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checked pages with Person:Hokoleskwa Cornstalk (1)
Person:Nonhelema "Kate" "Grenadier Squaw" Cornstalk
Birth:1718, West Virginia, United States
Death:December 1786, Ohio, USA
Parents:Okowellos Cornstalk and Katee Mekoche
Spouse:Joshua Renick and Indian Squaw (1); Unknown and Nonhelema Cornstalk (1); Richard Butler...
Watching:Delijim, Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl, Renick anderson, LotteSV
Modified:26 Aug 2012
Person:Nimwha Okowellos
Birth:1720, Pennsylvania, USA
Death:Jan 1780
Parents:Okowellos Cornstalk and Katee Mekoche
Watching:Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl, LotteSV
Modified:29 Jan 2012
Person:Holowas Silverheels
Birth:abt 1730
Death:abt 1804, Ohio, USA
Parents:Okowellos Cornstalk and Katee Mekoche
Spouse:Woman Shawnee
Watching:Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl, LotteSV
Modified:19 Dec 2012
Person:Elinipsico Cornstalk
Birth:Abt. 1742
Death:10 Nov 1777, Point Pleasant, Virginia
Parents:Hokoleskwa Shawnee and Helizikinopo Unknown
Spouse:Standing Bailey
Watching:Raganosis, Jrm03063, Delijim, Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl, LotteSV
Modified:7 Jun 2015
Person:Chief Peter Cornstalk III
Birth:1785, Ohio, USA
Death:1841, Kansas Territory, USA
Parents:Peter Cornstalk and Mary Avery
Watching:Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl
Modified:19 Aug 2011
Person:Outhowwa Shokka Cornstalk
Birth:Ohio Shawnee Towns
Parents:Elinipsico Cornstalk and Standing Bailey
Watching:Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl
Modified:4 Jul 2011
Person:Frederick Michael See
Birth:est. 1720, Prob. Silesia, Germany
Death:15 Jul 1763, Muddy Creek, Augusta County, Virginia
Parents:George See and Margaret Tschudi
Spouse:Catherine Vanderpool
Watching:Delijim, Cos1776
Modified:2 May 2015
Person:Wabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy" Cornstalk
Parents:Young Cornstalk and Elizabeth See
Watching:Raganosis, Delijim, Efoote, Caryslady, Cthrnvl
Modified:5 Sep 2011
Person:Petella Unknown
Birth:before 1740
Death:10 Nov 1777, Point Pleasant, Virginia, USA
Spouse:Catherine Cornstalk
Modified:29 Sep 2012
Person:John Hardy
Birth:est. 1725-1735
Death:bef. 1788, Greenbrier County, Virginia
Spouse:Catherine Vanderpool
Watching:Delijim, Cthrnvl
Modified:25 Aug 2011
Person:George Yoakum
Birth:1714, Poss. New Amsterdam, New York
Death:1789, Hardy County, Virginia
Parents:Francis Yoakum and Milly Felty
Spouse:Catherine Vanderpool
Modified:28 Aug 2010
Person:John Sharp
Birth:14 Jul 1783, New York
Death:28 Apr 1849
Spouse:Catherine Vanderpool
Modified:24 Feb 2010
Person:John W Dugger
Birth:15 Dec 1829, Ashe, North Carolina, United States
Death:2 Feb 1914
Parents:Henry Dugger and Sarah Green
Spouse:Mary Rector
Watching:Martygrant, Rsdugger
Modified:21 Aug 2007
Person:Joseph Bates Noble
Birth:14 Jan 1810, Egremont, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United States
Death:17 Aug 1900, Wardboro, Bear Lake, Idaho, United States
Parents:Ezekial Noble and Theodocia Bates
Spouse:Mary Washburn
Watching:Waterart, Batesnoble
Modified:18 Apr 2012
Person:Henry Martz
Birth:26 MAR 1792, Bedford,Somerset,Pennsylvania
Death:20 MAY 1870, Adams,Indiana
Parents:William Martz and Christina Hahn
Spouse:Catherine Leydig
Modified:7 Apr 2007
Person:Richard John Letton
Birth:1823, Greenwich, London, Kent, England
Spouse:Julia Mills
Modified:12 Sep 2007
Person:John Tilford Brown
Birth:24 MAR 1837, London, Laurel, Kentucky, USA
Death:1915, Laurel, Kentucky, USA
Parents:John Brown and Mary Craig
Spouse:Julia Randall
Modified:11 Mar 2008
Person:Joseph Abbott Bick
Birth:ABT 1856, Poplar, London, England
Parents:Joseph Bick and Mary Unknown
Spouse:Catherine Wells Phipps
Modified:16 Feb 2011
Person:James C. Davidson
Birth:12 March 1797, South Gap, Bland County, Virginia
Death:aft. 1860, prob. Tazewell County, Virginia
Parents:Joseph Davidson and Matilda Patton
Spouse:Julia Brown
Modified:16 Mar 2014
checked pages with Person:Hokoleskwa Cornstalk (1)
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