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checked pages with Person:Jean-Francois Rodrigue (1)
Person:Jean Charles Rodrigue
Birth:1764, St. John the Baptist, Louisiana, United States
Death:27 Oct 1802, Edgard, St John the Baptist, Louisiana, USA
Parents:Jean-Baptiste Rodrigue and Marie Dervain
Spouse:Pelagie Helfer
Modified:30 Jul 2010
Person:Jean Baptiste Rodrigue
Birth:1 Sep 1736, Beauport, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Death:11 Apr 1803, Edgard, St John the Baptist, Louisiana, USA
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Dorothee Fougere
Spouse:Marie Dervain
Watching:Delijim, Aberksan
Modified:14 May 2012
Person:Jean Adolphe Rodrigue
Birth:29 Dec 1820, St. John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana
Death:29 Jul 1886, New Iberia, Iberia, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Catherine Tregue
Spouse:Marie Naquin
Watching:Delijim, Aberksan, Txbluebell6
Modified:14 May 2012
Person:Jean Similien Rodrigue
Birth:9 Feb 1847, Thibodaux, Lafourche, Louisiana, USA
Death:3 May 1930, Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, USA
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Marie Naquin
Spouse:Laura Boutte
Modified:8 Nov 2009
Person:Francois Rodrigue
Birth:7 Nov 1741, Beauport, Québec, Québec, Canada
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Dorothee Fougere
Spouse:Marie Racine
Modified:14 Nov 2009
Person:Jean Hermogenes Rodrigue
Birth:2 Aug 1807, Edgard, St. John the Baptist, Louisiana, United States
Parents:Jean-Francois Rodrigue and Marie Desnoyers
Modified:15 Nov 2009
Person:Pierre Rodrigue
Birth:2 Nov 1743
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Dorothee Fougere
Spouse:Marie Jobin
Modified:14 Nov 2009
Person:Pierre Jean Rodrigue
Birth:21 Aug 1672, Beauport, Québec, Québec, Canada
Parents:Jean Rodrigue and Anne Roy-dit-Leroy
Spouse:Anne Bellisle
Modified:30 Jul 2010
Person:Jean-Baptiste Dionne
Birth:05 Mar 1699/1700, Ste-Famille (Ile-d'Orléans), QC, Canada
Death:13 Jun 1773, Kamouraska, Kamouraska, Québec, Canada
Parents:Jean-Baptiste Dionne and Marie-Charlotte Mignault
Spouse:Marie-Madeleine Michaud
Modified:31 May 2011
Person:Jean Francois Roy
Birth:1692, Port Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death:1747, St Annes Point, New Brunswick, Canada
Parents:Jean Roy and Marie Aubois
Spouse:Jean Roy and Marie Bergeron
Watching:Jbernard, Johnroy98, Rrhoule, Ray Houle, Rtengel
Modified:12 Aug 2009
Person:Jean Louis Florentin Henriot
Birth:7 Jul 1793, Autrécourt-sur-Aire, Meuse, France
Death:29 Apr 1866, Autrécourt-sur-Aire, Meuse, France
Parents:Jean-Baptiste Henriot and Marie Beaudeloche
Spouse:Marie Lemaire
Modified:16 Jan 2014
Person:Jean François Joseph Destrée
Birth:30 Sept 1776, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:6 Nov 1838, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Destrée and Marie Bala
Spouse:Rosalie Cotte
Modified:18 Jul 2009
Person:Jean François Dardenne
Birth:20 Apr 1774, Couvin, Belgium
Death:19 Dec 1854, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Dardenne and Marie Hubert
Spouse:Marie Baurin
Modified:14 Jun 2009
Person:Jean François Wansart
Birth:1753, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:4 Feb 1810, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Vansart and Marie Masuy
Spouse:Marie Fonder
Modified:14 Jan 2015
Person:Jean François Ruy
Birth:17 Nov 1781, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Death:11 Apr 1860, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Ruy and Marie Lambert
Spouse:Rosalie Ballat
Modified:3 Mar 2012
Person:Jean François Joseph Barbier
Birth:15 MAY 1799, Couvin, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Barbier and Marie Chokier
Spouse:Marie Delcourt
Modified:1 May 2008
Person:Jean François Joseph Colard
Birth:27 MAY 1782, Cul-des-Sarts, Namur, Belgium
Parents:Jean Colard and Marie Laffineur
Spouse:Marie Bastin
Modified:23 Apr 2008
Person:Jean François Marchal
Parents:Jean Marchal and Marie Colson
Spouse:Marie Martinet
Modified:20 Mar 2010
Person:Francois Germain Dionne
Birth:16 AUG 1734, Québec, QC, Canada
Death:20 JUL 1797, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Parents:Jean-Baptiste Dionne and Marie-Madeleine Michaud
Spouse:Marie Michaud
Modified:4 May 2012
checked pages with Person:Jean-Francois Rodrigue (1)
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