 1675, Kippax Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia
Death:20 Apr 1729, Cobbs Family Plantation, Henrico County, Virginia
Parents:Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe
Spouse:Mary Kennon
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Rwillimon, HCShannon, Cthrnvl, New.incarnation, Wvarner, Whymex2
Modified:1 May 2011
Person:John English
Birth:1685, Virginia, USA
Death:1727, Hanover, Virginia, USA
Parents:Thomas English and Elanor Watkins
Spouse:Mary English
Watching:Nerak, Twhiteside, Delijim, Efoote, Caryslady
Modified:4 Sep 2009
Person:John McConkey Gray
Birth:20 May 1891, Washington, Virginia, United States
Death:26 Dec 1978, Abingdon, Washington, Virginia, United States
Spouse:Mary Harris
Watching:Dlbradley1, VStewart68, Buffie, BrianG 777, Khaentlahn
Modified:2 Mar 2014
Person:John Brockman
Birth:Est. abt. 1713
Death:bef. 22 April 1756, Orange County, Virginia
Parents:Samuel Brockman and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Mary Collins
Watching:Mperozziello, Delijim, Doug Northrip, New.incarnation
Modified:30 Dec 2013
Person:John Ellis III
Birth:1712, Henrico, Virginia, USA
Death:1799, Henrico, Virginia, USA
Parents:John Ellis and Elizabeth Ware
Watching:Derrseeker, LOCKET, Karatejohn, Elaine52
Modified:23 Aug 2009
Person:John Marshall
Birth:24 SEP 1755, Licking Run, Fauquier Co., Virginia
Death:6 Jul 1835, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:Thomas Marshall and Mary Keith
Spouse:Mary Ambler
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Dsblank, Delijim, Kmrob
Modified:26 Apr 2011
Person:John Aaron Ferguson
Birth:1753, Caroline City, Virginia, USA
Death:1822, Franklin, Virginia, USA
Parents:John Ferguson and Elizabeth Standifer
Spouse:Mary Hill
Watching:Nerak, Delijim, Efoote, Caryslady
Modified:16 Apr 2012
Person:John B Farley
Birth:1648, Archers Hope,Charles City,Virginia,USA
Death:1732, ,Henrico,Virginia,USA
Parents:Thomas Farley and Jane Sefton
Spouse:Mary Willett
Watching:Ajcrow, Mattammatt, Bystillwaters, Asimp
Modified:18 Oct 2011
Person:John Hooper
Birth:Abt. 1760, Buckingham, Virginia, United States
Death:18 Jan 1831, Buckingham, Virginia, United States
Parents:George Hooper and Elizabeth Cook
Spouse:Mary Baker
Watching:Suzyq, Dhchilds, Ron Hooper, Whymex2
Modified:19 Oct 2014
Person:John Bristow
Birth:1655, England but of Middlesex, Accomack, VA
Death:13 OCT 1716, Middlesex County, VA
Parents:Robert Bristow and Catherine Bristow
Spouse:Mary Nicholls
Watching:YJ Norton, Dgstuart, Mmal526
Modified:1 Mar 2010
checked pages with Person:John Madison (11)
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