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checked pages with Person:Johann Mattheus Blankenbuhler (1)
Person:Hans Matthias Blanckenbuhler
Birth:29 Decamber 1684, Neuenberg
Death:1763, VA
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:16 Aug 2010
Person:Hans Balthasar 'Paul' Blankenbaker
Birth:29 Apr 1683 , Neuenbürg, Baden, Germany
Death:bef. 1772, Culpeper, VA
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Hans Blankenbaker and Margaret Unknown (1); Hans Blanckenbuhler and Ann Majer
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:27 Apr 2011
Person:Johann Nicholas Blanckenbühler
Birth:02 Jan 1681/82, Neuenburg, Germany
Death:Abt. 1743, Culpeper County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Johann Blanckenbühler and Maria Käffer
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim
Modified:27 Apr 2011
Person:Anna Maria Blanckenbuhler
Birth:5 MAY 1687, Neuenburg, Baden Germany
Death:28 Dec 1762, Madison, Madison, Virginia, United States
Parents:Hans Blanckenbuhler and Anna Schon
Spouse:Wolff Käfer and Anna Blankenbaker (1); Johannes Thomas and Anna Blankenbü...
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim, Kimmasonwylie, DaneRouse
Modified:19 Mar 2013
Person:Johann Michael Schmidt Jr.
Birth:1712, Germany
Death:ABT 1772, Culpeper County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Schmidt and Anna Sauter
Spouse:Anna Thomas
Modified:30 Aug 2010
Person:Johann Lorentz Goltzer
Birth:1688, Mimbach, Germany
Parents:Hans Goltzer and Anna Wolf
Spouse:Christiana Grunewald
Modified:23 Sep 2007
Person:Johann Georg Rudi
Birth:15 Mar 1699, Germany
Parents:Hans Rudi and Anna Weyl
Spouse:Anna Allerin
Modified:23 Sep 2007
Person:Hans Thomas Blanckenbuhler
Birth:1646, Gresten, Austria
Death:1687, Neuenburg, Baden, Germany
Parents:Matthias Blanckenbuehler and Margaretha Unknown
Spouse:Anna Schon
Watching:Klewis47, Delijim, DaneRouse
Modified:16 Aug 2010
Person:Johann Georg Blank Jr.
Birth:BET 30 MAR 1800 AND 18 APR 1800, Urloffen, Baden, Germany
Death:4 MAY 1889, Marion County, IN
Parents:Johann Blank and Catherina Kiefer
Spouse:Anna Oser
Watching:Ajcrow, Dsblank
Modified:2 Apr 2014
Person:Johann Jacob Anspach
Birth:29 NOV 1640, Main, Germany
Death:BEF 1700, Germany
Parents:Hans Anspach and Anna Klock
Spouse:Anna Anspach
Watching:LOCKET, Karatejohn, Efoote, Caryslady
Modified:10 Apr 2009
Person:Franz Ignatz Blank
Birth:13 SEP 1826
Death:28 MAY 1909
Parents:Johann Blank and Anna Oser
Spouse:Anna Oser
Modified:30 Nov 2013
Person:Johann Daniel Beter
Birth:26 OCT 1678, Lauterecken, Pfalz
Death:2 JUN 1751, Lauterecken, Pfalz
Parents:Hans Beter and Maria Lauer (1); Georg Bitter and Anna Altena
Watching:Jillaine, Dbitter51
Modified:10 Dec 2011
Person:Johann Rudolph Kittweiler
Birth:02 Jan 1717, Basel, Basel Can, Switzerland
Death:02 Oct 1764, Spinnerstown, Pennsylvania, USA
Parents:Hans Kindweiler and Anna Sporlein
Spouse:Anna Bersehinger
Watching:Ajcrow, Mikedunntx
Modified:6 Sep 2010
Person:Johann Freiderich Kieffer
Birth:23 MAY 1673, Munzesheim, Baden, Ger.
Parents:Hans Kieffer and Anna Kessbohere
Spouse:Anna Schaeufele
Watching:JiimyK, Geeka2
Modified:3 Dec 2008
Person:Johann Christian Carlock
Birth:4 JUL 1669, Heidelburg, Baden Germany
Death:1764, New York
Parents:Hans Carlock and Anna Kummer
Spouse:Indian Doctor
Watching:Delijim, Khaentlahn
Modified:1 Nov 2013
Person:Johann Ulrich Eisley
Birth:26 Jun 1819, Niederbipp, Bern, Switzerland
Death:10 Oct 1893, Clay, Auglaize, Ohio, United States
Parents:Hans Jaissli and Anna Korber
Spouse:Anna Bohrn
Watching:Rebekah Carlisle, RWMeyer
Modified:4 Sep 2015
Person:Johann Georg Schwartz
Birth:29 Jul 1765, Schweigern, Baden, Germany
Death:16 May 1819, Schweigern, Baden, Germany
Parents:Hans Schwartz and Anna Stapf
Spouse:Anna Frank
Watching:JBS66, TheProvider
Modified:17 Jun 2015
Person:Johann G. SCHEMPP Sr.
Birth:10 AUG 1708, Bissingen, Jeck, Wüerttemburg, Germany
Parents:Hans Schempp and Anna Braster
Spouse:Anna Goelz
Modified:2 Apr 2007
Person:Johann Martin WEIMER
Birth:4 Jun 1691
Death:8 Sep 1750
Parents:Hans Weimer and Anna Trautmann
Spouse:Anna Low
Modified:18 Jun 2007
checked pages with Person:Johann Mattheus Blankenbuhler (1)
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