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checked pages with Person:John Hancock (19)
Person:Rev. John Hancock
Birth:1 Mar 1671
Death:6 Dec 1752, Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Parents:Nathaniel Hancock and Mary Prentice
Spouse:Elizabeth Clarke
Watching:Jrm03063, Colby Farrington, DMaxwell
Modified:12 Sep 2014
Person:John Hancock Jr.
Birth:20 MAY 1717, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts Colony, America
Death:6 FEB 1770
Parents:John Hancock and Anna Webb
Watching:Dixieboy32, Brown52
Modified:20 Aug 2008
Person:Rev. John Hancock
Birth:01 Jun 1702, Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Death:07 May 1744, Braintree, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Parents:John Hancock and Elizabeth Clarke
Spouse:Mary Hawke
Watching:Ajcrow, Raganosis
Modified:8 Jul 2013
Person:John George Washington Hancock
Birth:21 May 1778
Death:27 Jan 1787
Parents:John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy
Modified:17 Jun 2008
Person:John R Hancock
Birth:1776, South Carolina, United States
Parents:Clement Hancock and Mary Renfroe
Modified:20 Dec 2011
Person:John R. Hancock
Birth:31 JUL 1871
Parents:James Hancock and Mary Hutchinson
Modified:23 Feb 2015
Person:John Niles
Birth:17 Mar 1708, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United S...
Death:bef 1759, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United Stat...
Parents:John Niles and Margaret Nash
Spouse:Experience Holcomb
Watching:Jrm03063, Jrich, Seranade
Modified:20 Sep 2008
Person:John Lyman Hancock
Birth:2 Mar 1883, Pinedale, Navajo, Arizona
Death:22 Dec 1922
Parents:Mosiah Hancock and Mariam Dalton
Spouse:Ella Hopen
Modified:24 Jun 2007
Person:John Hancock
Parents:Joseph Hancock and Polly Heath
Modified:22 May 2009
Person:Martha Jane Hancock
Birth:1843, Campbell Co., Tennessee, United States
Death:date unknown
Parents:William Hancock and Mary Heatherly
Watching:Janiejac, AndrewRT
Modified:3 Jun 2013
Person:Jonathan Hancock
Birth:4 AUG 1724, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts Colony, America
Death:BEF 1790
Parents:John Hancock and Anna Webb
Watching:Dixieboy32, Brown52
Modified:20 Aug 2008
Person:Jack Hancock
Parents:John Hancock and Ella Lamar
Modified:2 Jan 2009
Person:Joanne Hancock
Birth:3 DEC 1866, Ireland
Parents:John Hancock and Margaret King
Spouse:John Garland
Modified:28 Mar 2007
Person:Joannah Thayer
Birth:1 Dec 1716, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United St...
Death:14 Dec 1716, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United S...
Parents:John Thayer and Mary Wales
Watching:Susan Irish, Wsday
Modified:24 Jan 2013
Person:John Lilly
Birth:1640, Milford Haven, York, Virginia, United States
Death:ABT 1677, Charles City, York, Virginia, United States
Parents:John Lilly and Mary Maulson
Spouse:Dorothy Wade
Watching:Orphan account 7, Kaye1966, Lascorpia64
Modified:31 Jul 2014
Person:Rev. John Reyner
Birth:Cal 1643, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Death:21 Dec 1676, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United S...
Parents:John Reyner and Frances Clarke
Spouse:Judith Quincy
Watching:Neal Gardner
Modified:11 Oct 2015
Person:Rev. John Bembow
Chr/Bap:6 Apr 1636, Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Burial:17 Apr 1669, Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Parents:John Bembow and Mary Beversley
Spouse:Dorothy Wilson
Modified:6 Feb 2014
Person:John Baptist Caryll
Birth:13 Dec 1713, Harting, Sussex, England
Death:7 Mar 1788, Dunkirk, Nord, France
Parents:John Caryll and Mary Mackenzie
Spouse:Dorothy Molyneux
Modified:11 Jan 2014
Person:John Bruen
Birth:1509, Bruen-Stapleford, Cheshire, England
Death:15 May 1587, Bruen-Stapleford, Cheshire, England
Parents:John Bruen and Mary Ottey
Spouse:Dorothy Holford
Modified:2 Dec 2014
checked pages with Person:John Hancock (19)
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