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checked pages with Person:Hugh Capet (73)
Person:Emma of France
Birth:abt 0943, Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France
Death:18 Mar 0968
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Spouse:Richard Normandy and Emma France
Watching:Jolayne, Ssmith525, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jeffhomes, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski...
Modified:21 Feb 2013
Person:Beatrix of France
Birth:0939, Bourgogne, Marne, France
Death:23 Sep 1003
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Spouse:Fredrick Upper-Lorraine
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Stephanielindhardt...
Modified:15 Oct 2011
Person:Henry I Duke of Burgundy
Birth:0946, France
Death:15 Oct 1002
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Spouse:Heinrich Bourgogne and Gerberge Bourgogne (1); Duke Henri and Maud De Chalons (1); Duke...
Watching:Jolayne, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Gregobhte1...
Modified:13 Feb 2013
Person:Otto Duke of Burgundy
Birth:0944, France
Death:22 Feb 0965
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Spouse:Otto, Duke of Burgundy and Liutgarde of Chalon
Watching:Jolayne, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Stephanielindhardt, Catcall...
Modified:21 Feb 2013
Person:Edith of France
Birth:0867, France
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Watching:Jolayne, Aabh, Jrm03063, Drewwalkerski, Jenniferphillips06, Mbgegan, New.incarnation...
Modified:21 Feb 2013
Person:Herbert Bishop of Auxerre
Parents:Hugh Great and Hedwige Saxony
Watching:Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Jenniferphillips06, Mbgegan, New.incarnation, Tammyhensel...
Modified:15 Oct 2011
Person:Louis de France
Birth:1120, Reims, Marne, France
Death:18 Sep 1180, Paris, Paris, France
Parents:Louis VI of France and Adelaide of Maurienne
Spouse:...rance and Eleanor of Aquitaine (1); Louis VII of France and Constance of Castile
Watching:CTfrog, Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Seymour t, IRelate...
Modified:24 Mar 2013
Birth:865, Poitiers,Vienne,,France
Death:935, Poitiers,Vienne,,France
Parents:Louis the Stammerer and Luitgarde of Saxony
Spouse:Ranulf II of Aquitaine
Watching:Allwayslearning, Genealogist84, Bystillwaters, Jeffhomes, Gtcurtis, Lkm02196
Modified:13 Feb 2009
Person:Hugh VI of Lusignan
Birth:1039, Lusignan,Vienne,,France
Death:c. 1103/1110
Parents:Hugh V of Lusignan and Almodis de la Marche
Spouse:Ildégarde de Thouars
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Rwillimon, Brlangston, Klingonpixie...
Modified:18 Mar 2013
Person:Gero II Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark
Birth:abt 0975
Death:1 Sep 1015, Krossen, Sachsen, Preußen, Germany
Parents:Thietmar, Margrave of Meissen and Schwanehilde of Saxony
Spouse:Gero II, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark and Adelaide
Watching:Jrm03063, New.incarnation, Av, Alexandre
Modified:20 Jun 2010
Person:Hugh X of Lusignan
Birth:abt 1183, Lusignan, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Death:1249, Surrey, England
Parents:Hugh IX of Lusignan and Agathe De Preuilly
Spouse:Isabella of Angoulême
Watching:CTfrog, Jolayne, Allwayslearning, Glenda Edwards Boyajan, Aabh, Genealogist84, Chessjcc...
Modified:23 Mar 2013
Person:King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England
Birth:5 Mar 1133, Le Mans, Maine, France
Death:6 Jul 1189, Chinon, Anjou, France
Parents:Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Empress Matilda
Spouse:Eleanor of Aquitaine
Watching:Amelia.Gerlicher, Stilltim, CTfrog, YJ Norton, Kristyspillane, Jolayne, Rkoelz...
Modified:1 Apr 2013
Person:Hugues de Gournay
Death:25 Oct 1214
Parents:Hugh De Gournay and Margaret De Coucy
Spouse:Hugh Gournai and Julia Martin
Watching:Jameslhahn, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation...
Modified:28 Dec 2013
Person:Hugues of Tours
Birth:est 811
Death:bef 25 Jan 835
Parents:Hugh Of Tours and Ava Unknown
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Jeffhomes, Butch57, DataAnalyst, Brlangston, Mbgegan, Klingonpixie...
Modified:6 Jul 2011
Person:Hugh VII of Lusignan
Death:1151, Lusignan,Vienne,,France
Parents:Hugh VI of Lusignan and Ildégarde de Thouars
Spouse:Saracena de Lezay
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Genealogist84, Jrm03063, Rwillimon, Brlangston, Klingonpixie...
Modified:18 Mar 2013
Person:Hugues Archbishop of Rouen
Birth:est abt 912
Death:10 Nov 989 or 990
Parents:Hugh De Cavalcamp and Unknown
Watching:Aabh, Genealogist84, Jenniferphillips06, Mbgegan, New.incarnation, Werebear, Tammyhensel...
Modified:7 Apr 2013
Person:Hugues Count de Ste-Pol I
Birth:ABT 1020, Ste-Pol, Pas-de-Calais, France
Parents:Roger Unknown and Hedwige De Houchin
Spouse:Clemence d'Ardres
Watching:Rjfoxx, Aabh, Brlangston, Klingonpixie, New.incarnation, Clover, Colby Farrington...
Modified:15 Jul 2007
Person:Hugues de Clermont
Death:aft 17 Nov 1099
Parents:Hugh Cleremont and Marguerite Montdidier
Watching:Jenniferphillips06, New.incarnation, Werebear, Tammyhensel, Colby Farrington, Av
Modified:16 Mar 2013
Person:Renaud II of Claremont
Birth:1108, Clermont, Oise, France
Death:bef 1162, Clermont, Oise, France
Parents:Hugh Cleremont and Marguerite Montdidier
Spouse:Count Renaud and Clemence Bar-Le-Duc (1); Reinald Cleremont and Adelaide Vermandois
Watching:Rjfoxx, Jameslhahn, Aabh, Genealogist84, Seymour t, Jeffhomes, Jrm03063, Claudiakerr...
Modified:16 Mar 2013
checked pages with Person:Hugh Capet (73)
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