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checked pages with Person:John Faeth (1)
Person:Johann Raphael Fäth
Birth:24 OCT 1860, Hessenthal, Bavaria, Germany
Death:14 OCT 1874, Hessenthal, Bavaria, Germany
Parents:Peter Fäth and Anna Diener
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Genaveta Elisabetha Faeth
Birth:12 MAY 1865, Hessenthal, Bavaria, Germany
Death:ABT 1939
Parents:Peter Fäth and Anna Diener
Spouse:Fredrick Querner
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Veronica Faeth
Birth:MAY 1868, Germany
Death:06 NOV 1930
Parents:Peter Fäth and Anna Diener
Spouse:William Keitel
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Heinrich F. Faeth
Birth:04 JAN 1863, Hesenthal, Bavaria, Germany
Death:03 MAR 1947
Parents:Peter Fäth and Anna Diener
Spouse:Minnie Keyser
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:John Paul Faeth Jr.
Birth:14 DEC 1903
Death:08 MAY 1944, Los Angeles County, California
Parents:John Faeth and Louisa Omeise
Spouse: Barbara
Modified:5 Sep 2013
Person:Paul Alfred Faeth
Birth:23 JUN 1928
Death:26 FEB 2002
Parents:Alfred Faeth and Ida Paul
Spouse:Mary Newhouse
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:John Paul Ison
Birth:31 MAY 1904, Kentucky
Death:25 MAR 1953, Toledo, OH
Parents:Archibald Ison and Rose Boggs
Spouse:Marie Fields
Watching:LOCKET, Karatejohn
Modified:24 Apr 2009
Person:John Jacob Beal
Birth:1750, , Adams, Pennsylvania
Death:27 Jun 1795, Ellerslie, Allegany, Maryland
Parents:Peter Biehl and Anna Merkel
Spouse:Maria Geringer
Watching:Suepcard, Llintelman
Modified:5 Mar 2014
Person:John Paul Neely
Birth:31 DEC 1759
Death:21 SEP 1843
Parents:Nicholas Neely and Anna Fabian
Spouse:Veronica Shoup
Watching:Bmilks, Nofun
Modified:18 Apr 2013
Person:John Adam Vieten
Birth:27 JAN 1854
Death:11 JUN 1924
Parents:Peter Vieten and Anna Viemanns
Spouse:Anna Collins
Modified:2 Apr 2007
Person:John Rickenberger
Birth:12 DEC 1811
Death:29 OCT 1886
Parents:Peter Rinkenberger and Anna Schreck
Spouse:Lena Beck
Modified:7 Jun 2007
Person:John Schnur
Birth:28 OCT 1831, Atlantic Ocean
Death:6 MAY 1903, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY
Parents:Peter Schnur and Anna Eller
Spouse:Anna Fischer
Modified:14 Oct 2009
Person:John Hair
Birth:1761, Craven, South Carolina, United States
Death:26 Jan 1819, Barnwell, South Carolina, United States
Parents:Peter Hair and Anna Herman
Spouse:Mary Bates
Modified:4 Jun 2013
Person:John Darr
Birth:JAN 1867, Rice Twsp., Sandusky CO OH.
Parents:Peter Darr and Anna Schmidt
Spouse:Mary Sloma
Modified:4 Mar 2016
Person:Gustav Matrisch
Birth:25 JUN 1877, Malshfen
Death:1951, Oldenburg i. O.
Parents:Gottlieb Matrisch and Anna Bork
Spouse:Marie Matrisch
Modified:22 Jan 2008
Person:Joseph John Herpak
Birth:5 Aug 1887, Vysna Mysla, Abov, Slovakia
Death:2 Apr 1952, Altoona, Blair, PA
Parents:Peter Herpak and Anna Kozak
Spouse:Mary Molnar
Modified:9 Sep 2007
Person:Paul Fade
Parents:Peter Fade and Mary Keith
Modified:11 Jun 2008
Person:Johannes 'John' Flesher
Birth:1750, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
Death:1779, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:Peter Flesher and Anna Theil
Spouse:Mary Seybert
Modified:27 Aug 2013
Person:Hans Paul Hirzel
Birth:13 Aug 1677, Reihen, Heidelberg, Baden
Death:BEF 1745, Pennsylvania, USA
Parents:Hans Hirzel and Anna Rudi
Spouse:Anna Wagner
Modified:28 Dec 2011
checked pages with Person:John Faeth (1)
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