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checked pages with Person:Jan Bakker (125)
Person:Johanna Bakker
Birth:25 apr 1829, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Death:26 sep 1912, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Parents:Antonius Bakker and Johanna Broeksmit
Spouse:Sebastiaan van der Horst
Watching:Koch and de leur
Modified:16 Jul 2012
Person:Jan Oedzes Bakker
Birth:1814, Sint Annaparochie, Het Bildt, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Oeds Bakker and Marijke Jans
Spouse:Mattje van der Meulen
Modified:12 Feb 2015
Person:Jan Bakker
Birth:20 AUG 1864, Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands
Parents:Lamert Bakker and Jacoba Camphuijzen
Spouse:Willempje Dekker
Modified:11 Oct 2010
Person:Jan Bakker
Birth:11 MAY 1898, Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland
Parents:Jan Bakker and Hendrikje Koster
Spouse:Janna Zomer
Modified:27 Dec 2010
Person:Gerrit Jan Bakker
Chr/Bap:30 oct 1735, Hellendoorn, Overijssel, Netherlands
Death:bef 1765
Parents:Jan Bakker and Gerritjen Gerrits
Spouse:Janna van der Wel
Modified:30 Jul 2014
Person:Jan Bakker
Birth:15 NOV 1871, Paesens, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:15 SEP 1947, Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
Parents:Piebe Bakker and Harmke Luinstra
Spouse:Johanna Wiebenga
Watching:Ekjansen, N1cuperus
Modified:10 Nov 2012
Person:Jan Jochums Bakker
Chr/Bap:12 apr 1767, Wierum, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:apr 1811, Moddergat, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Jochum Pieters and Aaltje Jans
Spouse:Jantje de Jong
Watching:Ekjansen, JSHeeringa
Modified:8 Oct 2014
Person:Jan Jans Bakker
Birth:9 FEB 1843, Vinkega, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland
Death:11 APR 1918, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jan Bakker and Lammigje Schreur
Spouse:Jantje Oosterhof
Modified:25 Oct 2010
Person:Jan Bakker
Birth:ABT 1876, Noordwolde, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Klaas Bakker and Aafje Zeephat
Spouse:Anna Klein
Modified:5 Mar 2013
Person:Wilhelmina Bakker
Birth:14 Oct 1869, Oldekerk, Groningen, Netherlands
Death:31 Mar 1939, Sanborn, O'Brien, Iowa, United States
Parents:Jan Bakker and Jacoba van Dijk
Spouse:Jan Snip
Watching:HenkCS, Paulsnip
Modified:16 May 2013
Person:Johanna Maria Bakker
Birth:12 Mar 1897, Netherlands
Death:7 Dec 1991, Lynden, Whatcom, Washington, United States
Parents:Klaas Bakker and Neeltje Barendse
Spouse:William VanderHage
Watching:JBS66, Paulsnip
Modified:31 Mar 2012
Person:Bregtje Everts Bakker
Birth:3 NOV 1794, Oosternijkerk, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:18 APR 1825, Oosternijkerk, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Evert Bakker and Maaike Tuinstra
Spouse:Mentje De Vries
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen
Modified:2 Dec 2010
Person:Jan Jochums Bakker
Birth:abt 1761, Nes, Westdongeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Death:before 1767
Parents:Jochum Pieters and Aaltje Jans
Modified:25 Sep 2014
Person:Hendrik Bakker
Birth:9 AUG 1875, Tjalleberd, Aengwirden, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Arent Bakker and Jeltje Janzen
Spouse:Jantje van der Wal
Modified:21 Jan 2012
Person:Hans Bakker
Birth:21 APR 1890, Tjalleberd, Aengwirden, Friesland, Nederland
Death:20 SEP 1957
Parents:Arent Bakker and Jeltje Janzen
Spouse:Hitje Hylkema
Modified:21 Jan 2012
Person:Trijntje Arends Bakker
Birth:23 APR 1874, Aengwirden, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Arent Bakker and Jeltje Janzen
Spouse:Jan Zwier
Modified:21 Jan 2012
Person:Feikje Diederts Bakker
Birth:ABT 1785, Dokkum, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Diedert Bakker and Dedtje Jans
Spouse:Sipke Hilweda
Modified:5 Jan 2010
Person:Johannes Folkerts Bakker
Birth:Abt 1830, Wommels, Hennaarderadeel, Friesland, Netherlands
Parents:Folkert Bakker and Nieske Beista
Spouse:Johanna de Jong
Watching:JBS66, Herman34, HenkCS
Modified:24 Jun 2013
Person:Pietje Jans Bakker
Birth:21 DEC 1796, Hallum, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, Nederland
Death:16 FEB 1881, Oostdongeradeel, Friesland, Nederland
Parents:Jan Bakker and Tjeertje Kornelis
Spouse:Joeke Dorhout
Watching:JBS66, Ekjansen
Modified:30 Dec 2011
checked pages with Person:Jan Bakker (125)
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