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checked pages with Person:James Alexander (82)
Person:James Alexander
Parents:Randal Alexander and Janet Unknown
Watching:Mlcd, Kernelzx, Sandy Jay
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:James Alexander
Birth:14 Jul 1761, Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, United States
Death:11 Jun 1842, Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, United States
Parents:Joseph Alexander and Sarah Dorrance
Spouse:Mary Babcock
Watching:Mlcd, Susan Irish, Sandy Jay
Modified:13 Nov 2012
Person:James Nickel Alexander
Birth:1690, Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Death:1731, New Hampshire, United States
Parents:Unknown Alexander and Unknown
Watching:Mlcd, Kernelzx, Sandy Jay
Modified:7 Jun 2010
Person:James Andrew Alexander
Birth:1628, Bughall, Stirling, Scotland
Death:17 Nov 1704, Raphoe, Ulster, Donegal, Ireland
Parents:Robert Alexander and Mary Hamilton
Spouse:Mary Maxwell
Watching:Weiseone, Konki47, LaughingLady
Modified:14 Apr 2009
Person:James B Alexander "the Weaver"
Birth:1652, Raphoe, Donegal, Ulster, Ireland
Death:bef. 1740, Cecil County, Maryland
Parents:James Alexander and Mary Maxwell
Spouse:Mary Steele
Watching:Konki47, LaughingLady, Delijim
Modified:27 Oct 2013
Person:James Robert 'The Yeoman' Alexander
Birth:1690, Somerset, Maryland, USA
Death:15 July 1779, Cecil County, Maryland
Parents:Joseph Alexander and Abigail McKnitt
Spouse:Margaret McKnitt
Watching:Konki47, Delijim, Samples 59
Modified:29 Oct 2013
Person:James Alexander
Birth:1795, Belfast, Waldo,Maine
Death:27 APR 1872
Parents:John Alexander and Margaret Boise
Spouse:Judith Sargent
Watching:Mlcd, Kernelzx
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:James Alexander 4th Earl of Caledon
Birth:11 Jul 1846
Death:27 Apr 1898
Parents:James Alexander and Jane Grimston
Spouse:James Alexander and Elizabeth Graham-Toler
Watching:Jrm03063, Werebear
Modified:26 Jul 2013
Person:James Green Alexander
Birth:12 FEB 1815, Bow,Merrimack,New Hampshire
Death:17 SEP 1889, Bow,Merrimack,New Hampshire
Parents:Enoch Alexander and Miriam Calby
Spouse:Aurelina Veasey
Watching:Mlcd, Sandy Jay
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:James Dorrance Alexander
Birth:20 Mar 1796, Voluntown, New London, Connecticut, United States
Death:14 Oct 1842
Parents:James Alexander and Mary Babcock
Spouse:Ruth Gordon
Watching:Mlcd, Susan Irish
Modified:14 Nov 2012
Person:James Harvey Alexander
Birth:2 FEB 1831
Parents:Harvey Alexander and Mary Burdick
Spouse:Susan Mason
Watching:Mlcd, Colby Farrington
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:James Alexander "the Carpenter"
Birth:1 January 1685, Annemessex, Somerset County, Maryland
Death:17 July 1717, New Munster, Cecil County, Maryland
Parents:Samuel Alexander and Mary Taylor
Spouse:Mary Steele
Watching:Weiseone, Delijim
Modified:31 Oct 2013
Person:James Mordah Alexander
Birth:24 Mar 1811, , Fleming, Kentucky, USA
Death:9 Mar 1845, , Fleming, Kentucky, USA
Parents:James Alexander and Mary Payne (1); Henry Carroll and Leah Albin
Spouse:Mary Moore
Watching:Konki47, Jvajda
Modified:17 Nov 2010
Person:James Alexander
Birth:24 Oct 1742, , Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA
Death:22 Dec 1780
Parents:Daniel Alexander and Prudence Johnston
Watching:Konki47, LaughingLady
Modified:11 Nov 2009
Person:James Alexander
Birth:3 Apr 1776, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA
Death:, , Alabama, USA
Parents:James Alexander and Rachel Unknown
Spouse:Martha Rogers
Watching:Konki47, LaughingLady
Modified:7 Apr 2009
Person:James Du Pre Alexander 3rd Earl of Caledon
Birth:27 Jul 1812
Death:30 Jun 1855
Parents:Du Alexander and Catherine Yorke
Spouse:James Alexander and Jane Grimston
Watching:Jrm03063, Werebear
Modified:26 Jul 2013
Person:James Robert Alexander
Birth:4 JAN 1849, Coshocton,Ohio
Death:11 MAY 1944, Burlington,Kit Carson,Colorado
Parents:John Alexander and Anna Conner
Spouse:Frances Bradfield
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:James Alexander
Birth:ABT 1712, , Cecil, Mayland, USA
Death:1810, , Roane, Tennessee, USA
Parents:Moses Alexander and Mary Wallace
Spouse:Rosanna Chambers
Modified:23 Nov 2010
Person:James M Alexander
Birth:1834, , , Kentucky, USA
Parents:Joseph Alexander and Frances Hamrick
Modified:8 Mar 2008
checked pages with Person:James Alexander (82)
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