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checked pages with Person:John Haima (1)
Person:Sarah Haima
Birth:12 FEB 1890, Randolph, Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Death:15 OCT 1971, Friesland, Columbia, Wisconsin, United States
Parents:Watze Haima and Kate Tillema
Spouse:Andries de Jong and Sara Haima
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen, Cabrioot
Modified:12 Jul 2012
Person:Della Haima
Birth:DEC 1892
Parents:Watze Haima and Kate Tillema
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen
Modified:11 Jul 2012
Person:Arthur Walter Haima
Death:1998, Waupun, Dodge, Wisconsin, United States
Parents:Watze Haima and Louisa Sievert
Spouse:Agatha Hilpert
Modified:10 Sep 2013
Person:Jan Jacobs Haima
Birth:12 APR 1827, Holwerd, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jacob Haima and Ytske Wiersma
Spouse:Doutzen Brantsma
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:15 Sep 2014
Person:Jan Haima
Birth:23 Apr 1889, Wijnaldum, Barradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Cornelis Haima and Antje Okkinga
Spouse:Willemke Bouma
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS
Modified:15 Sep 2014
Person:Jan Jacobs Haima
Death:4 Mar 1844, Barradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Jacob Haima and Jetske Paulus
Watching:HenkCS, Pkeegstra
Modified:17 Dec 2014
Person:Jan Haima
Birth:23 Jun 1868, Minnertsga, Barradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:17 Jun 1931, Dalfsen, Overijssel, Netherlands
Parents:Jan Haima and Neeltje Anema
Spouse:Lieuwkjen Zysling
Modified:22 Nov 2013
Person:John Hume
Birth:1 MAR 1825, Stamford Township, Delaware County, New York
Death:13 AUG 1866, LaGrange County, IN
Parents:Robert Hume and Catherine Rose
Spouse:Martha Tackaberry
Modified:6 Apr 2007
Person:John Hine
Birth:4 March 1793, Friedland, NC
Death:25 August 1845, Davidson County, North Carolina, USA
Parents:Jacob Hein and Catharina Blessing
Spouse:Chorysas Pate
Modified:8 May 2013
Person:John Haan
Birth:Abt 1865, Ottawa, Michigan, United States
Parents:Peter Haan and Catherine Rawkans
Spouse:Antje van der Meulen
Modified:1 Jul 2014
Person:Rev. Bernard John Haan
Birth:24 Apr 1917, Sully, Jasper, Iowa, United States
Death:8 Dec 1994, Sioux, Iowa, United States
Parents:Christian Haan and Kaatje Deunhouwer
Modified:16 Nov 2012
Person:Isabel Jane Hume
Birth:12 Feb 1820, Stamford (town), Delaware, New York, United States
Death:6 Dec 1893, Lima, LaGrange, Indiana, United States
Parents:Robert Hume and Catherine Rose
Spouse:Samuel Williams
Watching:Mission2, Genealogist84
Modified:29 Jun 2013
Person:Watze Jans Haima
Birth:10 SEP 1857, Oosterbierum, Barradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:24 MAR 1936
Parents:Jan Haima and Doutzen Brantsma
Spouse:Kate Tillema
Watching:JBS66, HenkCS, Ekjansen
Modified:15 Sep 2014
Person:Johann Peter Hahn
Birth:1740/1742, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Death:1814, , Nelson ., Ky
Parents:Michael Hahn and Catherine Unknown
Spouse:Mary Schmitt
Modified:13 Jun 2007
Person:Mary Jane Hone
Parents:Dennis Hone and Katrina Rilling
Modified:4 Apr 2012
Person:Johannes Hahn
Birth:ABT 1738, Dannenfels, Pfaiz, Bavaria
Parents:Michael Hahn and Catherine Unknown
Modified:13 Jun 2007
Person:Johann Adam Hahn
Birth:ABT 1744, of Bucks, , Pennsylvania
Parents:Michael Hahn and Catherine Unknown
Modified:13 Jun 2007
Person:Watze Haima
Birth:14 Feb 1875, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Gerlof Haima and Lijsbeth Hannema
Spouse:Louisa Sievert
Watching:JBS66, Kthaima
Modified:10 Sep 2013
Person:John Columbus Haynie
Birth:22 Sep 1874, Arkansas, United States
Death:15 Jan 1958, Aubrey, Denton, Texas, United States
Parents:William Haynie and Martha Cunningham
Spouse:Minnerva Caddell
Watching:Dallan, Solveig, Rich, Demogirl, DemoGuy, Wl, Jenniferphillips06
Modified:29 Dec 2012
checked pages with Person:John Haima (1)
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