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checked pages with Person:Jacob Holtzclaw (3)
Person:Johann Holtzclaw
Parents:Hans Holtzclau and Gertrud Solbach
Modified:5 Jul 2009
Person:Hans Henrich Holtzclau
Birth:1646, Weidenau, Siegen, Prussia, Germany
Death:AUG 1711, Oberfischbach, Siegen, Prussia, Germany
Parents:Johann Holtzclau and Hebel Muess
Spouse:Gertrud Solbach
Watching:Taggart, SchugRSnapp, Delijim
Modified:5 Jul 2009
Person:John Rector
Birth:1 Dec 1711, Trupbach, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Death:11 Mar 1773, Rectortown, Fauquier County, Virginia
Parents:Hans Richter and Anna Fischback
Spouse:Anna Fischbach
Watching:PWRECTOR, Delijim, Marc Wheat, LauGenProj
Modified:5 Oct 2013
Person:Hans Jacob Graf
Birth:17 Jul 1740, Rafz, Zürich, Switzerland
Death:1760, Manchester (township), York, Pennsylvania, United States
Parents:Hans Graff and Verena Neukomm
Spouse:Anna Good
Modified:26 Dec 2013
Person:Jacob Groff
Birth:1616, Baretswil, Zurich, Switzerland
Death:AFT 1683, Steinfurt, Sinsheim, Kaichgau, Germany
Parents:Hans Graf and Elisabeth Peter
Spouse:Anna Sporri
Watching:Davisfam2000, SchugRSnapp, DataAnalyst
Modified:23 Oct 2012
Person:Hans Jakob Rudi
Birth:5 Oct 1651, Frankendorf, Canton, Basel, Switzerland
Parents:Hans Rudi and Barbara Keyser
Spouse:Anna Schneider
Watching:Davisfam2000, Delijim
Modified:3 Aug 2013
Person:Hans Jacob Strickler
Birth:24 JAN 1636, Hirzel, Zurich, Switzerland
Death:1688-03-30, Area,,Pfalz,Germany
Parents:Hans Strickler and Margaretha Hitz
Spouse:Anna Oslor
Watching:Finallyretired, Navybayers
Modified:16 Apr 2010
Person:Jacob Hiestand
Birth:abt 1649, Richterswil, Zürich, Switzerland
Parents:Hans Heistand and Verena Appli
Spouse:Anna Beyer
Watching:Finallyretired, Navybayers
Modified:22 Oct 2012
Person:Hans Jacob Mueller
Chr/Bap:27 NOV 1681, Uitikon, Zürich, Switzerland
Parents:Hans Mueller and Verena Eichholzer
Spouse:Anna Mueller
Modified:17 Feb 2013
Person:Hans Jacob Hamann
Birth:ABT 13 JUN 1675, Kürnbach, Bretten, Baden, Germany
Death:26 MAR 1735, Kürnbach, Baden, Germany
Parents:Hans Hamann and Anna Eckardt
Spouse:Anna Butz
Modified:9 Apr 2007
Person:Hans Jacob Wanner
Birth:15 Feb 1700, Weil, im Schoenbuch, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Death:31 Oct 1759, Weil, im Schoenbuch, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Parents:Hans Wanner and Magdalena Woern
Spouse:Anna Wolff
Modified:18 Apr 2007
Person:Hans Jacob Wanner
Birth:31 May 1725, Weil, im Schoenbuch, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Death:13 Feb 1783, Weil, im Schoenbuch, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Parents:Hans Wanner and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Anna Serg
Modified:18 Apr 2007
Person:Hans Jacob Roth
Birth:12 JUN 1706, Kesswil, Thurgau, Switzerland
Death:7 JUN 1763, Kesswil, Thurgau, Switzerland
Parents:Hans Roth and Barbara Vogel
Spouse:Anna Haeberlin
Modified:21 Nov 2007
Person:Hanss Jacob Welch
Birth:8 May 1687, Langenbach, Rheinland, Prussia
Death:16 February 1739
Parents:Hans Welch and Caterina Alberts
Spouse:Anna Blum
Modified:2 Dec 2013
Person:Johann Jacob Michael Handl
Birth:09 NOV 1813, Neu Pasua,,,Serbia
Death:27 JUN 1857, Neu Pasua,,,Serbia
Parents:Johann Handl and Elizabetha Maier
Spouse:Anna Huber
Modified:11 Oct 2015
Person:Jacob Holtzclaw
Birth:17 FEB 1737/38, Prince William County, Virginia
Death:21 OCT 1812, Mercer County, Kentucky
Parents:Jacob Holtzclaw and Catherine Unknown
Spouse:Susanna Thomas
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:John Holtzclaw
Birth:1709, Oberfischbach, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Death:1752, Prince William County, Virginia
Parents:Jacob Holtzclaw and Anna Otterbach
Spouse:Catherine Russell
Watching:Taggart, JoshHansen, Delijim, Hansede, Researcher
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Joseph Holtzclaw
Birth:ABT 1735, Prince William County, Virginia
Death:1786, Fauquier, Virginia, United States
Parents:John Holtzclaw and Catherine Russell
Spouse:Catherine James
Watching:Taggart, JoshHansen, Delijim, Hansede
Modified:22 Aug 2010
Person:Benjamin Holtzclaw
Birth:1745/1750, Of, Fauquier Co., Virginia
Death:APR 1826, Gilberts Creek, Garrard Co., Ky.
Parents:John Holtzclaw and Catherine Russell
Spouse:Catherine Russel
Watching:JoshHansen, Hansede
Modified:22 Aug 2010
checked pages with Person:Jacob Holtzclaw (3)
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