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checked pages with Person:Herman Otterbach (1)
Person:Hans-Herman Fuchs
Birth:1665, Kirchberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Death:1740, Kirchberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Prussia
Parents:Johannes Fuchs and Anna-Maria Unknown
Modified:15 Jan 2011
Person:Harmon Krumm
Birth:19 OCT 1843, Franklin Co., Ohio
Death:05 OCT 1935, Pataskala, Licking Co., Ohio
Parents:Johannes Krumm and Anna Junger
Spouse:Elizabeth Myers
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Sconwil
Modified:15 Jul 2008
Person:Hermann Friedrich Hitzfeld
Birth:4 Jun 1802, Rosa, Sachsen-Meiningen, Thuringia, Germany
Death:10 Feb 1857, Fredericksburg, Gillespie, Texas, United States
Parents:Johann Hitzfeld and Anna Bruggerman
Spouse:Elizabeth Klingelhoefer
Modified:29 Nov 2011
Person:Phillip Fischbach
Birth:3 Apr 1661, Seelbach, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Death:Aft 1715, Germanna, Fauquier County, Virginia
Parents:Johannes Fischbach and Catharina Heimbach
Spouse:Elizabeth Heimbach
Watching:Allwayslearning, PWRECTOR, Delijim
Modified:7 Jun 2010
Person:Herman Bernard Richter
Birth:1830 4 15, Bruemsel, Kingdom Hannover
Death:1901 9 15, Breese, Clinton, Illinois, USA
Parents:Johann Richter and Anna Wilmes
Spouse:Anna Hilmes
Modified:2 Oct 2007
Person:Frederick Herman Wilke
Birth:4 SEP 1873, Inver Grove, Dakota, MN
Death:1 NOV 1950, , Wilkin, MN
Parents:John Wilke and Anna Anderson
Spouse:Anna Ewert
Modified:4 Aug 2007
Person:Harmen Jansen Knickerbocker
Birth:18 MAR 1648, Overijssel, Netherlands
Death:3 APR 1721, Albany, Albany County, New York
Parents:Johannes Knickerbocker and Johanna Van Mar
Spouse:Elizabeth Bogert
Modified:9 Oct 2007
Person:Hermann Bach
Birth:13 May 1708, Freudenberg, Germany
Death:1798, Garrard Co., Kentucky
Parents:Johannes Bach and Anna Kray
Spouse:Anna Hausmann
Modified:22 Jun 2008
Person:Hermann Richter
Birth:30 May 1649, Nassau-Siegen, Germany
Parents:Johannes Richter and Anna Unknown
Spouse:Anna Dorathea
Modified:10 Jan 2009
Person:Johann HEINRICH Hermann Dressman
Birth:15 Dec 1822, Alfhausen, Hanover, Germany
Death:6 Jun 1905, Covington, Kenton, Kentucky, United States
Parents:Johan Dressmann and Anna Flebbe
Spouse:Elizabeth Wiehoff
Modified:19 Dec 2011
Person:Johann Herman Friedrich Schornstein
Birth:02 JAN 1802
Death:27 NOV 1861
Parents:Johannes Schornstein and Johanna Zuelch
Spouse:Anna Bachmann
Modified:1 Jul 2012
Person:Apolonia Maria den Ottervanger
Birth:28 SEP 1830, Willemstad, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Death:23 APR 1889, Willemstad, Noord-Brabant, Nederland
Parents:Johannes den Ottervanger and Adriana van der Vin
Spouse:Cornelis van den Berg
Modified:16 Oct 2013
Person:Johannes Peter
Birth:07 MAR 1695, Stammheim, Hessen, Germany
Death:BET 1738 AND 1755, Stammheim, Hessen, Germany
Parents:Johannes Lehmer and Anna Barbara
Spouse:Elizabeth Konrad
Watching:Lwlehmer, Mebeforbes
Modified:17 Feb 2014
Person:Herman Marthinus Swiggum
Birth:28 AUG 1884, Crawford, Wisconsin, USA
Death:12 MAY 1961, La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Parents:Johannes Swiggum and Anna Offigsbo
Spouse:Louise Newton
Modified:19 Mar 2009
Person:Johannes Waldron
Parents:Johannes Waldron and Anna Van Dalsen
Spouse:Elizabeth Benson
Modified:19 Feb 2012
Person:Herman Schmidtmann
Birth:21 Jun 1892, Forestville, Door, Wisconsin, United States
Parents:George Schmidtmann and Anna Brockmann
Spouse:Elizabeth Foster
Modified:12 Oct 2014
Person:Frederick Ritter
Birth:26 NOV 1812, Beaver twp., Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania
Death:23 SEP 1898, Steuben Co., Indiana
Parents:Johannes Ritter and Anna Bescherert
Spouse:Elizabeth Kope
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Jonjay, Jamminjudy, Harmonica1952, Vlhartman61
Modified:20 Oct 2008
Person:Thomas Heller
Birth:13 jul 1826, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania
Death:19 jul 1855, Pennsylvania
Parents:Johannes Heller and Anna Paul
Spouse:Elizabeth Matter
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Rogercubs, Homer Hollinmgsworth, Tommysr1983
Modified:5 Nov 2008
Person:David Krumm
Birth:22 MAR 1835, Mifflin twp., Franklin Co., Ohio
Death:08 FEB 1900, Mifflin twp., Franklin Co., Ohio
Parents:Johannes Krumm and Anna Junger
Spouse:Elizabeth Miller
Watching:Msscarlet1957, Sconwil
Modified:15 Jul 2008
checked pages with Person:Herman Otterbach (1)
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