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checked pages with Person:James Moore (168)
Person:Jane Moore
Birth:January 1747, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:1818, Virginia
Parents:James Moore and Jane Walker
Spouse:Joseph Walker
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim
Modified:4 Apr 2012
Person:John Moore
Birth:AFT 1734
Parents:James Moore and Jane Walker
Spouse:Jane Walker
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim
Modified:17 Jun 2009
Person:Jane Moore
Birth:1737, Medford, Burlington Co., New Jersey
Death:BEF 1774
Parents:James Moore and Jane Walker
Spouse:John Brannin
Watching:Quolla6, Bkuehmstedt
Modified:19 Jun 2009
Person:Samuel MOORE
Birth:17 AUG 1796, Shoreham, Addison County, VT
Death:11 MAY 1878, Shoreham, Addison County, VT
Parents:James Moore and Lucina Belnap
Spouse:Maria Walker
Modified:8 Apr 2007
Person:Capt. James Moore Jr.
Birth:1740, Augusta County, Virginia
Death:14 Jul 1786, Abbs Valley, Tazewell, Virginia, United States
Parents:James Moore and Jane Walker
Spouse:Martha Poage
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Cos1776, Cthrnvl
Modified:30 Oct 2013
Person:James Moore "The Captive"
Birth:1770, Rockbridge, Virginia, United States
Death:Sep 1851, Boissevain, Tazewell, Virginia, United States
Parents:James Moore and Martha Poage
Spouse:Barbara Taylor
Watching:Quolla6, Delijim, Cos1776, Cthrnvl
Modified:29 Oct 2013
Person:James Moore
Birth:20 Jun 1741, Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Death:15 Jul 1820, East Shoreham, Addison, Vermont, United States
Parents:James Moore and Comfort Rice
Spouse:Lucina Belnap
Watching:Jreedernc, Susan Irish, Griffnilla
Modified:5 Jan 2010
Person:James Moore
Birth:15 Jan 1777, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Death:3 Aug 1862, Shoreham, Addison, Vermont, United States
Parents:James Moore and Rebecca Jones
Spouse:Anna Rice
Watching:Jreedernc, Susan Irish
Modified:17 Nov 2012
Person:James J Moore
Birth:Bef 1803, Prob. Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Death:28 Feb 1853
Parents:Isaac Moore and Hannah Unknown
Spouse:Jane Koiner
Watching:Jrich, Jejones
Modified:1 Feb 2012
Person:James Moore
Birth:1670, Toreagh,Antrim,,Ireland
Death:1723-07-20, Prince Georges,,Maryland,USA
Parents:James Moore and Elizabeth Unknown
Spouse:Martha Lyle
Modified:14 Oct 2007
Person:James Moore
Parents:James Moore and Judy Creekmore
Spouse:Betty Creekmore
Modified:14 May 2008
Person:James Ernest Moore
Birth:19 JAN 1883
Death:3 FEB 1957
Parents:James Moore and Elizabet McKinney
Spouse:Sudie Letson
Modified:24 Sep 2012
Person:James Moore
Birth:1788, Madison,KY
Death:14 APR 1845, Owsley,KY
Parents:James Moore and Eleanor Hamilton
Spouse:Elizabeth Morris
Watching:Marshall Surratt
Modified:7 Aug 2007
Person:James Bethea Moore
Birth:19 JUN 1856, Marion Co., SC
Parents:James Moore and Sarah Bethea
Modified:20 Apr 2008
Person:James Bonaparte Jr Moore
Birth:19 SEP 1837
Death:3 FEB 1907
Parents:James Moore and Cynthia Turner
Spouse:Elizabet McKinney
Modified:24 Sep 2012
Person:James Moore
Parents:James Moore and Elizabeth Connerty
Modified:30 Jan 2014
Person:James Rutherford Moore
Birth:abt. 1801, Virginia
Death:26 June 1879, Lee County, Virginia
Parents:James Moore and Barbara Taylor
Spouse:Nancy Gipson
Modified:28 Feb 2014
Person:James Moore
Birth:1756, Chester, Pennsylvania
Death:20 MAY 1813, Northumberland, H, Virginia
Parents:James Moore and Elizabeth Whitehill
Modified:22 Mar 2014
Person:James Allen Moore
Birth:February 26, 1908, Emmet, Navarro County, Texas
Death:After 1920
Parents:James Moore and Agatha Wilkinson Moore
Modified:18 Jul 2007
checked pages with Person:James Moore (168)
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